Ergohuman High Back Mesh Chair Review

Is The Ergohuman Me7Erg High Back Mesh Ergonomic Chair A Comfortable Choice For The Office?

Ergohuman Black Mesh Hi Swivel ChairThe Ergohuman High Back Mesh Chair doesn’t look like the most comfortable of chairs with all of those different parts and the mechanical look to the segments and adjustments behind the mesh panels but it is said to be “specially intended for those who will be in their chair for more than five hours a day”, so it must be doing something right.

With all these parts and the proposed adjustable elements that have been included, is this chair a comfortable choice for the office?

What benefits have users seen when trying out this Ergohuman Me7Erg in their own workplace?

This chair is made from a metal frame with a polyester mesh that feels pretty sturdy and the firmness to the mesh seems to have strength and durability. The key selling point, however, is that is is meant to be customisable to a personal comfort level with that synchro-tilt mechanism and the adjustments to the height, seat depth, back height and the lumbar support.

Ergohuman ME7ERG Hi Swivel ChairIt is great that once an adjustment and setting is made it stays in position nicely, which means that users in home offices never have to move it again, but it is still easy to adapt for other people when needed.

This adaptability is important because this chair is designed to fit into an office, so different users can appreciate the comfort levels to their own needs, and this mass appeal continues with the style.

There is a range of colour choices available here – black, blue, green, grey, red and orange – and some nice smooth casters on the bottom, which are perhaps less important but still nice to see.

There is plenty of praise for individual parts and adjustments but the actual comfort and support provided comes in for more of a mixed review.

Why is the comfort a problem for some users of this Ergohuman Me7Erg Black Mesh Office Chair?

As comfort is the most important element of an office chair, the reduced ratings on some user reviews are a concern. It seems to be a matter of taste and height: some buyers love the adjustable lumbar while others say it never quite lines up in the right places for a truly advantageous experience.

Some praise the good airflow from the mesh and interesting shape while users simply cannot get along with it; some feel that it is ideal for their body shape while others question whether it was designed with shorter users in mind.

Summary: with such varied comments in user reviews, is this Ergohuman Chair still recommendable?

It is a case of personal preferences with this chair; some will love the shape, design and comfort features and find that it does everything they need to create the perfect set up for a long shift at a desk but others will find themselves struggling with the height, tilt and the lumbar support and understandably end up giving it a lower score.

The selling point with this Ergohuman ergonomic chair is the fact that even though you cannot please all of the people all of the time, it does a great job of trying with the different adjustments that can be made and the general ease of use.

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