GM Seating Ergolux Executive Chair

Is The Stylish, Adjustable GM Seating Ergolux Executive Hi Swivel Chair Comfortable Enough For The Office?

GM Seating Ergolux Executive ChairThe GM Seating Ergolux Executive Hi Swivel Chair is a stylish looking chair that stands out from the usual office chairs. It is a bit more shapely and futuristic – although the white may be a little on the clinical side for some people.

There is a plenty here that a basic office chairs needs, like the strong 5-point base with casters and 360 degree swivel, but also lots of extra features in the adjustments. Does this ergonomic chair do enough to justify the high price?

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What benefits have buyers enjoyed with this GM Seating Ergolux Chair?

This product is all about the support provided for long term use in the office. A chair like this needs to be as comfortable and supportive as possible for long days at the desk. There is plenty of padding in the seat and backrest, an additional headrest to take the weight when users lean back and “unique” lumbar support to aid the back in just the right spot. The upholstery is also made from a luxurious, genuine leather for a soft, high-end feel.

GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair
Another important benefit to this ergonomic office chair is the amount of adjustable features that have been included to help users find the ideal position. The height of the backrest and headrest are adjustable, is as the armrest, lumbar and seat. The arms are labelled as 3D arms in the specification, presumably because of the range of movement up, down, forward and back.

There is also an angle adjustment and tilt so users can lean back and find themselves in the most comfortable working position possible. Comments about the back rest going back too far can be countered by those that like the increased range compared to other models. There really does appear to be something for everyone here.

Are there any clear downsides to this GM Seating Ergolux Executive Swivel Chair that users need to be aware of?

The weight of the chair means that it is advisable to have an extra pair of hands around for the assembly process. It is not that hard to work through the steps, if users find the sheet of instructions and it isn’t hidden within the parts, but it can be tricky to handle all the elements and fixtures alone.

The use of leather throughout can also be an issue for larger users that prefer the breathability of mesh backed chairs. In some cases, other buyers have simply marked it down for the price.

Summary: how does this feedback affect a final verdict for this GM Seating Hi Swivel Office Chair?

There are questions over the price tag of this product as this is not a cheap chair. There are many that agree that the comfort offered is great, and there are lots of options for different users. However, some still question whether they received much more in this chair than they would expect from one at half the price.

It is comfortable, adjustable, stylish and practical, and the criticism offered isn’t all that harsh. However, it isn’t wowing people to the extent that they had hoped. Their advice would surely be to make sure that the GM Seating ergonomic hair has something that others cant provide and to wait for the sales.

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