Glass Top Desk Ideas and Top Picks for 2022

Are you searching for a glass top desk, but have no idea what to buy? Then you’ve come to the right place as we will share the best glass top desks on the market. We have taken the time to research the best models and glass top desk ideas so you don’t have to. We have focused on features such as table size, price, extra features, and durability.

Furthermore, you’ll find a variety of styles and prices so there is something for every buyer. You’ll love the functionality of the tables and learn why they are the best choice for your office.

Top Factors When Choosing The Right Glass Top Desk


Selecting the right size is essential to ensure that it fits in your office and offers enough space for the intended use. The desk height should accommodate your personal height and that of your chair. It will determine if you can sit at your desk ergonomically. However, most chairs have height adjustability, so it’s not difficult to match the table height.

The depth required depends on the size of the monitor and keyboard. If you have a large monitor, then you may want extra depth. The width is based on how much space you need horizontally. Office workers with multiple monitor setups will need the most width. Furthermore, if you need empty desk space next to your monitor for traditional writing, then you’ll want a wider table.


Storage can be a huge problem in small office spaces. Getting every bit from each furniture piece is a bonus and that’s possible with glass top desks. Some desks come with a keyboard tray that can pull out when required. These are great for making the most of small office sizes.

Glass top desks might come with drawers where you can place items. These are great for storing documents and other items based on their size. Drawers integrated with the desk take up less room than having a separate unit next to your workstation.


Glass tables can be among the more expensive types, but you can also make savings too. In this buying guide, we have included various price points so all budget sizes are catered for. The more expensive desks have thicker glass, which adds to the durability. They are also bigger – that makes sense because it’s more expensive to manufacture.

Furthermore, if you want extra features like drawers or a keyboard tray, then expect to pay more too. Make sure that you are only paying for the features that you actually need.


Make note of durability-related features when inspecting the product description. Look at the pictures to get a sense of how materials are put together. Also, if durability advantages are incorporated into the design, then they will usually be presented in the product description.

Also, read the warranty information to learn the duration of protection against damages. A longer warranty length indicates that the brand manufacturer believes in the quality of its product. Finally, glass thickness plays a big role in durability. Thicker glass means it’s less prone to breaking under heavy loads.

Extra Features

It’s important to look out for extra features that will add value and functionality to the desk. Here are a few of the top ones you need to be aware of:

  • Height adjustable: some desks come with height adjustability, which allows you to work in the standing-up position. It’s perfect for improving blood flow and avoiding back pain if you have a poor-quality office chair.
  • Tilt mechanism: desks with a tilt mechanism are ideal for drawing. It means you don’t have to stretch out to reach the top of the page.
  • Drawers: extra storage space in the form of drawers ensure that you can be organized.
  • Cable management: you may notice desks with a hole for cable management. It’s a great feature for getting organized and keeping a tidy desk.

The Best Glass Top Desks Picks

Now let’s take a peek at the top glass desks on the market. Each desk was selected because it sits at the top of a specific category. It means you can get the best version of a feature or characteristic that you are looking for.

Christopher Knight Home Eghan Desk: Best Choice for Tempered Glass

The Christopher Knight Home Eghan Desk is one of the top options that cost just under $200. It’s highly rated by previous buyers and comes with a thick (10mm) tempered glass. It means the glass is manufactured to be shatterproof. Therefore, it’s safe and will hold out against heavy loads.

The desk measures 47.24 inches long x 23.62 inches wide, which is a compact size. Therefore, it’s a good choice for small to medium size office space and compatible with most office chairs. The size is ideal for laptop workstations, but for large monitors, you may want to go with a bigger desk.

The Christopher Knight brand is trusted and has a reputation for manufacturing top-tier office furniture. Their design features little setup so you can get going quickly after the product delivery.


  • Trusted brand name that builds reliable office furniture.
  • The tempered glass is shatterproof, which contributes to safety.
  • Thick glass design means that it has a durable feel.


  • Limited size means that it’s not ideal for a multi-monitor set up.

Ashley Baraga 61″ L-Shaped Home Office Desk: Best Glass Corner Choice

The Ashley Baraga 61″ L-Shaped Home Office Desk is our top pick for a corner desk or otherwise known as L-shape. The highly-rated choice is crafted from a combination of durable metal and glass to provide a stylish look. The white color of the metal finish means it’s suitable for any location.

The size is 61″ W x 51″ D x 30″ H, which is more than enough for a big office setup. The functionality of the L-shape design means that you can store more than one monitor without running out of room. However, you may need a swivel chair to comfortably maneuver from one side of the desk to the other.

