Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review

Can The Herman Miller Aeron Chair Offer The Comfort And Support Expected From The Brand?

Aeron Chair by Herman MillerThe Herman Miller Aeron Chair is described as “the new benchmark in the arena of ergonomic office seating”, which is quite an eye-catching claim, and the grandeur of the brand is enhanced by the use of the Born-On-Date sticker.

The designers seem to offer a lot of choice in terms of styles and colors for this ergonomic chair with its reclining back and lumbar support. Although the photos for the platinum and carbon wave examples are identical to the untrained eye. There is a lot of talk of adjustability for many users, but what is it like to actually use this office chair in an everyday setting?

What benefits have buyers mentioned in their reviews for this Herman Miller Lumbar Aeron Chair?

Ignoring the patronising reviews from those that say this desk chair works brilliantly for those that understand anatomy and how to use these kinds of products, there are plenty of favourable reviews that offer helpful comments.

Many talk about the style of the Aeron chair and the use of materials. For some, it is the use of the attractive, man-made material on the seat that it the best feature in this category because it is so easy to clean; for others, it is the mesh on the back because of the way it keeps the chair cool in a hot office.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair
Of course the main thing that people want to know is if it “works”, in other words if the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller can aid with back pain and provide comfort. Reviews are understandably mixed because everyone has different problems and expectations.

Many do go on record as saying that it is comfortable and able to help with their various back and joint problems, although there is the odd comment about the Aeron cutting off circulation to their legs.

Another factor that stands out here is that buyers are saying that their problems are resolved over time and the Herman Miller chair has been a much-loved piece of furniture for years, suggesting that these office chairs offer great longevity too. This benefit will be greatly received by prospective buyers put off by the high cost of these chairs because it sound like they do end up being great value investments.

Does this Aeron Chair by Herman Miller have any problems that prospective buyers should keep in mind other than the cost and potential dead legs?

The glaring problem that leaps out from customer reviews of this Aeron chair is also a notable absence from the expected list of benefits – this is viewed as an adaptable, highly adjustable product by its makers but some buyers say otherwise.

Continuing with the positives for a moment, the “tilt limiter” and “seat angle adjustment” do receive some praise because of the range of options for reclining in comparison to other chairs with less variety.

The problem comes from the adjustable arms and lumbar support; for many the lumbar keeps slipping in and out of place, decreasing its worth as back support significantly, and the arms have a habit of falling out of place while the chair is in use, suggesting that the settings are not very secure.

In addition to these problems, it takes a while to set-up the chair for individual preferences, which makes it sound more like a complex piece of equipment than a chair, and it is notable that a number of the negative reviews come from smaller users around 5ft/5ft 2”, which suggests there is a lower size limit.

Summary: If this Herman Miller “highly adjustable” Aeron Chair has some issue with its adjustments, is it still recommendable?

The problem with any chair that is meant to have an additional purpose other than a place to sit is that expectations can be very high, especially in the case of these supportive, therapeutic chairs; if they don’t provide the very best comfort or cure back problems they will suffer in the ratings and reviews and buyers will be warned against it.

This is one of those chairs because while many love it, some seem to hate it. The cost can be an issue and a highly adjustable chair should have a few more measures in place to make it more secure; however, it is still able to provide great relief in many cases and has extra features to ensure the user’s comfort, and that is why this Herman Miller ergonomic chair is recommended for purchase.

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