HON BASYX Biometryx Office Chair

Is The HON BASYX Biometryx Office Chair As Functional As Advertised?

While there are many chairs these days that accentuate the curves and mesh structure, the HON BASYX Biometryx Office Chair looks a lot more traditional and comfortable.

The shape is simple with the padded backrest and seat, and you get a standard base with casters.

But, the company says that this can be a helpful multifunctional ergonomic chair. So, is there more to this than meets the eye?

The Pros and Cons of this HON BASYX Biometryx Office Chair


  •  There is plenty of padding on the seat and backrest
  •  There are some adjustable features for increased comfort
  •  The materials are meant to be of a higher quality for extra durability


  •  Not as adaptable as expected for a multifunctional chair
  •  No padding around the neck or arms

This HON BASYX Biometryx Office Chair is a comfortable chair that has just enough support for long hours at the desk.

HON Basyx Biometryx Commercial-Grade Fabric Upholstered Task Chair, Black

The key benefit to this model has to be the use of padding and upholstery on that seat and backrest. The seat has a thick cushion of 4 inches that should be more than enough for long-term use and larger users.

On that note, there is a weight capacity here of 275 pounds. The fabric over the seat is of high quality and comes in either black or grey. The grey can look particularly nice against the black frame.

On top of that, the company promises high-grade materials here so you can be sure of the same look and comfort long-term.

Then there are the adjustable features of this Hon office chair. The backrest reclines a little under the weight of the user. This means a more natural feel as you move in the chair and no need to worry about locking it into place.

There is also an adjustable lumbar support system in the backrest, height adjustable armrest and the option to raise or lower the seat.

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The potential downside here is that this HON BASYX Biometryx might not be the multifunctional model advertised.

One thing to note about this chair is the idea of it being a multifunctional model. While there are those different adjustments, it isn’t clear what about this basic design that makes it multifunctional.

A task chair for different workstations might have greater movement in the arms than just a height adjustment. A gaming chair might have a deeper angle on the reclining backrest and more support around the neck and head.

HON Basyx Biometryx Commercial-Grade Fabric Upholstered Task Chair, Black

What does this mean for a final verdict on this HON Padded Ergonomic Office Chair?

In the end, this desk chair might be overselling itself in terms of its potential for different uses. It isn’t the most supportive or adjustable option out there. With that said, you can still rely on this chair for comfort at your desk because of the padding and lumbar support.

It is a comfortable chair with some nice upholstery – nothing more and nothing less. If that is all you need then the HON office chair could still be a good choice for your workspace.

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