Hbada Office Desk Chair Review

Is The Hbada Office Desk Chair Too Laid Back For A Professional Space?

Hbada Office Desk ChairAn over-the-top ergonomic chair isn’t going to work in a lot of small apartments, which is where the Hbada Office Desk Chair comes in.

This model focuses more on saving space and providing a simple approach for tasks. There is a sense of informality that could appeal to a lot of buyers.

But, is it too laid-back for a professional space?

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The Pros and Cons of this Hbada Office Desk Chair.


  •  There is an interesting design that saves on space and still looks cool
  •  The basic practical features are there in the base and adjustments
  •  The flip-up armrests are also a nice touch


  •  The ergonomics of the backrest aren’t ideal for all users
  •  The padding of the seat isn’t going to suit those with long days at the desk.



The Hbada Office Desk Chair takes a different approach to most office chairs and this can pay off for the right user.

There is something unusual about the design of this ergonomic office chair that makes it perfect for those looking for something a little bit different from the norm.

There is a more compact design that makes it better suited to smaller office spaces, such as those figuring out how to work from home right now. There is a comment that it both looks and feels as though it was created on a 3D printer.

The combination of the plastic backrest, wide base, and padded seat create three separate main elements.

It would have been more fun if there were more color choices, but the black and white contrasting design is still attractive.


Hbada Office Chair


While there is some simplicity to this Hbada office chair, there are also practical and adjustable features where they count. You can tilt the backrest to 120 degrees, flip the armrests up when they get in the way, and roll smoothly on the casters.

It isn’t as much as other high-performance ergonomic chairs, but it should be enough for the casual user at home.


The ergonomics of this Hbada Space-Saving Desk Chair could be better.

The biggest issue with this design is that you end up with a greater focus on this cool space-saving approach and have to sacrifice comfort and ergonomics.

There are comments that the backrest isn’t as comfortable and contoured as others, but the breathable mesh is still a nice touch. Others say that the padded seat is fine unless you plan to be at the desk for a long time.


Does this mean that this Hbada Task Chair is still a recommendable choice with these pros and cons in mind?

Overall, there is a lot to like here if you are a more casual user than someone looking to create a full-time home office in their living room. There isn’t the same support and comfort as other ergonomic chairs.

But, the design and features provided are still enough for those that need to work on projects and take calls now and then.

The Hbada chair can add to a more professional space within your home without becoming overbearing.

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