Home Hospital Bed Sheets Guide

If you are taking care of someone with medical needs at home, the chances are that you have a home hospital bed. And, you probably know that, just like the mattress, it’s important to use the right set of bed sheets.

The bedsheets play an integral role in providing quality care and comfort. When it comes to a home hospital, hygiene and regular maintenance become crucial, which extends to the bedsheets you use.

You need to consider many aspects before choosing the bedsheets that are the right fit for your home hospital. However, set your worries aside, as we have got you covered!

This comprehensive product and review guide uses the following criteria to pick the six best home hospital bedsheet options: Material, Comfort, and Maintenance.

In this guide, you’ll find that we have not just reviewed the key features of each home hospital bed sheet. We have examined the ins and outs of each feature in-depth to equip you with the most accurate picture of what you can expect from the bedsheets.

Considering that there can be no compromise when it comes to providing quality care, we have also combed through our product suggestions with utmost thoroughness. As a result, you’ll find a helpful list of pros and cons that will come in handy when you’re narrowing down your options.

So, without further delay, jump right into the guide!

What is a Home Hospital Bed Sheet?

Are you the primary caregiver at home for your loved one with medical needs? If this is you, you know that when it comes to setting up a home hospital bed, two things become important: the mattress and the bedsheet.

A home hospital bed requires bed sheets that are very different from the ones you use regularly. This is the case for many reasons. To start with, you need to bear in mind that the person you’re providing care for needs to spend most of their time on the bed.

This means that the bed sheet is in constant contact with their skin for several hours. Therefore, the material of the bedsheet becomes extremely important in this regard. Generally, you’ll find that hospital bed sheets tend to be made from 100% cotton.

Alternatively, some hospital bedsheets can come with a blend of two or more materials. For instance, the blend of polyester and cotton is very common. Now you’re thinking: Why are these materials common?

Here’s why: cotton and polyester have high durability, meaning they can survive multiple trips to the washing machine and come out A-OK each time. What’s more, they are soft and are big on breathability.

As a result, they are guaranteed to provide the optimum comfort. The desired cotton-polyester blend ratio is 55:45.

Another factor that becomes important with regard to a home hospital bed sheet is the thread count. So, what is the thread count, and why is it important? If you look closer, you’ll discover that hospital bed sheets are woven with crisscross threads.

This is essential, as this weave pattern directly influences the home hospital bedsheet’s durability and maintenance. The thread count is a measure that denotes the number of threads present in each inch of the bedsheet.

On average, nearly all home hospital bed sheets have thread counts higher than 130. It would be helpful to keep an eye out for the thread count while choosing a home hospital bed sheet, as the ones that are low on the thread count can tear easily.

Most home hospital bed sheets come in shades of blue, green, and white. However, these days, other shades have also begun to foray into this realm. So, if you’re particular about nailing the right color, you needn’t worry much!

You’ll find a detailed analysis of the other things you need to keep in mind before buying a home hospital bed sheet later in this guide.

Who Can Benefit from Home Hospital Bed Sheets?

Anyone can benefit from home hospital bed sheets. They are essential, irrespective of the type of care you’re providing. However, the right home hospital bedsheets can prove to be indispensable if you’re caring for someone whose condition confines them to the bed all day.

While caring for a family member, relative, or friend who is bedridden, you need to take extra care to ensure that proper hygiene is maintained. You might have to change the sheets and wash them every day.

This is where the durability of your home hospital bedsheet steps in. Also, bedridden patients are at a high risk of developing bedsores, which can be very painful to handle. In this context, a comfortable home hospital bedsheet with high breathability levels can be super useful.

Further, if there’s someone at home who is recovering from surgery, you’ll find that the home hospital bed sheets can help make them feel comfortable throughout the process.

Older citizens suffering from conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s might also find themselves being confined to the bed. They can also benefit considerably from home hospital bed sheets.

