Homall Pink Gaming Chair Review

Is A Girls Homall Pink Gaming Chair Still Functional And Comfortable?

Homall Pink Gaming ChairThe Homall Pink Gaming Chair doesn’t look like your typical gamer’s chair. There are plenty of gaming chairs out there that are designed with the male users in mind more than a female user.

We talk about racing chairs with big bucket sigs and padding that is often ideal for taller users.

The designs are either masculine or gender-neutral. Here there is something a bit more feminine for the girls that want to showcase their personality and skills at the same time.

The question is whether this does more to appeal to women in terms of its aesthetics than its comfort and functionality.

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The Pros and Cons of this Homall Pink Gaming Chair.


  •  The combination of the pink and purple design elements
  •  The cushioning in the back, seat and headrest
  •  The dimensions for smaller users


  •  The lack of functionality in the armrests
  •  The lack of quality in the materials and finish


The Homall Pink Gaming Chair does have features and quirks that make it ideal for female users.

Let’s start with that design. If you prefer pink and purple to the usual blacks and bold primary colors then this could be a great choice. The majority of the chair is pink – including the cushioning and a large part of the frame.

There are also pink accents in the caster wheels. Then there are fun panels of purple and purple in the armrests to soften the shape and make it more visually appealing.

Homall Girl Pink Gaming Chair

Ignore all the talk of this being a “cute” ergonomic chair and the odd references to girls as fairies because there are some practical features to this Homall gaming chair for those that want to play and work. The backrest has a rocking function and a reclining angle of 160 degrees, so you can nap and watch wall-mounted monitors.

The seat appears to be well padded and there are the same adjustable head and lumbar cushions as you see in men’s chairs. There are also mixed comments about the comfort and support because it more shallow than normal and best for those under 5 ft 7. But, surely this shows that it was made with women in mind?


The Homall Pink/Purple Gamer’s Chair would be more appealing if it were stronger.

One of the bigger issues here is the durability of the product. There are high hopes here because the chair is covered in faux leather that has some nice embroidery over it. But, some find that it is far too thin and can tear if users aren’t careful.

These longevity issues continue with the paintwork on the armrests. Also, those armrests feel a little cheap and don’t have the range of motion of those on other, more high-end gaming chairs.


So, does this mean that the Homall Girl’s Pink Gaming Chair isn’t recommendable?

The appeal here depends on who is using the chair. Young pre-teen girls after a pink chair for their room may ruin the upholstery and won’t require the best features.

Women gamers that want a more feminine design and that will make the most of this ergonomic chair can still enjoy the benefits – as long as they treat the chair gently and aren’t too tall.

In the end, there is no doubt that the brand had their target market in mind when they made the Homall chair – they just could have made it a bit tougher.

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