DXRacer King Series Ergonomic Chair

Is The DXRacer King Series Big and Tall Ergonomic Computer Chair The Ideal Gaming Chair?

There are lots of different names used to describe the DXRacer King Series Big and Tall Ergonomic Computer Chair, sometimes it is referred to as an office chair or executive chair. However, the bucket shape, bold design of the vinyl cover and additional features mean that it really is more of gaming chair.

There are different colour choices with this product, such and black and red and black and blue, and even the all black model may look out of place in a managers office. It has the look, but does it offer enough comfort and support for keen gamers looking to play for long hours?

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How beneficial has this DXRacer King ergonomic chair been for this gaming audience and is it comfortable enough?

The main selling point here is the way that the chair is designed for full body cushioning and support for long periods of gaming. This includes the high backrest, strong head support, adjustable pillows on the lumbar area and neck, 4D arm rests and the footrests on the base. Pretty much every area is covered with room to adjust the settings for personal preference.

This accommodating design is also clear in the flexibility of the backrest and the wider seat for larger users. Many find that the cushions are just right for their needs and are able to spend hours in this chair at a time.

Then there are additional features in place to ensure that this is a functional, reliable chair. The base has 3’’ double caster for maneuverability, a strong aluminum construction and a 360 swivel so users can turn to different screens if needed.

Are there any problems with this DXRacer King Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair that limit its appeal at all?

The first issue to bring up here is with the company’s sizing chart. It offers advice on the best version of this gaming chair for different heights and weights, but some feel it is not entirely accurate. However, that it where those adjustable elements can come in handy.

There are all some installation problems with all the different parts to attach. The pillows and extra elements need some careful application for the right fit. Here it should be noted that there is an alternative package with the assembly included for an extra fee. Many will choose not to go with that service and figure it out alone – for better or worse.

Summary: how do these negative comments affect the final verdict on this DXRacer Ergonomic Chair?

It is easy to see why so many people are happy to sit in this chair for hours on end while gaming. There are some issues with the build and the sizing, but those that get past these problematic starting points are likely to find a comfortable, supportive chair that meets their needs.

The DXRacer chair is a great looking chair that really stands out with that full body support system and strong design. These features, and additions like the base and 4D arms, mean that there is a lot for gamers to appreciate here – office managers less so.

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