Ergohuman Hi Swivel Chair – Comfortable As Promised

Is The Ergonomic Ergohuman ME7ERG Hi Swivel Chair As Comfortable As Promised?

Eurotech Ergohuman ME7ERG Hi Swivel ChairThe style of the Ergohuman ME7ERG Hi Swivel Chair makes it immediately apparent that this is a chair designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind because of the different sections.

It is both complex and minimalist at the same time as there is there is little to it other than the seat, arm rests, mesh back panels and headrest and the base.

The promise is that there are eight ergonomic adjustments to provide “maximum comfort all day” as well as a high level of support, but are buyers happy with their purchase?

What advantages have been provided to users when they use this Ergohuman ME7ERG?

Despite mainly being made out of a breathable black mesh, there is a sturdy, tough feel to this chair that it immediately endearing and suggests that the product is of a high quality.

Eurotech Ergohuman Swivel ChairIt can take some getting used to because some of the design features are a little different but eventually most users find that the chair is comfortable enough to use during a long day at the office and that they have little to no back issues as a result.

In addition to this, there are compliments for the way that the smooth strong casters move the chair across the floor and reports that there is little wear and tear over a long period of time – some buyers having come online to write their review long after the initial purchase.

The function and comfort of the chair is pretty clear but there is also a user-friendly feel to this product. The fact that 97% of materials are recyclable makes little difference to the performance of the chair.

Although it is still a nice touch, but it is the way that the adjustable parts are controlled and the way that the levers and knobs are within easy reach that is important here. The only real issue is that some feel it is not quite as adjustable as it could have been.

Why is adjustability an issue with this Eurotech Ergohuman ME7ERG Hi Swivel Chair and does it have any more drawbacks?

There is a long list of the different aspects that can be adjusted in the product description, such as arm height, seat depth, back height and back angle, but there are few options within each of them to really give buyers the precise comfort level that they are after.

One particular problem is the integrated lumbar support as this has very little movement to it at all. Another issue is that there is not very much give to the mesh, so it doesn’t really adapt to the shape of the body in the chair, and there is the side note that there is also a strong smell to the chair when it is new.

Summary: how does this problem with the adjustments alter the recommendation for this Eurotech Hi Swivel Chair?

The lack of adjustment options will be the crucial difference between buying this chair and going for a more expensive, versatile option; for some the tilts and height levers will do just enough to make them comfortable in the office but others will struggle.

If the Eurotech chair can be adjusted into the perfect position, it should prove to be a great choice because of the support and comfort that is provided by the use of that breathable mesh and the fact the designers haven’t forgotten that it needs to be a functional, durable piece of furniture.

You can check out more customer reviews about the Ergohuman ME7ERG Hi Swivel Chair on Amazon here.

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