Furmax Ergonomic Office Chair

Can A Blend Of Styles Give A Furmax Ergonomic Office Chair More Appeal

Furmax Office ChairThe Furmax Ergonomic Office Chair is a chair that seems to want to appeal to a wider range of users.

Instead of settling for either a straightforward office chair design or one for a gaming chair, we have something that sits in the middle.

This suggests that users should receive something comfortable and supportive but that isn’t as over-the-top as some gaming chairs.

Is this the case, or does it fail to find that middle ground?

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The Pros and Cons of this Furmax Office Chair.


  •  Plenty of padding in the seat and backrest for comfort and support
  •  The design is fun without being over-the-top for an office space
  •  The base and seat are strong and more practical than some gaming chairs


  •  The seat height mechanism and armrests can come loose
  •  The material peels off a little too easily


There is a nice blend of features here in this Furmax Ergonomic Office Chair to appeal to a wider audience.

Let’s start with the features that are so clearly based on the gaming chair. There is a curved, ergonomic backrest with holes at the shoulders and lots of padding. This padding continues into the wide seat and armrests.

This look is familiar but more understated than most gaming chairs. Buyers can choose models with coloured panels, but it will still fit into a communal office space more easily.

Furmax Gaming Chair
Then there are the features that suit the practical side of working in an office. There is a 5 star base with a 360 swivel and casters.

There is also a 280lb weight capacity for larger users. There is a clear sense that this can be a practical desk chair for the right user. It isn’t full of features and moving parts, but it does enough for basic office work.


The budget feel of the Furmax Gaming Chair does lead to some ongoing issues.

At the time of writing, this high back ergonomic chair was one of the best seller in Gaming computer chairs online. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some flaws that users have struggled with. One of the biggest problems seems to be the construction and stability.

Most would agree that the assembly process is easy enough, but they then have to make adjustments. The seat height mechanism and the armrests have come loose at times.

There are also comments about the material on the chair peeling away over time. This is a cheaper model with faux leather that will only fool people for so long.


Is this Furmax Ergonomic Gamer’s Office Chair still recommendable with all of this in mind?

The underlying question here is whether or not this product is recommendable with the price paid. Some are more than happy that they got their money’s worth with the features, the support and the design.

It does what they need for basic office work. Others would say that the assembly issues let it down too much and the regular maintenance is annoying. For most, the Furmax ergonomic chair is still recommendable.

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