Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair Review

Is The Flexibility Of The Herman Miller Mirra 2 Ergonomic Office Chair Appealing?

Anyone that is in the market for a stylish, ergonomic chair will try and see if they can afford a Herman Miller like the Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair. Herman Miller remains one of the top names in chair design and ergonomics, but always comes at a high price.

There are some great sales claims with this model that suggest that it should provide the best possible experience for users. But, is the user experience living up to buyers’ hopes?

The Pros and Cons of this Herman Miller 2 Chair :


  • the use of adaptive materials
  • some great adjustments
  • a stylish look that should suit most offices


  • subjectivity over comfort
  • the cost

The great thing about this Herman Miller Mirra 2 Ergonomic Office Chair is that is provides the materials and adaptations that buyers expect.

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair - Tilt Limiter and Seat Angle, Butterfly Back

The appeal of this chair all comes down to the use of materials and the flexibility of the back rest. This open material moves with the user to take the strain – allowing for even better ergonomics. Users can lean back a little and not feel much resistance.

On top of that, there is the tilt mechanism, for even more choice, and a typical height movement on the seat. Some say that the comfort levels here and shape of the Herman Miller Mirra chair amount to “perfection”. There are people with back conditions and those on long hours that love the feel.

An additional bonus here is the fact that there are two choices of back rest. If the framework is too stark, there is the choice of a mesh fabric cover. This choice of the cover leads to some of the benefits with the design.

This is quite a simple, recognisable modern office chair compared to some of the other designs that Herman Miller come up with. This means that it should fit in with most office environments pretty well. The butterfly back has just enough of a curve that it has some style.

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The main problem with this Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair is that some really do hate it – or hate how much they had to pay for it. 

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair - Tilt Limiter and Seat Angle, Butterfly Back

The biggest issue here is that this is a love it or hate it sort of desk chair. All that work with the materials and features is great for many people because of the comfort and adaptability. However, there are some people that just can’t get comfortable at all and hate the material and shape.

This isn’t so bad with a low-level, cheaper manufacturer, as buyers don’t feel cheated. This isn’t the case when you take a gamble with some a high-end brand.

Summary: is this flexible Herman Miller Mirra 2 recommendable or not?

This ergonomic chair is still recommendable, but only to the right buyer. Cost does play a part here, as this has to be affordable with that risk of discomfort. The gamble does pay off for enough people to make this worth a shot in the right office.

Those flexible materials and clever elements do elevate this Herman Miller chair above other brands, and the simple look helps too.

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