Cloud Massage Review: The Best Foot Massager

Cloud Massage keeps things simple. They make foot massagers and only foot massagers. That’s probably why we couldn’t believe how much better the Cloud Massage was compared to other foot massagers.

Key Features

  • 3 different levels from intense to soothing
  • Heat therapy to enhance massage’s impact
  • Fits feet, ankles, and calves for ultimate relief
  • Fits up to a men’s size 13 shoe

Why We Love Cloud Massage

Amazing Product + Amazon Validated

Cloud Massage delivers an incredible foot massage, but don’t just take our word for it. There’s a reason they have over 12,000 good reviews and are a top 5 pick by Amazon in electric foot massagers.

Beloved By Social Media

Super Giftable

This foot massager makes the ultimate gift. Whether someone is on their feet all day, participates in an active lifestyle, or has chronic pain, the Cloud Massage will make them feel better.

How To Choose A Foot Massager:

When shopping for a foot massager, there are several factors to consider – not all foot massagers are created equal. Though you definitely want to keep an eye out for quality construction and durability, a lot of your decision will come down to personal preference.

Some people prefer gentle foot massage while others prefer more pressure. Think about whether you prefer a kneading massage or something more focused, and consider additional features like heat or vibration.

Massage Methods 

Most foot massagers utilize a number of different massage methods including vibration, air compression, massage rollers, and even shiatsu massage. Think about what type of massage you prefer or choose a foot massage machine that has multiple settings.


Some foot massagers squeeze your feet, so it’s important to check for this feature. Check to see whether the machine offers gentle or intense massage and think about your preferences – the last thing you want is to feel even sorer after using the machine.


Adding heat can increase the efficacy of a foot massage and it’s a great feature to have during the winter.

Remote Control

Being able to control your massage experience is important, but you probably don’t want to keep leaning down to press buttons during the massage. A remote control enables you to change the settings or intensity on your massager without a hassle.


Some foot massagers have a wide variety of settings to choose from that enable you to customize your massage. Just keep in mind that machines with extra features may be larger and more expensive than machines with a limited number of pre-set cycles.


If you spend a lot of time on your feet, a foot massager might be a solid investment. They’re easy to use and can go a long way in relieving foot pain and muscle tension. Take what you’ve learned here about the benefits of reflexology and consider some of our top picks for the best foot and calf massager above.

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