Dxracer Racing Bucket Seat Ergonomic Chair

Is The Dxracer Racing Bucket Seat Ergonomic Gaming Chair As Impressive As It Looks?

DXRacer FH08/NG Formula Series Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair Gaming Ergonomic with Lumbar Support
There are two things that make the Dxracer Racing Bucket Seat Ergonomic Chair stand out to potential buyers – the shape and the company name.

DX Racer is a well-known manufacturer of gaming chairs, with models used in top competitions, and this racing car inspired model is particularly eye-catching.

Some of the features are pretty basic, like the adjustable, reclining back rest and the 360 degree swivel base. Other features are more interesting, like the adjustable lumbar support and headrest.

Does this chair have everything that gamers need for a long gaming session?

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How beneficial has this Dxracer Video Game Chair been for buyers?

The design of the chair is appealing from a visual perspective but this bucket shape also means that it is secure. The moulding of the seat encloses the body and keeps users comfortable, the height and shape of the backrest gives additional support and there are even footrests on the base.

This means that users have been able to set themselves up in a comfortable position and play at their keyboards for hours at a time. There is also the added benefit of the size. This is a big, heavy gaming chair and it has proven to be suitable for taller and heavier users.

There is a definite sense of quality with this Dxracer chair too. Buyers feel that a lot of thought has gone into the creation of the chair and this is seen in the use of materials and additional features. The ergonomic chair is covered in a pleasing faux leather fabric.

There some sense of suspension to the seat and the armrests can be removed if they are not required. The chair can be essentially be adapted to the user and this great for buyers that are happy to share.


What are the potential downsides to owning this Dxracer Racing Bucket Seat Ergonomic Gaming Chair?

Buyers are mostly satisfied with the quality and the comfort offered but there are a few taking off some satisfaction too.

All of these great features and adjustments mean that there is a lot to put together and buyers have complained that assembly took around an hour. The build quality is generally pretty good but there are some complaints about the armrests wobbling. This isn’t great for gamers trying to stay secure and focused.


Summary: does this high praise mean that the Dxracer Adjustable Ergonomic Chair is highly recommendable?

The positives definitely outweigh the negatives with this Dxracer chair. There may be complaints about the armrests and assembly but they are worthwhile for the sense of quality in the parts and the adjustments that can be made. Buyers have high expectations upon seeing this chair, and its high price tag, but most would agree that those expectations have either been met or exceeded.

This Dxracer chair is highly recommended to keen gamers that are happy to spend a little extra because it provides impressive comfort and security in a cleverly-designed, well-made chair.

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