Elenker Electric Wheelchair Review and Guide

Most people out there probably take their ability to walk for granted, but it can be devastating when this basic activity is taken away. And the truth is that movement-limiting disabilities are a lot more common than you’d think.

Did you know, for example, that about 10% of the U.S. population has some physical disability, and well over 3 million Americans use a wheelchair or electric wheelchair full time? So clearly, this kind of equipment can be life-changing.

If you or someone you know is facing the prospect of limited mobility, this is the right guide for you. Elenker electric wheelchairs are some of the best on the market, which is why we have chosen to focus on them.

In this Elenker Electric wheelchair review and guide, you’ll find a rundown of the best Elenker electric wheelchairs, including all of their pros and cons, as well as handy hints and tips to help you pick the right chair for you.

Sounds good? Then let’s get started with a brief overview of what electric wheelchairs are and what they do.

What is an Electric Wheelchair?

While traditional wheelchairs are powered manually, either by the chair user or by another person, electric wheelchairs are powered by an electric motor. They are used by people with limited mobility who need a little help getting around.

It’s worth noting that, although electric wheelchairs are our focus in this guide, there are other types of wheelchairs available on the market, including chairs specifically designed for sports like basketball, active/manual wheelchairs, all-terrain wheelchairs, and many more.

Electric wheelchairs consist of a seat, four wheels for stability, and a control panel that directs the movement of the chair. Some come with extra features, for example, storage pockets, which add more value to the product. Overall, electric wheelchairs usually consist of:

  • Large center wheel
  • Padded chair
  • Joystick controller
  • Suspension
  • Castor wheels
  • Armrests and footrests
  • Portability

The control panel of electric wheelchairs can usually be located on one of the armrests – either left or right, depending on which is the user’s dominant hand.

Typically, there are three different styles of electric wheelchair:

Front-wheel Drive

This means the motor powers the wheels at the front of the chair. This type of electric wheelchair is often more compact and lightweight than others, though they are much harder to control.

Mid-wheel Drive

These chairs have three sets of wheels rather than the traditional two – a couple at the front, a couple at the back, and a couple in the middle, where the power is directed. They are usually very stable and have large, comfortable seats.

Rear-wheel Drive

Electric wheelchairs are usually powered via the rear wheels because these models are the easiest to control and are also not too bulky.

Who Can Benefit from an Electric Wheelchair and How?

Who Can Benefit from an Electric Wheelchair and How?

Anyone who struggles with their mobility could potentially benefit from using an electric wheelchair. This doesn’t necessarily have to be all the time – some people use them only on occasions when they are having a particularly challenging day or have to travel a lot further than they usually would.

There are a few common conditions that typically require the use of a wheelchair:

  • Brittle bones
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Old age
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Hemiplegia
  • Motor neuron disease
  • Spinal injuries
  • Muscular dystrophy

Wheelchairs help many different people by allowing them the freedom to move around without putting strain on their bodies. Some essential benefits can be found below.

Effortless Movement

Unlike traditional manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs allow the user to move around with minimum effort – all they have to do is steer. This is more inclusive of people with a wide range of disabilities and is also much more practical.


Free movement is one of the core pillars of independence, and electric wheelchairs allow people with limited/no mobility to take control of their own lives.

Quality of Life

The increased independence which electric wheelchairs afford people is also crucial to a better quality of life.


For some people, movement will be painful or highly taxing on their bodies. Electric wheelchairs alleviate the need for strenuous activity from the user; they can simply sit comfortably while taking advantage of their newfound independence.


The center of gravity in electric wheelchairs is much lower than manual wheelchairs, so they are less likely to tip over and considerably more stable.

Top 3 Picks for Best Elenker Electric Wheelchair at a Glance

Top 3 Picks for Best Elenker Electric Wheelchair at a Glance

Best Overall

Elenker DY01105 Electric Wheelchair – Our top pick and by far the best on the list. This electric wheelchair comes with an impressive total of 15 miles of battery life and takes just 10 seconds to fold up.

Crucially, it has been designed with safety in mind. It offers a great balance function, temperature protection, short-circuit protection, and a whole host of other features that make it long-lasting and great value for money.

Best Budget-Friendly

Elenker DY01108 Electric Wheelchair – This super lightweight chair weighs only 41lbs and is perfect for home or traveling short distances. Though it’s cheaper than other Elenker models, it doesn’t compromise on quality.

The 250-watt motors are extremely quiet and energy-saving, and even when you do run out of power, it takes just 3-5 hours to recharge.

Best for Travel

Elenker DY01106 Electric Wheelchair – If you’re looking for a high-tech electric wheelchair that caters to all your modern technological needs, look no further!

This Elenker chair boasts Bluetooth connectivity, a USB interface and is capable of picking up F.M. signals. In addition, the 300-watt brushless motor is both powerful and stable – in fact, this chair feels like it could go almost anywhere.

Top 3 Elenker Electric Wheelchairs: Review

Anyone with a lack of mobility could benefit from an electric wheelchair, particularly those who value independence or do not have another person to rely on to help them get from A to B.

