Herman Miller Embody Chair Review

Is The Herman Miller Embody Chair As Revolutionary As Herman Miller Seem To Think It Is? 

Herman Miller Embody ChairThe Herman Miller Embody Chair is just one model in a vast range of ergonomic, adjustable chairs, this time offering a simple style, flexible back support and six ergonomic functions.

The minimal sales claims are accompanied by plenty of comments about the worth of the brand and their “born on date” sticker as well as photos of the chair, all of which help to draw consumers in further. Apparently this model “resets the bar for seated comfort”: is this hyperbolic statement justified?

What benefits have buyers experienced with this Embody Chair By Herman Miller?

Reviewers often compare this seat to other brands and models in the range that they have tested rather than taking all the apparent benefits at face value and this is great for seeing what this chair can do that is different.

Some go as far as saying that this model is more comfortable and responsive in its flexibility than all the similar chairs they have tried and they would not trade it at all.

For some this is simply because of the greater support being offered, particularly with the lumbar support, but others say it has greatly aided their back problems and issue with spinal alignments. Other benefits that have been noted are that the chair comes fully assembled and that it has an interesting, stylish design. The spinal support looks great as well as being functional and the seat comes in black, carbon or iris blue.

Black Embody Chair Herman Miller Adjustable Back

Are these comparison tests also highlighting any downsides with this Herman Miller Embody Chair?

There are some buyers that just can’t understand why some people can’t get comfortable in this chair and aren’t giving it five stars but these buyers do exist. It is simply not possible for every single person to get perfectly comfortable because of their size and build or the fact that they find the settings difficult to adjust.

There is a clear sense that it takes time to get used to the Herman Miller office chair – initial back cracking should be expected. Some have said that an additional footrest can do wonders for ensuring good posture. However, this does mean an extra purchase on top of an already expensive chair and for some it is not enough to provide a solution.

Additionally, some have criticised the quality of the padding and plastic on the arms compared to other Herman Miller offerings and feel that this interesting spinal design is also a pain to keep clean.

Summary: is the Herman Miller “Fully Adjustable” Embody still a worthwhile purchase?

Is it worth the high price? Many say it undoubtedly is for the amount of use it will get over its apparent 12 year life and the effect it is having on their ailments and posture; others are less certain simply because they expected something a little more perfect in the comfort offered and ease of adjustments.

In the end, the fact that so many buyers are endorsing this and talking about great benefits is reason enough to recommend it. This Herman Miller ergonomic chair may not be resetting the bar for comfort in the eyes of every buyers, and it ideally suited for people that will be using it for long periods in the office rather than for use in the home, but with some patience and potential additions to the set-up, it is possible for most users to enjoy using this chair.

You can check out more customer reviews about the Herman Miller Embody Chair on Amazon here.

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