HON Boda Task Chair Review

Is The HON Boda Task Chair Worth The High Price Tag?

The HON Boda Task Chair is meant to be a high-end, practical task chair to help you work at different stations and increase productivity.

One thing that you will notice straight away about this model is that there quite a high price tag for what should be a pretty basic office chair. Therefore, there are questions over just what might be hiding under that simple shape and frame to warrant the cost.

The Pros and Cons of this HON Boda Task Chair.


  •  The comfort and support in the seat and backrest
  •  Adjustable at different points
  •  A smooth portable base


  •  There could be more padding on the armrests
  •  Some durability issues with the frame

Many buyers will find that this HON Boda Ergonomic Chair is a practical and comfortable option for their office.

HON Boda Task Chair - Mesh Computer Chair for Office Desk (HMH02)

There is talk from the company about the high-quality materials used to create this HON office chair, so perhaps that is where they justify the cost. One such feature is the extra layer of padding on the seat. This should allow for greater comfort long-term, and the curved front of the seat should help too.

Then there is the durable mesh on the backrest, that is supportive while also offering breathability. Another “high-end” material is the titanium finish on the base and frame to increase longevity.

This might not be enough to warrant paying for the high price tag, so what about the adjustments for different tasks? One of the interesting things about this model is that it adjusts in a few different directions.

There is adjustable seat height, so you should be able to alter the chair’s height depending on where you are working. The backrest reclines with a locking mechanism to keep it in place.

The arms are also height adjustable and there is the promise of an adjustable width too – although users don’t seem to mention this.

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There are some issues with this HON HMH02 Boda Office Chair that let it down here and there.

Unsurprisingly, there are negative comments from those that expected a little more, often with suggestions for areas of improvement. One of these is the padding on the armrest.

HON Boda Task Chair - Mesh Computer Chair for Office Desk (HMH02)

Hon could have done more here than a simple rubber coating – which some say is actually a bit abrasive. There is also some concern about the quality of that “titanium” finish, with comments about it chipping. This could ruin the look of this computer chair.

How do these issues affect the final recommendation on this HON Black Mesh Task Chair?

There are lots of reasons to get this chair as a simple, practical option for your home office. It is comfortable, adjustable and glides between workstations with ease. It is also attractive if you are careful with the frame.

But, there are plenty of reasons not to pay the RRP for this chair. It isn’t as special as claimed and still has its faults. Therefore, this HON ergonomic chair could be a great addition to your set-up if you can get it at a much fairer price.

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