Ergousit Mesh Office Chair Review

Is The Ergousit Mesh Office Chair Worth The Price Paid?

Ergousit Mesh Desk ChairThe Ergousit Mesh Office Chair looks like your average chair for the office. There are no weird elements to the design or odd additional features. Instead, it looks practical and comfortable with no fuss.

The use of mesh and padding suggests a good user experience while also looking quite nice.

But, does this ergonomic chair do enough to impress though willing to pay the price for it.

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The Pros and Cons of this Ergousit Ergonomic Office Chair.


  •  A comfortable memory foam seat
  •  A strong base and frame with a high weight allowance
  •  All the standard practical features


  •  Lacking in features and adjustments
  •  Some issues with the seat adjuster



The Ergousit Mesh Desk Chair with Adjustable Backrest is a pretty straightforward chair that seems keen to get the basics right.

There are plenty of practical features across this ergonomic chair that should give it mass appeal for home-office workers. From top to bottom, we have the following perks.

There is a headrest for extra neck support, and ergonomic curve to the backrest, padded seat, adjustable seat height, a swivel base and casters for portability. It seems to do its job pretty well, with long-lasting comfort and support in the right places.

Ergousit Mesh Desk Chair with Adjustable Backrest

The cost of this desk chair is something that will cause concerns as this isn’t a budget price tag, but it isn’t overly expensive either.

Looking at the positive side of this, there are some choices in the materials used and the construction of the Ergousit ergonomic office chair that suggest that there is value here.

Most users feel supported here, with a strong base and frame and a user weight allowance of 250lbs. The seat has memory foam rather than a more typical high-density foam. This should help to cradle users better for long-term use.


There are also quite a few features missing on this Ergousit Mesh Home Office Chair when considering the cost.

With all this said, there are other considerations regarding that price tag. The first is the lack of adjustments compared to other models around this price point. The armrests are merely “comfortable”. They have some padding but no movement to change their position.

The backrest is adjustable up to 110 degrees, which isn’t that extreme. Then there are a couple of comments about the seat height mechanism sinking a little over the course of the day. This is a minor issue, but one you shouldn’t have to worry about when you pay more than £200.


What does this all mean for the final verdict on this Ergousit Ergonomic Chair?

The idea of value is important here. On the one hand, you could say that this does offer value if you favour the materials, comfort construction of a chair over any extra features or adjustments.

But, the lack of adaptations and extra features will be an issue for those used to a more customisable approach.

There is little wrong with everything that is included in this chair and it is hard to fault on face value. But, it could do more to appeal to a wider audience. The Ergousit desk chair is still recommendable, however, to those that want a strong, no-thrills approach.

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