H&L Office High Back Office Chair

Is The Alternative Shape Of The H&L Office High Back Office Chair A True Benefit?

H&L Office High Back Office Chair

The shape and features of the H&L Office High Back Office Chair mean that it instantly looks like it offers a little more than your standard office chair. In addition to the ergonomic design and 360 degree swivel rotation there are plenty of features for comfort and support on a long shift in the office and it definitely looks like the comfortable, executive chair it is designed to be.

Does this alternative shape lead to a high satisfaction rating with users?

What benefits have buyers enjoyed when using this H&L Office Mesh Managerial Office Chair in the workplace?

These chairs are said to be “designed in a way that allows modification to accommodate individual requirements” which suggest that they are highly adjustable for even greater comfort. This includes the adjustable headrest – something that is not often seen in these managerial chairs – and the “flip-up” armrest.

There are many customers praising the comfort levels of this seat for long term support over the day and some have even said that their back and hip problems have decreased, but not everyone agrees on this point.

H&L Office High BackWhat is also interesting about this ergonomic office chair is that it comes in a range of different colours on that high back mesh, not just your typical office black. There is a blue, stylish silver to match an office décor a little better and even a bright orange one.

It is little details like this, such as the durable wheels that are safe on hardwood floors and the small footprint, that make this chair more appealing to consumers; however, there are also little devils in the details that mean some buyers are less convinced.

Why is there a mixed reaction to the comfort levels of this H&L Office High Back Black Mesh Office Chair and are there any other problems?

There is a decent satisfaction rating for this chair online but there are many buyers taking off a star of two for little faults and issues. One that could really be a big problem for some buyers is the sense that this chair is not suitable for those taller than 6ft or of a slightly heavier frame because of the shape of the back and headrest and the positioning of the supports.

The other issue is with the assembly; some have said that the instructions could be a little better and some have experienced wobbly arm rests as a result.

Summary: how does this mixed reaction affect a recommendation for this H&L Office Executive Chair?

There are two ways to look at this chair: for some the shape and different features for the adjustments will be ideal for finding ultimate comfort for a long day sat at a desk; for others the slightly unusual shape will be too much of a problem and it will actually provide too precise a shape to have a wide appeal.

If you are the right shape, the comfort and style of this H&L ergonomic chair could make this chair stand out from the crowd to be just what you are looking for for your home office or workplace.

You can find more customer reviews about the H&L Office High Back Mesh Multi-Functional Executive & Managerial Computer Desk Swivel Office Chair on Amazon here.

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