GTracing Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review

Is The More Affordable GTracing Ergonomic Gaming Chair As Good As It Looks?

GTracing Ergonomic Racing ChairThe GTracing Ergonomic Gaming Chair definitely has all the elements that you want expect from a racing chair.

There are some designers that go for a subtle approach, with some basic cushioning and the odd stripe.

But then there are those like GTRacing that decide to go all out with the moulded, ergonomic shape, the bold colour choices and the extra features.

This is a chair that immediately stands out on a sales page – and within an executive office for that matter – but does it provide the comfort and support that users need?

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What benefits have buyers appreciated about this GTracing Adaptable Ergonomic Gaming Chair?

The first thing to look at here is the design of the seat, as this is what really brings people to this product. There is clear attention to detail in the shape and style, as the use of colour accents runs right down the seat into the cushions, footrests and the caster wheels.

The bold primary reds and blues are particularly attractive. All the cushions and the headrest are covered in an artificial leather, which not only provides the glossy shape and smooth lines that buyers expect, but should also be easy to clean.

GTracing Ergonomic Racing Chair Reclining

When it comes to the comfort and support of this computer gaming chair, there are plenty of features in place to help all kinds of users over the course of the day’s work or gaming.

The headrest and lumbar cushion are adjustable for the best position, the backrest has a 90-170 degree tilt and the armrests are also adaptable.

There is also a 330 pound weight allowance for larger users. For the most part, the majority of users are pleased with the overall comfort and stability of the chair.

There are some using this as a gaming chair for excessive sessions behind the keyboard with no discomfort at all.


Are there any clear issues with this GT Racing Ergonomic Office Chair that users need to watch out for?

The main problem here is the cost. This is an affordable version of some of the more expensive racing chairs that are available. As a result, there is a reduction in quality in terms of the build and materials.

Most find the chair to be sturdy enough for their needs, with few loose parts or wobbles, but there are those that struggle with the assembly due to misaligned holes.

This leads to a couple of questions over the long term longevity of the product. Otherwise, there are few problems with the design or feel of the chair.

Summary: what does this issue mean for the final verdict on this GTracing Racing Chair?

There are two ways of looking at this chair. On the one hand, this is comparable with some of the more expensive options because of the adaptability and comfort that is offered. The range in the cushioning and positions means that many can use this with ease.

Still, buyers need to get past the assembly issue and may find that this won’t last quite as long as some other options. The GTracing chair is therefore still a recommendable option for anyone that want this style at a more affordable price.

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