Assembly is required but all the required tools are included. Also, tempered glass is used, which means it’s shatterproof. Overall, you’ll get the feeling of durability and toughness when interacting with the desk.


  • The L-shape desk offers added functionality that a straight one cannot.
  • Stylish look that goes well with the majority of interior décor designs.
  • Durable metal and glass that will stand the test of time.
  • Highly rated, which indicates an amazing product.


  • Assembling a corner desk is a bit tougher than a straight one.

Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk: Best Keyboard Tray Option

The Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk comes with a keyboard tray option. Simply place your keyboard on the tray that extends towards you. It’s a great feature for saving desk space and could help you feel more comfortable while typing. It’s a space-saving aspect that enables you to buy a smaller desk, yet not feel too cramped. This desk size measures only 23.5″ W x 11.75″ D.

The 5mm thick glass can hold 110 pounds of static weight. It’s more than enough for even the most demanding of office setups. Furthermore, cherry-finished plywood is used for the crisscrossed legs. It adds a classy feel to the table that’s suitable for upgrading your interior décor.


  • Keyboard tray adds to a comfortable typing experience and saves space.
  • Cherry colored wood looks visually appealing.
  • Great value for money when you consider similar alternatives on the market.
  • One of the highest-rated desks on the marketplace.


  • The small desks size might not match your setup requirements.
  • The keyboard tray design does not lead to a more comfortable solution for everyone.

ACME Furniture Buck Desk: Best Choice for Storage

Are you looking for an extra storage room with your glass top desk? Then choose the ACME Furniture Buck Desk that comes with an open storage design. Unfortunately, the storage space does not have drawers, so it’s not ideal for placing sensitive documents. However, if you need room for general office storage space, then it’s the right choice.

Also, the glass desk portion of the design can swivel over the storage unit. It’s a practical feature that allows you to reduce the desk size when it’s not in use. The white high-gloss finish of the storage unit looks classy and you’ll love the toughness of the 10mm thick glass.

Each desk that ACME produces passes a quality inspection. Therefore, you can trust the quality and durability of the finished product. However, it’s one of the more expensive glass top desks in this buying guide, so make sure you need the added features.


  • Extra storage space is a practical feature.
  • The swivel design means you can reduce the table size when required.
  • ACME is a trusted brand that ensures a quality product.
  • 10mm thick glass is durable and can hold a lot of weight.


  • The storage unit has no drawers where you can store sensitive documents.
  • One of the pricier options in this buying guide.

Jerry & Maggie Computer Desk: Best Black Desk Choice

Are you looking for a black computer desk that also features a tempered glass top? Then the Jerry & Maggie Computer Desk is what you’ve been searching for. At first glance, it’s not evident you’re looking at a glass top table because it’s integrated into the black metal frame. The premium stainless steel structure is durable and will last for a long time. There is a reinforced bar at the back of the table that helps keep the table structure sturdy.

The table features a round edge design and it’s easy to assemble. Also, it’s dustproof and waterproof – ideal for a low-maintenance approach. The included leg pads keep the floor from developing scratches and there is a hole for cables. Overall, the clever design is a dream come true for office workers that are looking for an ergonomic glass-top computer desk.


  • Stylish look that will be great in most interior decor designs because of the black color.
  • Included hole for cables makes for easier management.
  • Leg pads will reduce the chances of floor scratches.
  • Stainless steel metal frame is reinforced with a horizontal bar.


  • It’s clear that you’re looking at a glass-top desk from a distance.

OneSpace Ultramodern Glass Computer Desk: Best Choice for Drawers

The OneSpace Ultramodern Glass Computer Desk comes with two drawers that you can use for extra storage space. The drawers are located underneath the tabletop, which means they don’t take up additional room in your office. Also, they are ergonomically designed so that ample legroom is available unless you’re a tall individual.

The table dimensions are 43.25 inches wide by 22.75 inches deep, and the height is 30.25 inches. The white desk design means that it will blend in with any office space. The frosted tempered glass is also located on the size of the drawers, which is a nice touch.

Overall, it’s a good choice if you don’t need a lot of space – for example, a multi-monitor setup. The compact size is beneficial for smaller office spaces where extra storage is required.


  • 2 included drawers add storage space to the office.
  • White design goes with most interior décor styles.
  • Safety glass is used that’s shatterproof.
  • Good choice for small office spaces and laptop only work.


  • Limited desk space is not ideal for larger workstations set-ups.
  • Leg room for tall people might be lacking.

