Herman Miller Executive Aeron Chair Review

Is The Herman Miller Executive Aeron Chair Worthy Of Its “Executive” Tag?

Herman Miller Executive Aeron ChairThe Herman Miller Executive Aeron Chair is often advertised with its “executive” edge at the forefront of the claims, with an honourable mention for its “distinctive looks” and “pioneering ergonomics”, and it also boasts great support, comfort and adjustability.

In many cases, buyers are simply purchasing this ergonomic chair because of expectations of the brand and the assumption that “executive” means unbeatable in terms of comfort and quality. Is this the case or are buyers let down by the design of this chair?

What benefits have buyers enjoyed when using this Herman Miller Executive Aeron Chair?

The majority of positive reviews for this chair talk about the comfort in some shape or form. Some say that it offers comfort levels that go beyond other models that they have tried and others appreciate the different seat options because there seems to be something for buyers of all sizes.

What takes this model even further beyond these competitors is the idea that the creators are not just there to provide comfort and that they understand the body well enough to place the right support where it counts, such as the PostureFit Lumbar Support Kit.

Executive Aeron Chair by Herman MillerThis makes a big difference to the comfort level and some have reported that the Herman Miller Aeron chair has helped with their back, neck and leg pain. The latter is especially interesting as the designers deliberately added a waterfall edge on the front to relieve pressure under the user’s thighs and improve their circulation.

Have users noted any downsides to this Herman Miller Executive Aeron Office Chair in their testimonials?

Browsing through the reviews, it seems that every element is praised to some extent and there are plenty of positive comments about the finish and style, mostly about the use of leather on the arm rests and the choice of bases; however, there are some buyers that see the flaws in the use of materials.

Polished aluminium looks great at its best – although there are some reviewers that question if their chair is “polished” or “brushed”. But the problem is that it takes a lot of maintenance to keep it at this high standard.

Another interesting criticism to note is that the arms can be adjusted up and down but do not offer the level of tilt and extra movement that some users expected given the high price and general adjustability seen with the brand.

Summary: just how recommendable is this “high maintenance”, “designer” Herman Miller Chair?

The obstacle in place when recommending a chair like this is this designer tag and high cost because there will always be buyers concerned over how much a chair can really do for people at such a high cost.

The best aspect to cite when discussing the worth of this chair is that the benefits are not always noticeable when the buyer is sitting in the chair because the comfort level is so high and they almost forget they are sitting in it.

Yet the true worth becomes instantly apparent if they have to switch to a lower-grade chair. It is this experience that makes the Herman Miller ergonomic chair worth the high price tag in the eyes of so many buyers and so easily recommendable.

You can find more customer reviews about this Herman Miller Executive Classic Aeron Task Chair on Amazon here.

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