Ej. Life Ergonomic Office Chair

Does The Ej. Life Ergonomic Office Chair Provide Support For Everyone?

The Ej. Life Ergonomic Office Chair is a great looking chair that automatically looks as though it will be comfortable and supportive for many users. There is a simplicity to the design that makes it perfect for communal settings but also enough attention to the shape and ergonomic curves. Can this chair provide the support that workers need across the day?

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The Pros and Cons of this Ej. Life Chair


  •  The ergonomic shape of the different elements
  •  The support of the lumbar section
  •  The practical considerations in the seat and base


  •  Not enough shoulder and neck support for everyone
  •  Some issues with the lock on the tilt mechanism

This Ej. Life Ergonomic Office Chair lives up to most expectations about its shape and comfort levels.

One of the reasons that this chair is so popular with office workers is the number of ergonomic features. The majority of elements included seem to work to the user’s advantage. There is just one major omission highlighted below. The chair’s backrest has a combination of an integrated lumbar support and a breathable mesh with a bit of give to it. Users say that it is comfortable and supportive without being too firm. There are also different adjustments to the headrest to help them find the ideal position as they work. Some also talk about the continued quality in the materials and build after 18 months.

Then there is the fact that this is still a practical chair for office settings. There is an adjustable tilt on the backrest of up to 120 degrees. The height-adjustable armrests are comfortable and functional with a little bit of padding on it. Another interesting benefit here is the use of the dense fabric on the upholstery, which is meant to be easy to clean and not such a magnet for dust. This is ideal for communal spaces where you don’t know what the last occupant was eating at the desk. Finally, there is a strong base with fluid movement in the swivel and the casters.

The Ej. Life Lumbar Support Office Chair does lack a little support in a few areas.

Unfortunately, while the back and head support are great, there is not enough support for everyone around the shoulders and the neck. The chair could do with more shaping here for a better all-round posture. Others say it doesn’t help that the seat height wasn’t tall enough for them as this can also throw out their posture and comfort levels. There are occasional issues with the tilt mechanism not locking into place.

What does this all mean for a final recommendation for this Ej. Life Ergonomic Adjustable Chair?

The lack of support in the shoulder can be an issue for some buyers and could limit the long-term comfort provided. If the company were to address this and the seat height in future products, they could find that they have something with mass appeal. As it is, the Ej. Life Ergonomic Office Chair is still a great option for many office spaces because of the support, the adjustable features and the practicality for communal spaces.

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