However, it’s essential to choose the right wheelchair for your particular needs. This isn’t always an easy task if you’re unsure what to look out for, and it’s even more difficult if you’re ordering online and can’t test the product out.

That’s precisely why we’ve included these in-depth reviews of the best Elenker electric wheelchairs – to empower you with the knowledge that will allow you to make the best decision for you.

Best Overall: Elenker DY01105 Electric Wheelchair

Elenker DY01105 Electric Wheelchair

The first wheelchair on our list has the best all-around performance and is designed to be used both around the home and outdoors.

One of the most important features of any electric wheelchair is battery life, and this particular chair offers an impressive 15 miles’ worth. Once you’ve reached your destination and the wheelchair is no longer needed, the aluminum frame can be easily folded away in 10 seconds.

The chair is accompanied by an ergonomic and adjustable headrest which makes using this product extremely comfortable. In addition, it can move at a maximum speed of around 5 miles an hour, so it will easily get you to wherever you need to go in plenty of time.

Finally – and perhaps most importantly – the control panel is easy to use.


  • Fifteen miles of battery life.
  • Removable and rechargeable battery.
  • Foldable aluminum frame.
  • Honeycomb tires for safety.
  • Adjustable headrest.
  • The Control panel is easy to use.


  • Heavy to move when not in use.
  • Doesn’t come with a user manual.

Best Budget-Friendly: Elenker DY01108 Electric Wheelchair

Elenker DY01108 Electric Wheelchair

Because this wheelchair has such a lightweight aluminum frame, it can be used either manually or with electric power, empowering the user to choose what works best for them in different situations.

Unsurprisingly, versatility is one of this chair’s greatest strengths! When used as an electric wheelchair, the dual brushless motors are exceedingly quiet – which isn’t always the case with this kind of product! – and to add even more value, they’re also energy saving.

This chair has slightly less weight capacity than the DY01105 model at 280 lbs. Still, it makes up for this in its reduced weight, which is just 41 lbs, making it easy for almost anyone to push and transport manually.

Another excellent feature to point out is that this chair can be folded and taken on an airplane, so no matter how far you’re traveling, it can always come with you. The only downside to this product is that it isn’t as sturdy as some other chairs and could not handle more challenging terrain.


  • Super lightweight frame.
  • Dual usage – manual or electric.
  • Quiet brushless motors.
  • 9 – 12 miles battery life.
  • The controller comes with a 1-year guarantee.
  • Anti-wheel for stability.


  • Not as comfortable as the DY01105.
  • Unable to tackle tough terrain.

Best for Travel: Elenker DY01106 Electric Wheelchair

Elenker DY01106 Electric Wheelchair

This electric wheelchair has truly been designed to cater to all your traveling needs. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, F.M. compatibility, and you can even plug in a USB so you’ll never get bored!

The battery life is roughly 9.3 miles, so you won’t get as far as you would with the DY01105, but overall the chair is more sturdy and thus more appropriate for extensive outdoor use.

Its 300-watt brushless motors give a powerful ride without excessive noise, reaching top speeds of around 3.7 miles per hour.

The control panel takes a little getting used to with so many different buttons to navigate. Still, the speed and steering sensitivity can be adjusted, which I found a beneficial feature.

Likewise, since this chair has been designed with traveling in mind, the retractable handle with a push-button locking mechanism makes transportation that bit easier.


  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • F.M. compatible.
  • USB port.
  • Retractable handle.
  • Dual brushless motors are quiet.
  • Adjustable speed and steering sensitivity for ultimate control.
  • Sturdy frame and wheels.


  • Weak motors up steep inclines.
  • The joystick is challenging to navigate.

Some Additional Recommendations

Elenker makes three unique and high-quality electric wheelchairs. Still, there are many different brands out there that cater to different purposes. We believe it’s essential to have a well-rounded view of the product landscape before making a buying decision.

As such, we have included some additional recommendations below, which extend beyond Elenker’s 3 models.

Heavy-Duty Electric Wheelchairs

Heavy-duty electric wheelchairs are designed to be larger and more sturdy than many other products on the market, usually with a higher weight capacity. As a result, they are often able to handle off-road terrain very well, making them ideal if you’re an adventurer.

Our Picks for Heavy-Duty Electric Wheelchairs

Porto Mobility Ranger D09 XL

Porto Mobility Ranger D09 XL

This heavy-duty wheelchair is an award-winning product with a 400lbs weight capacity. It can handle challenging terrain, yet it can also get around tight corners thanks to its 32-inch turning radius. The wheels are puncture-resistant, and the seat is extra large for comfort.

Porto Mobility Ranger Quattro

Porto Mobility Ranger Quattro

This is an expensive chair, but it’s certainly worth the money, in our opinion! It can hold up to 550 lbs with a 1000w horsepower dual-motor system. Moreover, the Ranger Quattro can travel up to 40 miles, an incredible distance for electric wheelchairs like this.

Ultra Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs

If you don’t use your electric wheelchair all the time and often travel with it, it’s important to find one that is lightweight and highly portable. This can also be beneficial if you use your wheelchair in densely populated, busy areas.

