Furmax Gaming Office Chair Review

Does The Furmax Gaming Office Chair Do More Than The Price Suggests?

Furmax High-Back Gaming Office ChairOften it is the shape of a gaming chair that stands out first, but with the Furmax Gaming Office Chair it is the cost.

This ergonomic chair is a budget model that can save keen gamers a lot of money. It looks like a decent copy of other chairs with a little less to the body and fewer features.

So, does it do enough to impress?

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The Pros and Cons of this Furmax Gaming Chair.


  •  The option to lean back a lot further with the 150-degree napping function
  •  The amount of padding all around the chair for long sessions in front of the computer
  •  A sturdy chair that is easy to set up


  •  Differences in price depending on the colour chosen
  •  Comments about the cushioning sagging with time



The Furmax Gaming Office Chair looks the part and seems like a comfortable choice for gamers.

Comfort is important with these chairs and there are some nice features here that should help. There is a deep angle on the recline of the backrest, taking it beyond the usual boundary of 135 degrees and allowing for a “napping” mode at 150 degrees.

There is also a good amount of padding around the Furmax office chair with the cushioned bucket seat, without going over the top with any racing car design.

Added padding comes from the top of the armrests and the adjustable cushions for the neck and lumbar area.


Furmax Gaming Chair

From there, users can take advantage of some other helpful practical features. There is a strong steel frame within, helping to give the chair a 300lb user weight allowance and support heavier users.

There are caster wheels on the base to let users roll between stations. It also seems to be pretty easy to put together.


Once you look closer, however, you start to see what is missing on this budget Furmax Reclining Gaming Chair.

This is a great-looking ergonomic racing style chair with a two-tone design in a range of colour schemes. But, for some reason, it costs more to have two colours than just plain black. Some comments about the cushions sagging after a while.

Others saying the quality is fine for the price paid. It is also worth noting that there is nothing in the specification about the movement of the arms.

Most chairs now have something that moves out or flips up or something, but this appears to be static.


What does this all mean for a final verdict on this Furmax Gamer’s Chair?

There are some definite issues here compared to much pricier gaming chairs. Put this model side by side with something four times as expensive and the issues will show.

There are limitations to the cushioning, but not so much for it to be uncomfortable.

In fact, there are lots of gamers of different sizes making good use of the chair. With the right colour choice, the right angle, and the cushions in the right place, many gamers should find that the Furmax chair is a decent cheaper alternative to the bigger names.

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