DXRacer Iron Series Ergonomic Chair

Does The DXRacer Iron Series Newedge Edition Ergonomic Gaming Chair Belong In A High End Arcade?

DXRacer Iron Series Racing Bucket Seat office chairThere are some gaming chairs that look as though they have come straight out of an arcade and been placed on the base of an office chair, and the DXRacer Iron Series Newedge Edition Ergonomic Gaming Chair is a perfect example. This sleek, inviting bucket chair has a hydraulic system, plenty of adjustments in the seat height and tilt, and a full-size frame.

The sales photos and specifications suggest that this model has everything that users need in order to enjoy a full gaming session long into the early hours. Are looks deceiving?

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What benefits have buyers appreciated with this DXRacer Iron Series model?

This chair is all about comfort for long-term use. Buyers love the comfort features, padding, and shape of this chair. There are many users that can sit in it for hours on end without backache or other issues. There are even some that fall asleep in it with no ill effect.

The lumbar support is strong and well-positioned, there is a good headrest cushion and its seems capable of holding users of many sizes. The claim is that it can support a ton in weight, so heavier gamers should have no issues here. There are even footrests on the base for a full-body experience.

DXRacer Iron Series Ergonomic Chair
One area that is highly appreciated by buyers is the adjustability. This is best seen in the armrests that can move up, down, back, forward, left, and right for the ultimate angle. These armrests also have a nice rubber padding to them so they comfortable and hard-wearing.

On the subject of the materials used here, there are also compliments about the faux leather. It is tough and looks good, especially with those colour schemes that are on offer. The chair comes in all black or black with either red, blue, green, or orange accents.

Are there any downsides to this DXRacer Iron Series Office Chair?

There are some that say that the parts need some force when trying to get this chair assembled, but there is also that sense of high-quality construction and stability for it. The only exception to the rule here seems to be the use of plastic pivots, this seems like a bit of a cut corner when the rest of the chair is of such a high standard.

Summary: does this mean that this DXRacer Gaming Chair gets a great recommendation here?

In the end, there are lots of people enjoying their gaming experience with this chair. In fact, there are even some who say that their time spent gaming has increased.

Once many users have sat in this chair, they can’t go back to other models because of this comfort, security, and freedom of movement.  As a result, it is hard not to recommend this bucket-seated, stylish and adjustable DXRacer chair to all gamers.

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