Harmony Ergonomics Air Chair Review

Is The Strange Harmony Ergonomics Air Chair More Comfortable Than It Looks?

Harmony Ergonomics Air ChairThere is a word that is repeated in the specification for the Harmony Ergonomics Air Chair: patented. The designers are keen to point out the “patented ultra-ergonomic design” of this odd looking chair and the “patented” 120 degree reclining action. This is a chair that immediately stands out because it looks so much different from many of the standard office chairs on the market.

The foam padded seat and mesh back have been replaced with “premium” breathable elastic which creates a uniform look of slats running from the headrest down past the seat. There doesn’t seem to be much else to this chair on first impressions, so can it offer the comfort and adjustability that buyers are after?

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What benefits have buyers mentioned in their reviews for this Harmony Ergonomics Adjustable Office Chair?

This weird design has been created with comfort in mind and there are some buyers that are very impressed with the support that this material and shape provides over long periods.

There is a sense of stability to this chair that really helps larger users and this is a surprise considering all those gaps between the straps. The additional benefit of these gaps is that it provides the same cooling action on hot days as a more traditional mesh.

Harmony Air Ergonomics Chair

There are also elements of this chair that can be adjusted for a more comfortable position. This includes the large headrest, a recline feature on the back, a seat height adjustment and also two-way armrests. Some say that the recline goes back further than other office chairs that they tried.

This does increase the potential for users of different needs, something that is enhanced by the 350lb user weight capacity, but there is one important fault – the lumbar support is not adjustable. This immediately limits the comfort and support for some users.

What other problems have users experienced with this Harmony Ergonomics Air Chair?

The reviews for this office chair are pretty mixed. Some say that there are odd quirks to this product that they are struggling with, such as the fact that the arms also pivot outwards.

This can be pretty distracting during office tasks. Many others have complained about the assembly of the product. Despite the lack of parts, many say that the process is confusing and time consuming and wish that it could have been shipped pre-assembled.

Summary: how does this mixed response affect the final verdict on this Harmony Ergonomics Patented Elasticated Air Chair?

The unusual design of this chair has paid off because the majority of users are impressed with the comfort that is provided and the support offered by those alternative, elasticated straps.

There are plenty of benefits in the design of the chair to appeal to larger users, such as the weight allowance and the adjustability, but there is also room for improvement. With more flexibility to the lumbar support and easier assembly, this Harmony chair could become a 5 star, must-have product for most offices.

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