At A Glance: The Top 6 Picks for the Best Home Hospital Bed Sheets

  • Best Overall Home Hospital Bed Sheet: Amazon Basics Essential Cotton Blend Bed Sheet Set
  • This offering from Amazon Basics checks all boxes: cost, comfort, maintenance, and material. These bedsheets have a high thread count and come in exciting colors.
  • Best Maintenance Home Hospital Bed Sheet: Drive Medical 15030HBC Hospital Bed Bedding in a Box
  • Made with 100% cotton, Drive Medical’s Hospital Bed Bedding in a Box is super easy to maintain.
  • Best Material Home Hospital Bed Sheet: California Design 400 Thread Count Solid Twin XL Sheet Set
  • This home hospital bed sheet is available as a complete set, and it is made from 100% cotton. At 400, this bed sheet’s thread count is super impressive. To top it off, you can choose the size you want.
  • Best Material Home Hospital Bed Sheet: Careoutfit All-in-One Hospital Bed in a Bag
  • As the name suggests, the Careoutfit home hospital bed sheet comes complete with a top sheet, bottom sheet, and a pillowcase. It is made from the polyester-cotton blend, making it the ideal material.
  • Best Comfort Home Hospital Bed Sheet: Mabis Hospital Bed Sheets
  • With a cotton-polyester blend, the Mabis Hospital Bed Sheets can provide the right amount of comfort. They can fit to measure, and the cool, calming blue shade is a delight in itself.
  • Best Comfort Home Hospital Bed Sheet: White Classic Fitted Hospital Bed Sheets
  • With the exact 55:45 Cotton-Polyester ratio, these home hospital bed sheets from White Classic promise to be super comfortable. Moreover, with a thread count of 200, you needn’t worry about its durability.

The Top 6 Picks for the Best Home Hospital Bed Sheets

In this section, we have rounded up some of the best home hospital bed sheet options we could find. We have classified them under the following categories:

  • The best overall
  • The best for maintenance
  • The best in terms of material
  • The best for comfort

Why did we do this, you ask? Here’s why. We understand that no two buyers are the same. For some, comfort might be most important. Or, maybe, maintenance is what matters the most to you. Overall, we chose these bed hospital bed sheets based on affordability, availability, and positive customer reviews. 

Irrespective of what criteria top your priority list, you are sure to find a home hospital bed sheet that suits your needs, just like a perfectly put-together puzzle. This review and guide have got your back along every step of the way!

Best Overall Home Hospital Bed Sheet: Amazon Basics Essential Cotton Blend Bed Sheet Set 

The Amazon Basics Essential Cotton Blend Bed Sheet Set is one solid product that has got all bases covered, be it the cost, maintenance, durability, or comfort levels. Considering that this bed sheet set has so many incredible features, it’s hard to know where to begin!

Material and sizes

The bedsheets come with a 52:48 cotton-polyester ratio, which is well within the range of the industry-specific standards. Further, the bed sheet set is available in the following sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, and King.

As a result of the same, you are bound to find a bed sheet option that is a perfect match for the hospital bed you’ve got at home, irrespective of the size.

Appealing colors

If the hospital bed sheet’s traditional white and green colors don’t appeal to you, the Amazon Basics Essential Cotton Blend Bed Sheet Set is here for the rescue! Many attractive colors are available: Beige, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Navy, and Smoke Blue.


If you choose to buy the Twinset, you’ll get the following items as add-ons: a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, a pillowcase, and a Z hem.

Easy maintenance 

Thanks to the ideal cotton-polyester ratio, these bedsheets can be machine washed and are wrinkle-free.

This can mean only one thing: maintenance is going to be an absolute breeze! The fabric also has an overall super soft and comfortable finish. To top it off, the bed sheets have a thread count of 225, well above the average requirement of 130. Consequently, these home hospital bedsheets are strong and durable.

Top-notch product

Additionally, the bedsheet features a solid pattern. Despite being an imported product, the Amazon Basics Essential Cotton Blend Bed Sheet Set has a decent price tag, making top-notch quality a lot easier to afford.


  • Lightweight
  • The set provides good value for money
  • Has a high thread count of 225
  • Easy to maintain
  • Has great softness


  • Upon purchase, you will find that the bedsheets have a mild, offensive odor. However, the odor vanishes without a trace after the first wash.

Best Maintenance Home Hospital Bed Sheet: Drive Medical 15030 HBC Hospital Bed Bedding in a Box


Who doesn’t like a hassle-free product that can make maintenance feel like a casual stroll in the park? With Drive Medical’s 15030 HBC Hospital Bed Bedding in a Box, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Let’s see what else these bedsheets have got to offer.

Bedding in a Box

To begin with, the phrase ‘bedding in a box’ is totally apt, as it comes complete with a pillowcase, a fitted sheet, a cover sheet, and a blanket.

100% Pure Cotton

While the sheets (the fitted and the cover ones) are made from a good quality blend of cotton and polyester, the blanket is made from 100% pure cotton. Consequently, all the components of the box are well-suited for multiple machine washes.

Super Compatible with all Types of Bedding

Do you, by chance, happen to have an electric or semi-electric home hospital bed? If yes, then you’ll find that Drive Medical’s 15030 HBC Hospital Bed Bedding in a Box is super compatible with all types of bedding.

Easy Storage

The fitted sheet has dimensions of 36” *80” *5”-6”, in sync with the standard dimensions of homecare beds. You can use the cardboard box that the home hospital bed sheets come in to store the bed sheet set when not in use. Easy storage? Check!

