HON Crio High-Back Task Chair

Is The HON Crio High Back Task Chair Made For Mass Appeal?

HON Crio High-Back Task Chair
The HON Crio High Back Task Chair looks like the most basic blueprint of an office chair before designers add on all the fancy extra features.

While this doesn’t lead to anything exciting, it does mean that there shouldn’t be any surprises hidden in there.

This suggests a wider appeal for multiple potential users, but does this ergonomic chair still do enough for comfort and support?

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The Pros and Cons of this HON Crio High Back Task Chair.


  •  A mesh backrest for breathability
  •  Just enough padding on the seat
  •  An ergonomic approach to the tilt on the backrest and seat
  •  Some adjustability in the armrests
  •  Not that different from the “multi-function” version with a fair price tag


  •  Some users may be more comfortable in the big and tall version instead
  •  The lumbar support in the backrest is limited
  •  This is a bare-minimum approach for a wider target market



The HON HVL581 Crio High Back Task Chair has a familiar feel with just enough to support a larger user-base in communal areas.

This is a true budget ergonomic chair. There is a simple design for mass appeal in a communal environment. This starts with a high back with just enough of a curve but not too much to put people off.

There is an adjustable lumbar support in that backrest that isn’t too over-the-top that people will feel they are in a strange new position.

Also, you get a pretty standard approach to the padded seat, with a slight curve at the front and no weird materials. The seat sits on a typical base with caster wheels and the promise of a weight capacity of 250lbs.

HON Crio Task Chair

A budget desk chair for use by everyone does mean fewer features than high-end chairs. This is the most simplistic design in the range, and this can have its benefits when considering a wider pool of users.

The armrests do have a little bit of height and width adjustment, and this should be enough for working on different tasks. The backrest does tilt a little, with a rate twice as fast as the seat.

This is different from other chairs that maintain a 90 degree angle between the seat and backrest at all times.

Those that want a little more from the Hon office chair could choose the HVL582 model – the “multi-function” option. However, this isn’t as extreme in its differences as you might expect.

The seat and backrest do tilt independently, but there isn’t much more to it than that. Buyers are more likely to be disappointed in that one and see value in this one.


The problem is that the bare-minimum approach of this HON Crio High Back Mesh Chair does lead to limitations.

The other alternative model is the Big and Tall version that has a thicker, wider seat, more seat height, and a 450lb weight capacity.

This one is worth keeping in mind as there are some users between 200 and 250lbs that weren’t convinced by this standard office chair. They say that the foam sinks far too much, too quickly.

HON HVL581 Crio Task Chair

There are also some comments about the position of the lumbar and general weight distribution in the mesh backrest. Overall, there is the sense that this computer chair does the bare minimum in all areas without impressing people.

But, this might have been the point all along with a standard chair design for mass appeal.


What does this mean for the final verdict on this HON Crio Office Chair?

The final recommendation here, therefore, goes back to this idea of a simple chair for use in communal settings. This doesn’t have the features or the adaptability to work as a key piece of furniture in a personal office. It could become too restrictive too quickly.

However, this idea of mass appeal at the most basic level works if you have different users over the course of the week or even the day. There is just enough here for the average user to get comfortable for short periods at a computer or other task.

There is also the big and tall upgrade to consider where necessary. So, the HON ergonomic chair could still have potential in the right setting.

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