Homall High-Back Gaming Chair

Are The Extras On The Homall High-Back Gaming Chair Worthwhile?

Homall Ergonomic High-Back Gaming Chair

The Homall High-Back Gaming Chair looks like the sort of chair that you might find at an arcade.

There is a bold, attractive shape and attention to detail in the features right from the shape of the headrest, down the curves of the backrest, into the strong bucket seat and right down to the textured footrests on the base.

It definitely looks the part, but does this racing chair provides enough comfort for the average user at home?

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The Pros and Cons of this Homall High-Back Gaming Chair:


  •  The addition of an adjustable leg rest
  •  The quality of the padding and cushion
  •  The adjustment on the tilt of the backrest


  •  The alignment of the holes during assembly
  •  The assembly instructions


This Homall High-Back Gaming Chair goes a little further than other chairs to offer a comfortable experience.

There is no doubt that this is a feature-rich ergonomic racing chair. There are lots of different elements and adjustable parts to help gamers get into the zone. One of the features that stands out here is the leg rest. There is a cushion that extends out from underneath the seat.

Homall Ergonomic High-Back Gaming Chair Black and White

Not only does this offer support while reclining, but it also sets users up for the accessories needed for a racing game. There are some gaming chairs that claim to have a racing chair style, but this one actually has the function.

Other adjustable features include the 180-degree tilt on the backrest, the height adjustment on the bucket seat and the position of the armrests.

There is a lot of attention to the use of padding in and around the chair. The seat and backrest have the usual segmented, ergonomic cushions to help users get comfortable.

There is also the addition of the thick headrest pillow and lumbar pillow. For the most part, buyers have few complaints about the positioning or the feel of these components.


The assembly process of this Homall Ergonomic Gaming Chair does let it down a little. 

The main complaint with this racing gaming chair seems to be the assembly process. There are many users that found that the holes didn’t always align. This meant some rough treatment to get the chair together and some concerns that it might not be structurally sound.

Others worry that they may have stretched or damaged the leather material in the process. Then there are those that didn’t have enough screws to finish the job.


How does this all affect the final verdict on this Homall High-Back Racing Chair?

The assembly process is a common issue – so much so that the brand really needs to rethink some of the instructions and the fixtures to the chair. A few changes here could lead to a better experience and a stronger product.

Even so, there are few complaints about the comfort and function of the chair once it is completed. There are users that can stretch out in the ergonomic seat for a long gaming session or to watch movies. The leg rest and the 180-degree tilt help here.

This Homall gaming chair goes a little further than the competition to provide the racing chair experience at home – which is why it is so easy to recommend.

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