At two pounds, the entire set, including the bedsheet, is very lightweight. As a result, the bedsheets are easy to handle, and you can remove them with ease during changeovers. Now, do you want the cherry on the cake?

Here it is: Drive Medical’s 15030 HBC Hospital Bed Bedding in a Box is ranked #2 by Amazon in the Medical Bed Linens category. It appears that the customers have given their verdict!


  • The bedding in a box is available at a very affordable price
  • Super comfortable
  • The material has an incredible overall softness
  • Guaranteed durability
  • The cotton blanket can provide thermal insulation


  • The Drive Medical 15030 HBC Hospital Bed Bedding in a Box is only available in white. No other color shades are supported

Best Material Home Hospital Bed Sheet: California Design 400 Thread Count Solid Twin XL Sheet Set

High-quality Material

Home hospital bed sheets require durability. Moreover, you would want to wash the bed sheets every day to maintain hygiene.

Hence, a material that can retain the daily wash is crucial to consider while purchasing bed sheets for a home hospital. That’s why California Design 400 thread count home hospital bed sheets are ideal for you.

  • The bedsheets are made with 100% long-staple cotton fiber and a splendid sateen weave.
  • They are Twin XL size, and hence you can cover a big bed too.

High-quality bed sheets retain the softness and prevent bedsores.

Fully Elasticized

The California Design 400 thread count sheets bed sheets are fitted sheets. Therefore, you need not worry about tucking in the sheets.

The sheets will wrap around the bed well without forming a crease when the patient moves. Moreover, the fully elastic material ensures the bedsheet remains crisp and crease-free.

Certified Standard

The bedsheets are certified standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®. The certification ensures the products do not contain any harmful substances and are made in an environment-friendly way. Hence, these bed sheets are ideal for a home hospital as they are safe.

Soft Cotton Sheets

You will find home hospital bed sheets getting rough after regular usage. However, the California Design 400 thread count bed sheets remain soft because they are premium bed sheets, densely woven to be long-lasting and ultra-soft.

One of the main factors individuals consider when purchasing home hospital bed sheets is the softness of the bedsheets. The main reason being, the softness prevents bedsores.

Refund Policy

Lastly, the bedsheet comes with a refund policy. If you are not satisfied with the bedsheet, you can return it within 30 days and get a full refund.


  • Includes a refund policy
  • Made with 100% natural materials
  • You can bleach them
  • Available in several colors and designs.


  • Very thin, can soak up sweat extremely fast. It cannot hold up for long.

Best Material Home Hospital Bed Sheet: Careoutfit All-in-One Hospital Bed in a Bag

Hospital Grade

You surely would choose a bed material offering premium quality. Hence, if you’re someone looking for heavy-duty material, Careoutfit All-in-one hospital bed in a bag is the right choice for you.

Moreover, the bedsheet is hospital grade. This means you can wash the bed sheets every day, and they wouldn’t tear or become rough. The materials used are cotton and polyester blend, meeting the hospital standards.


You may wonder if the Careoutfit all-in-one hospital bed in a bag can fit in on your home hospital bed? Hence, here are the dimensions: The fitted bedsheet measures 36″ x 84″ x 16″. The measurement is ideal for a traditional home hospital bed.


If you’re purchasing hospital bed sheets, you will surely take a glance at the blankets and pillow covers too. But what if the pillow covers and blankets come along with the bedsheet? Yes, the Careoutfit All-in-one hospital bed in a bag comes with the following:

  • 1 pillowcase (42 X 34)
  • 1 fitted sheet (36 x 84 x 16)
  • 1 cover sheet (66 X 104)
  • 1 blanket (66×90)

Bonus: The customers at Amazon have rated the product 3.6 out of 5 stars. Hence, you need not be worried about the quality, the customers have approved it!


  • Wrinkle-free: Cotton-knit fabric does not need ironing.
  • Stretchy: The bedsheet is stretchy. Therefore, no crease when the patient moves.
  • Reduced pressure on heels: The sheet has a patented Foot-Ease fold at the end for extra foot room. Hence, the pressure reduces on heels.
  • Breathable and comfortable material


  • Does not come in different colors or designs

Best Comfort Home Hospital Bed Sheet: Mabis Hospital Bed Sheets


The Mabis Hospital Bed Sheets are voted for their supreme comfort. Hence, you would be curious to know the material of the bedsheet? The Mabis Hospital Bed Sheets are a blend of polyester and cotton. They are made with 132 thread count—in-sync with the hospital standards.

3-Piece Set

The fitted hospital sheet comes with a top sheet and pillowcase. Therefore, you need not worry about purchasing the top sheets and pillowcase separately. They come along!


