Genesis Large Executive Office Chair

Does The Genesis Large Executive Office Chair Feel As Good As It Looks?

Genesis Large Executive Office ChairThe Genesis Large Executive Office Chair certainly looks as though it is a well padded chair that would look great in any manager’s or executive’s office, not to mention a home office.

There is a sense of simplicity to the design, with the large seat, high back rest, simple arms and a typical 5 point star base. Yet, there are nice additions and details in the specification that suggest great consideration for the needs of users and a sense of quality. Is this the case with this ergonomic office chair, or are there flaws that let it down?

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What benefits have buyers pointed out when reviewing this Genesis Ergonomic Chair online?

The first place to start when reviewing this chair is with the comfort provided by all of that padding. The large seat has plenty of padding in all the right places, such as the head rest, back support and the waterfall shape of the seat for the back of the legs.

The Genesis desk chair is also adjustable with a lever for the height and posture. The reports on the comfort levels here are mixed. Some love it and can spend hours it in, while others criticise the shape and lack of lumbar support.

Genesis Executive Office Chair

Then there is that sense of quality and detail that will have drawn some buyers in. The material of the chair is a leather plus material, so looks and feels good. The plus refers to an additional polyurethane element that strengthens the leather and makes it more durable.

This black material looks good against the metal frame and base, as do the pads on the arms and the foot rest. However, there are also some elements where this sense of quality breaks down.

Why is quality control an issue here with this Genesis Large Executive Office Chair and how does this effect the viewpoint?

Some users have experienced too many faulty parts in their models and too many odd assembly issues for this to be seen as a high end chair, despite that look. Some mention that the arm rests were uneven when they had finished. This could be down to human error rather than a design flaw, but it does detract from the look.

Others struggle with the casters and are worried about the overall longevity of the chair. This may not have the lifespan of some tougher chairs but it is still seen as a good value option by many.

Summary: does this quality control issue mean that the Ergonomic Genesis Executive Office Chair cannot be recommended?

This chair clearly is not for everyone in terms of comfort and quality. Yet, there is still potential for those that want a sophisticated model for the home office without paying too much. The appeal largely depends on the need for lumbar support, preferences on leather plus over leather and the general shape.

Those that get along with this Genesis chair and see no faults in the assembly would say it is a 5 star product. Just be aware of those with other experiences and take your time putting this together if you do decide to save some money and go with it.

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