Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Does The Budget Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Offer Value For Money?

Devoko Ergonomic Racing Style Gaming ChairOn first impressions, the Devoko Ergonomic Racing Style Gaming Chair is a great looking product that doesn’t seem to match its price point.

Some budget gaming chairs immediately give themselves away with a basic shape, a lack of padding or some other weird design features.

This model seems to have a lot going for it. The design is on-point with the contrasting black and coloured panels.

There are even the same little details in the footrests and promises of great comfort. Is all as it appears here? Does this offer great value for money?

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The Pros and Cons of this Devoko Racing Style Gaming Chair.


  •  the amount of cushioning across the chair
  •  the locking tilt on the backrest
  •  the high weight capacity on the swivel base


  •  there are no adjustments in the armrests
  •  some creaks and wobbles in the finished build


The basic specification of this Devoko Gaming Chair, and the design, are all positive.

There are certain aspects in the design of a gaming chair that consumers need to tick off their list. This includes a wide bucket seat, that traditional curved, ergonomic backrest, cushions in the right places, adjustable parts and a strong base.

Devoko Ergonomic Racing Style Gaming Chair Red and Black

The designers of this chair seem to have listened to those demands.

The shape is great, there are adjustable pillows for lumbar and neck support, the backrest reclines and there is a 300lb weight capacity on the swivel base.

The seat and cushion have a breathable leather covering, the tilt on the back can be locked into place and there are high-quality casters on the base.

For the most part, gamers can have the session they anticipated in comfort.


This Devoko Adjustable Gaming Chair has a lot of features – but it doesn’t have everything that gamers expect.

So far, this computer chair has a lot of the right components in the right places. However, there are aspects that we haven’t mentioned yet. The most noticeable omission is the lack of adjustable armrests.

The company say that this was impossible at this price point – they may have a point as this model is one of the cheaper gaming chairs around. Then there is the comfort of the seat beyond those additional pillows.

The padding on the chair is adequate, but nothing special. Some feel that the parts can get a little wobbly and creaky compared to more expensive chairs.


What does this mean for the final recommendation for this Devoko Gamers Computer Chair?

In the end, we have to consider the value of this racing style ergonomic chair in regard to the features offered and the price paid. There are some weak points and missing features, but nothing more than we would expect for a chair under three figures.

There is actually a lot to the design and build for that price, with the lock on the tilt, the added cushions and the quality of the base. There are tougher, more adjustable chairs out there for double the money.

This Devoko gaming chair is a great budget version of a racing chair that does a good job of mimicking the high-end version.

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