Studio Designs Folding Top Adjustable Drafting Table: Best Choice for Drawing

Professionals that need to draw will love the Studio Designs Folding Top Adjustable Drafting Table. It features a design that allows the desk to tilt towards the users. It’s perfect for architects and graphic designers that want to feel comfortable while drawing.

The desk size is 40.75″W x 23.75″D x 30.5″H, which is ideal for small to medium-sized setups. The blue glass color is unique and adds to the table character. The table size features a storage room for various items that drawing requires. It’s a practical feature that allows you to get organized. Also, the side trays are removable when not needed.


  • The tilt mechanism means it’s the best choice for drawing in this buying guide.
  • Side panels allow you to store items required for drawing.
  • Blue tempered glass has a premium feel and shatterproof design.


  • Limited desk room might not be ideal for large architect drawings

Flash Furniture Black Glass L-Shape Corner Computer Desk: Best Choice for Multi-Monitor Set Up

The Flash Furniture Black Glass L-Shape Corner Computer Desk offers a lot of desk space to house a large setup. You can easily fit 2 or more monitors on this desk, which can boost your productivity. Also, the integrated keyboard tray will help you save additional space on the table.

The L-Shape desk comes with 5mm thick glass and cherry crisscross wooden legs. Overall, the design looks visually appealing, which makes it ideal for home and commercial offices spaces. The powdered coat finish protects from scratches and there are floor guides to offer protection for your flooring.


  • The best choice if you’re looking to build a multi-monitor setup.
  • Keyboard tray will help save space and offers an ergonomic typing position.
  • Shatterproof glass is included.
  • Cherry wood legs make for a visually appealing look.


  • The pull-out keyboard may not be required if you prefer typing on a desk.
  • Table structure could add a reinforced bar for stability.

Seville Classics Glass Electric Sit-Stand Desk: Best Option for Height-Adjustable

Height adjustable desks are a great way to mix up your working position. With the Seville Classics Glass Electric Sit-Stand Desk you can alter your position between writing and standing. It can lead to higher productivity and retain the quality of your health while working long hours.

The Desk comes with a USB charging port, which is ideal for laptops and smartphones. A touchscreen height control is included that comes with a safety lock. The menu is intuitive to use and requires almost no learning curve. The durable tempered glass sits on top of a wooden base that is visually appealing. Also, the solid steel white frame ensures that you can rely on the high adjustable mechanism for many years to come.


  • Height adjustable feature means you can stand up while working.
  • USB charging port allows you to charge the smartphone on your desk.
  • Durable construction means it will stand the test of time.
  • Touchscreen height control menu is easy to understand.


  • The height-adjustable mechanism can be noisy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the advantages of a glass top desk?

Answer: one of the benefits is the visually appealing and clean look that you get with a glass top desk. Of course, this is a subjective point as the visuals are a matter of taste and opinion. However, many modern offices feature glass desks that add to a minimalist design.

Also, glass top tables are durable and offer a premium feel. If possible, visit your local shopping mall and check out the available glass top tables in person.

Question: What concerns should I have with a glass top desk?

Answer: glass is a see-through material, which means that dirt will be more visible. Also, smudges can frequently appear, which means you’ll need maintenance more often. You’ll need to consider what items are placed on the desk and if they will create smudges.

However, if you keep the glass clean, then it will look great in almost any interior décor setting.

Question: Will the glass shatter if I place too many items on top?

Answer: the majority of glass top computer desks are manufactured using shatterproof glass. It’s the same design philosophy as car glass, so that it doesn’t shatter. Also, the weight required for the glass to break is so high that it will hardly ever happen in practice. You can house a multi-monitor set-up and not worry about the load that’s exerted on the glass.

Question: What extra features should I look for when buying a glass top desk?

Answer: consider buying a desk with a keyboard tray. It’s a platform underneath the table that pulls out where the keyboard can be placed. It saves desk space and could potentially improve the ergonomics of your sitting position.

Height adjustable tables are another cool feature. They enable office workers to alternate between standing and sitting positions. The features help avoid back pain and can improve productivity levels.

Question: What size glass top table should I buy?

Answer: The table size depends on what size computer setup you need. Will you be working on a small laptop or large monitor? Will you need more than one monitor to complete your work? These questions should be asked to figure out the space requirements.

L-shaped desks are the best choice for you need more room. If your office space can accommodate it, then consider getting a bigger desk as they are better for keeping you productive and organized.


No question about it, glass top desks look classy and will add to the sophistication of your office space. The variety presented in this buying guide offers something for everyone. Consider the size, extra features, and price to select the one that makes the most sense for your requirements.

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