Comfort Products Commodore II Oversize Chair

Is The Comfort Products 60-5800T Commodore II Oversize Leather Chair Purely For The Larger Executive?

Comfort Products Commodore II Oversize Chair
The Comfort Products 60-5800T Commodore II Oversize Leather Chair with Adjustable Headrest is promoted as being an executive chair, rather than simply an office chair, and this is apparent in the sales pictures from the thick cushioning, sleek waterfall design and the use of both chrome and black bonded leather.

The black leather covers the vast seat for a luxury feel and this is accented by the chrome on the arms and the base – which also has dual wheel casters. The chair definitely looks high end and there are some interesting features in the specification to enhance the positioning and support. Does this chair have mass appeal, or is it just for the larger executive?

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What benefits have users mentioned after testing out this Commodore II Office Chair?

The product description for this ergonomic chair talks a lot about padding. In addition to the “richly-padded” leather cushions that make up the seat of this oversized chair, there is padding on the chrome armrests to relieve tension in the arms. This could be a bit too much for those that prefer the minimal approach of mesh and desire greater back support, but many find that it is comfortable for long periods.

Comfort Products 60-5800T Commodore II Oversize Chair
There is also the fact that this chair is designed for the larger user with that large seat and 350 pound user weight capacity. There are many reports in user reviews from people that claim to be a “big guy” that have no problem using this chair and feel that it is very supportive.

However, it is clear that many buyers can in fact appreciate the comfort here. This is largely down to the adjustability of the chair. There is a pneumatic height adjustment, tilt setting and an adjustable headrest.

Are there any clear downsides to buying this Comfort Products Commodore II Chair?

The different parts and mechanisms for the adjustments mean that it can take a little time to put this chair together, although some say that they wouldn’t know how to make it any simpler. Some also say that while the height adjustments are great, they would go a little further with head rest and the ability to recline the chair.

There are also concerns that the armrests are positioned a big too high for some desks. The biggest issue with this chair, however, seems to be durability. Some have issues with the caster mounts breaking and the materials suffer a bit too much in the first year.

Summary: is this Comfort Products Executive Chair still recommendable with this negative feedback in mind?

Ultimately, this seat is designed so that users can sit at their desks all day and there are many buyers that can now do this with great comfort and support. The chair is clearly designed with the larger user in mind, one that prefers lots of cushioning and wide seat over back support and reclining options, but other users are praising the features too. The Comfort ergonomic chair may not have a long life, but it does provide enough comfort to keep the majority of users happy.

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