Flash Furniture HERCULES Big & Tall Executive Chair

Can The Flash Furniture HERCULES Big & Tall Chair Help Larger Users?

Flash Furniture HERCULES Big & Tall Executive ChairBig and tall chairs like the Flash Furniture HERCULES Big & Tall Executive Chair need to meet a few basic needs.

They must be strong enough for larger users, have the dimensions to suits taller users and still act as a function ergonomic office chair.

This model doesn’t look like much from sales photos, but it does have a great-sounding specification. Does this all translate into the right user experience?

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The Pros and Cons of this Flash Furniture HERCULES Big & Tall Executive Chair.


  •  The strength of the base and construction
  •  The dimensions of the seat and backrest
  •  The simple look for a general office setting


  •  The design of the armrests
  •  The “leather” material


The simple design and great build of this Flash Furniture HERCULES Big & Tall Executive Chair can offer larger users great comfort. 

As this is a big and tall ergonomic chair, we need to focus on the dimensions and strength of this product. There is a claim of a 500lb weight capacity, which is a lot more than a standard office chair.

Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Big & Tall Executive Chair

There are a wide seat and a backrest that reaches 26 inches tall and 22.5 inches wide. There is also an adjustable height on the seat of 20 to 24 inches.

There are taller users that say that their feet don’t reach the floor on some settings with this Flash Furniture office chair. Larger users say there is no wobble or risk in the build of the base.

In addition to this, there are other comfort features on board to help larger users at work.

This includes the adjustable, built-in lumbar support, the mesh on the back and the padding on the armrests.

Otherwise, this is a pretty ordinary looking office chair. With some products, this may be seen as a negative thing.

There is nothing about the design that stands out, which means that this doesn’t stand out as being a “special” chair for larger users.


There is still some room for improvement with this Flash Furniture Big & Tall Office Chair.

This doesn’t mean that this chair is flawless. There are some potential problems with the armrests, as they are not adjustable and can’t be removed. Some find them tough and a little restrictive given their larger sizes.

Others criticise the fact that there is no real tilt in the backrest. There is some movement but users have to sustain it themselves in a relaxed position.

Finally, beware of the black leather model as the covering over the seat isn’t real leather and wears away too easily. There aren’t the same sort of problems with the fabric option.


Is this Flash Furniture HERCULES Executive Chair still recommendable with all of this in mind?

It is still easy to recommend this chair to anyone that wants to get a simple big and tall chair that doesn’t stand out from the crowd. The designers haven’t done much here except take a simple office chair design and reinforce the base and improve the dimensions.

To be honest, this is all that anybody really wants from this sort of chair. If the company were to adapt the armrests, add some more tilt and improve the “leather”, the Flash Furniture ergonomic chair could be a 5-star product.

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