Our Picks for Ultra Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs

Rubicon Super Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

Rubicon Super Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

This chair weighs just 36 lbs with the battery. It includes an aluminum alloy frame and has been ergonomically designed for comfort. The weight capacity is 220 lbs.

Porto Mobility Ranger Royce

Porto Mobility Ranger Royce

The ultra-compact, easily foldable Ranger Royce model weighs only 40 lbs thanks to its aerospace-grade aluminum frame. You can be sure that this wheelchair is of the highest quality due to the extensive warranties that accompany it. Four years for the frame, two for the motor, and one for the controller and batteries.

Buyer’s Guide: What Should You Look for in a Good Electric Wheelchair?

At its core, the purpose of an electric wheelchair is to help you get from A to B as easily as possible, giving back the vital independence which often vanishes with a lack of mobility.

However, there are many factors affecting the performance and quality of wheelchairs – some may come with extra features which enhance the overall user experience, while others will offer a significantly less comfortable ride.

At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference. But how do you know which chair is right for you? It’s a difficult question to answer, especially if you haven’t used an electric wheelchair before.

Nevertheless, we’re here to help! Below, you can find a list of key features that you should take into consideration when shopping for a new electric wheelchair.

Battery Life

Chances are, you already have a good idea of how far you’re likely to travel using an electric wheelchair. Whether you like to stray further afield or stick close to home, you need an electric wheelchair with a battery capacity that can keep up!

Many electric wheelchairs will travel at least 15 miles before they need recharging, but it’s possible to find ones with longer battery life too.

Our top tip would be to read reviews relating to the battery life of your chosen product, as these can indicate how soon the batteries will really need to be replaced, which isn’t always apparent in the product description.

Type of Electric Wheelchair

electric wheelchair

There are a number of considerations in this respect.

Firstly, do you want a front-wheel-drive chair, a mid-wheel drive chair, or a rear-wheel-drive chair? Rear-wheel drive is the most common because they are easy to control without being too bulky, but mid-wheel drive chairs can also be great if you want extra stability and don’t mind a larger overall product.

The next thing to think about is whether you have any specific personal requirements. Do you want an electric wheelchair that’s durable enough to handle difficult terrain, do you need one with extensive battery life, or are you simply looking for a chair that is lightweight and easily maneuverable?

All of these specifications are available, so you shouldn’t settle for any less.

Comfort Level of the Electric Wheelchair

Some electric wheelchairs prioritize functionality over comfort, while others will focus on the enjoyment of the user. Naturally, the more often you’re going to use your wheelchair, the more important comfort will be.

Here are some comfort features to look out for:

  • Padded seat, armrests, and headrest.
  • Adjustable headrest.
  • Suspension system.
  • Large wheels.
  • Large frame for stability.

Price and Budget of the Electric Wheelchair

Generally speaking, you should view an electric wheelchair as an investment. They tend to be fairly pricey, but if you choose the right one, it could last for years and ultimately offer excellent value for money.

It’s important to be aware, however, that a bigger price tag doesn’t necessarily equate to a better product. Before making a decision, try to weigh up all the features of the wheelchair against the price, making sure you read reviews from verified customers to get a clear picture of exactly what you’re buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have a number of questions about how electric wheelchairs work and who can use them, especially if you haven’t used one before. In this section, we’ll try to answer the most common queries you might have to give you a better understanding of.

Question: What Can Electric Wheelchairs Help With?

Answer: As mentioned earlier, anyone with limited mobility could be helped by using an electric wheelchair. However, there are a number of common conditions which require a wheelchair, including cerebral palsy, motor neuron disease, muscular dystrophy, and many more.

Question: What Type of Electric Wheelchair Should I Buy?

Answer: This will ultimately depend on a few different factors, including what you hope to gain from using an electric wheelchair, your individual preferences, lifestyle, and budget. The best thing to do is research as much as you can – and you’re definitely in the right place!

Question: How Long Can You Use an Electric Wheelchair?

Answer: This all comes down to battery life. Most electric wheelchairs will last at least 15 miles, though, at the higher end, they can sometimes go as far as 40. When battery life isn’t a consideration, you can use an electric wheelchair as often or as little as you need/like.

Question: How Fast Can Electric Wheelchairs Go?

Answer: Again, this varies from model to model, but generally speaking, most models will have an average speed of 4 miles per hour. Of course, some are capable of higher speeds than this, but you should be aware that many countries have a legal speed limit for electric wheelchairs.

Wrapping Up

Electric wheelchairs can be genuinely lifesaving for many people. They offer mobility, independence, and freedom to their users, which is why it’s so important to select the correct one for your needs.

Elenker electric wheelchairs, in particular, are renowned for their quality and reliability, which is why they have been the primary focus of this guide. The Elenker DY01105 Electric Wheelchair is, in our opinion, the best on the market, offering unparalleled comfort, excellent battery life, and overall a very comfortable user experience.

Have you ever used an electric wheelchair before? If so, what did you think? Let us know in the comments!

If you are interested in finding out about other mobility aids, check out our guides below:

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