Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

Is The Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office Chair Also Good For Napping?

Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office ChairThe Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office Chair is a great looking chair that is sure to make a statement in home offices. It looks pretty comfortable when upright at a desk.

But, the photos of the chair model napping make it even more inviting. Does this ergonomic chair have enough to keep everyone happy, whatever the plan to do in it throughout the day?

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The Pros and Cons of this Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office Chair.


  •  The wrap-around seat for support while working
  •  The padded armrest for short breaks between projects
  •  The reclining backrest for longer breaks
  •  The pull-out footrest for when it is time to take a nap
  •  The quality of the base and casters


  •  Some concerns about the amount of plastic used
  •  Criticism about the thickness of the seat cushion
  •  No lumbar support built into the backrest.



The Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office Chair is a good-looking chair that is adaptable for different needs across the workday.

This chair has three different modes that seem to offer a nice work, rest and play balance for users that are sat at the desk for a long time. Let’s start with the idea of working at that desk in this chair for a long period.

The backrest sits nice and tall in an upright position with a decent amount of padding there and in the seat. The wrap-around seat is meant to offer more support here, while still being breathable. That seat sits on a strong base with a recommended weight allowance of 275lbs.

Hbada Ergonomic Executive Swivel Desk Chair

Then there is the play mode, where you can recline the seat a little bit for a designated work break and enjoy the cushioning in the neck rest.

Here, the armrests also help as the position and comfort of the padding are a great place to loosen the muscles before typing again. If you decide to enjoy your break over at a different station or part of the room, you can do so pretty easily thanks to the casters on that 5-point starbase.

Then there is the rest element. The maximum angle of the reclining function on this Hbada office chair is 135 degrees. While there are other chairs that go much deeper for napping, this one is still functional because it takes a different approach.

Here, you can pull out an additional footrest from underneath the chair. This footrest is padded with the same quality black upholstery as the rest of the chair. As you stretch your legs out, it will feel more like you are in a recliner.


The comfort and quality of this Hbada Ergonomic Chair aren’t quite enough for all users.

Understandably, there are mixed comments about the comfort provided by this executive office chair. There are some buyers that feel as though this doesn’t do enough to support them.

The cradling shape does work for a lot of people, but a minority say they expected a little more, especially when it came to lumbar support. This feature is pretty much non-existent. Then there are those that criticize the thickness of the padding on the seat compared to other chairs used in the past.

Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office Chair with Padded Armrest and Footrest

Elsewhere, some buyers are critical of the quality on offer with this swivel desk chair. There are concerns that the materials and parts won’t hold up as well as advertised.

There are promises of a high quality due to the nylon casters, base and upholstery. But, some note the amount of plastic used in this chair and the impact that has on comfort and longevity.


What does this mean for the final verdict on this Hbada Executive Office and Napping Chair?

This sort of chair isn’t going to suit everyone because it doesn’t have the lumbar support, nor the range of adaptable features that you see in other chairs.

However, the vast majority of buyers seem more than happy with the design, feel and support offered while they work.

The three modes help to take this beyond a basic office chair but it isn’t trying to do too much either. Therefore, this Hbada ergonomic chair is still a recommended option to those that want to work hard in their home office, while still scheduling time for play and naps.

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