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Comes with a top sheet and pillowcase


  • Materials may be altered while manufacturing, and thus they may differ from product information.

Best Comfort Home Hospital Bed Sheet: White Classic Fitted Hospital Bed Sheets


Another comfortable home hospital bed sheet you can use is the White Classic Fitted Hospital Bed Sheet. If you’re wondering what makes them so comfortable – it is its material. The White Classic Fitted Hospital Bedsheet is made of 55% Cotton and 45% Polyester. Therefore, it provides the utmost comfort and softness.

Machine Washable        

Usually, home hospital bed sheets are put for a wash every day to maintain hygiene. Hence, you would need a sturdy material that can withstand everyday machine wash. For such usage, you can always rely on White Classic Fitted Bed Sheets.

Moreover, the soft cotton and polyester blend Percale linens are known for their long-lasting and silky-smooth comfort. Hence, you can stay stress-free as you will cater to homecare needs without any complaints.          


Many individuals get concerned if the bed sheets available online fit the beds well. Therefore, here is a fact for you, the White Classic Fitted Bed Sheets come in the size of regular hospital beds. Moreover, they measure 36” H X 80” W x 9” D.                           


  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Long-wearing
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Machine washable


  • Too soft, can slide off the mattress

Things To Consider Before Buying Home Hospital Bed Sheet: A Buyer’s Guide 

By now, you would have decided on the bed sheet you want to purchase. If not, here is a special section – buyer’s guide, to help you make a smart buying decision. Walkthrough the section to make a clear and confident buying decision.


Comfort is the top-most priority for any caregiver. You would want to rely on a fabric that can reduce bed sores and be gentle on the back. Hence, here is how you decide whether the bed sheet is comfortable.

  • Higher thread count
  • Material: 100% cotton or a 55% cotton and 45% Polyester blend
  • Breathable fabric

Easy To Wash

Maintaining hygiene is another factor most homecare providers consider. Hence, ensure the material of the bedsheet can resist machine wash.


The standard thread count is 130, meeting the healthcare standards. Hence, when purchasing a bedsheet for a home hospital bed, make sure it has a 130 thread count.


The hospital bed sheets haven’t seen much change apart from the quality. To lift your loved one’s morale and make them feel homely, you can sure use a hint of designs and colors on the bedsheets. Why should bed sheets have the stereotypical colors only? Unless specified by a healthcare provider, you can add tasteful colors or designs to the bedsheets.

However, make sure you do not use bright colors or gaudy designs. The reason is that if there is any spot or stain, you wouldn’t be able to identify it.

FAQs on Home Hospital Bed Sheets

When it comes to home hospitals, you would surely want to be particular about every detail. It explains as you want to provide the utmost care to your loved ones. Hence, you may share a few concerns and have some doubts regarding home hospital bed sheets.

Walk through the FAQ section below to solve your concerns. These are some of the most common questions, and hence we have jotted them down. Read on!

Question: What Size Sheets do I Need for a Hospital Bed at Home?

Answer: Generally, a hospital bed measures 80 inches long and 36 inches wide. Moreover, if you purchase a hospital bed, this is the regular size available at most hospital care outlets.
Further, the dept of a hospital bed mattress is 6 to 7 inches. Hence, if you wish to purchase hospital bed sheets for homecare, make sure they adhere to the traditional hospital bed size.

Question: What Type of Sheets Does a Home Hospital Bed Use?

Answer: A quintessential hospital bed sheet has a 55% cotton and 45% polyester blend. In addition, you should pay attention to the thread count as it is a measure of the coarseness or fineness of a fabric. Hence, the thread count helps you determine the durability of the bedsheet.
The thumb rule: Higher the thread count, better the quality.

Question: Can I Use a Regular Mattress Instead of a Hospital Mattress?

Answer: Most hospitals do not recommend using a regular mattress over a hospital mattress. Moreover, the same applies to bed sheets and the bed too. You may ask why? The main reason is that the home mattress, or regular mattress, does not provide the same comfort and support as a hospital mattress.
Moreover, you would want to prevent bedsores at all costs. We all know how bad the bedsores hurt. Ouch! The reason why bedsores are common is because of the type of mattress the patients use. Hence, using a hospital mattress reduces bedsores.

Wrapping Up

Home hospitals provide a little more attention, and hence many individuals prefer to provide their loved one’s homecare. In addition, you would want to be particular about everything—from equipment, medicines, hygiene to bed and bedsheets.

Therefore, now that you know the hospital standards for bed sheets, you would have made the right buying decision. You would have ensured the bed sheet has the right dimension, thread count, material ratio, and overall quality.

If you are interested in other bed-related accessories that might be beneficial for you, check out our other guides on how to find the best bedpans and how to find the best orthopedic pillows.

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