HON High-Back Leather Office Chair

Does The basyx by HON High-Back Leather Office/Computer Chair Go Far Enough To Impress?

HON High-Back Leather Office ChairThis segmented basyx by HON High-Back Leather Office/Computer Chair is a good looking chair that will look great in many office spaces.

The additional promises of great ergonomics, adjustable features and high quality materials only pique the interest further. Does this do enough to keep most workers happy?

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The Pros and Cons of this HON Ergonomic Adjustable Swivel Chair :


  • the chance of improved posture with that segmented back
  • great choices in materials and padding
  • plenty of adjustments to suit different users


  • it could go further with its features and motions
  • too many issues with the assembly instructions.


This HON High-Back Office Chair is a good-looking, comfortable ergonomic chair that covers most basic needs pretty well. 

HON High-Back Leather Office Chair Side View

Straight away, it is important to note that this is a chair with a specification that slightly over sells the product. Even so, there is nothing wrong with the design or materials used.

Users probably wouldn’t go as far as saying that that leather seat was “luxurious”. But, there is no doubt that the materials used here are durable and of good quality.

This SofThread Leather does add to the look of this model. The comfort is pretty good throughout the HON chair, with plenty of padding in those different segments. This segmented look is designed to improve the ergonomics of the swivel chair and while it does pretty well here, there are some that feel it could still go a little further.

Then there are all the “advanced features” with the adjustable elements. Again this is open to debate and personal preference. Some will be impressed with the movement on offer thanks to the use of multi-adjustable asynchronous controls. Yet, a pneumatic seat height movement isn’t exactly revolutionary.

There are plenty of users that are happy with the options offered here and find they can achieve a good posture. There is also the added benefit of the 250lb weight capacity for larger users. The downside is that there is a bit of a learning curve with the settings and levers to get everything in the right place.

This issue of a learning curve leads to another of the issues with this basyx by HON High-Back Leather Office Chair – the instructions. 

There are three problems highlighted by buyers when it comes to the instructions for this office/computer chair. They were either too difficult to understand, too difficult to find or completely missing. The assembly experience tends to vary from user to user because of this.

Some get by ok with the minimal instructions and have few complaints. Others start cursing the manufacturers when they find the sheet in the seat after assembling half the chair on instinct.

Summary: how does this affect the final verdict on this HON Segmented Leather Chair with Lumbar Support?

The problem with the assembly instructions is frustrating for many users, but it doesn’t affect the quality of the parts of the chair. There are some great features in this model that should ensure that most workers achieve the posture and comfort that they want.

Many would probably give this 4 stars rather than 5 because there is still room for improvements in the adjustments and ergonomics. If the designers pushed a little further with the HON chair and kept the leather and segmented look, they would win over a lot of people.

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