HON HVL210 Low Back Task Chair

Is The HON HVL210 Low Back Task Chair Too Rigid And Minimal?

The HON HVL210 Low Back Task Chair isn’t the sort of office chair that jumps out from the page. There is too little to the design and too much black for that.

However, the simple shape, black cushions and sturdy looking base are appealing to many buyers. This low back ergonomic chair should help lots of office workers in one office, but does it live up to buyers’ hopes?

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The Pros and Cons of this basyx by HON Low Back Task Chair:


  • there is a good level of back support
  • the chair is pretty sturdy and durable
  • there is a nice design that should suit many office spaces


  • it needs more adjustments on the seat and tilt
  • there are mixed reviews on comfort.


There are many buyers that appreciate the support and design offered with this HON HVL210 Ergonomic Task Chair.

This office chair may not look like much, but there is a well-considered cushioning and support system within that pleasant, minimalist design. There is a clever use of contoured sandwich mesh on the seat back for a strong shape, but also breathability.

There is also a good seat cushion, with two layers of padding, which should appeal to many people. The addition of the waterfall edge should help users with their circulation. There are some that love the feel and the support here, and others that are less impressed.

The support of those thicker cushioned also adds to that sense of a durable, sturdy chair that may last for a while in the office environment.

This is the sort of design for a chair in a shared space – where all kinds of users can work in comfort and peace of mind. This continues with the strong 5-point star base.

The biggest issue with this HON HVL210 Low Back Task Chair is the lack of adjustments. 

All office workers want a desk chair that has the flexibility and adjustments on board to find the right position – and enough comfort. A good tilt on the back and adaptable seat height should be the bare minimum. The problem with this HON office chair is that it really does only provide that bare minimum.

The specification talks about the “easy, adjustable recline” and the quality of the pneumatic height adjustment. Yet, there are buyers that are unimpressed with the rigid feel of the back and the lack of options. There are also no armrests to adjust at all – which is either a pro or a con depending on user preferences.

Is this basyx by HON HVL210 Office Chair still recommendable with this problem in mind?

There are clear limitations here that mean that this mesh task chair only appeals to a certain group. Those that want something high-comfort and adaptable will feel let down by the lack of movement in this chair.

However, those that want a rigid chair with a minimalist look and comfortable seat could do worse on this budget. This means that it is not the shared office chair in communal areas that it could have been. The HON chair is still a great starting point of a design where the manufacturers could make some great changes down the line.

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