We dare you to try and read this post without spending $25..

We’ve got a little game for our followers. This post includes our top 10 list of gaming accessories for the Xbox One and PS4. Just try and get through it without copping a cart worth $25 (or more!).

This PS4 Controller Charging Station is a must have. Make sure you never run out of battery life and save some $$$!

You’ll need to pick up this Charging Stand if you own an Xbox One – good thing it’s 50% off!

You can never have enough HDMI Cables. Make sure to pick some up on the low compared to Bestbuy/Target/Walmart!

Looking to grab a new PS4 controller? Save some cash and grab them via the Amazon Warehouse for under retail!

If you happen to have over $100 laying around, this Xbox One Elite Controller is a cheaper alternative to a Scuf controller, and is much more customizable!

Ever find yourself running out of hard drive space on your Xbox One? Solve your problem with this 2 TB External Hard Drive (cheaper than buying the 2 TB Xbox One).

Unfortunately, the PS4 does not allow for use of external hard drives, so you’ll need to purchase this 2 TB Internal Hard Drive if you’re looking for more space.

You can find instructions to install the hard drive here:

Make sure you can hear your competition cry with this PS4 Gaming Headset steal- 4.6 out of 5 stars!

If you have an Xbox One, make sure to grab this top rated Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound gaming headset with Mic for 50% off!

Every Nike fan needs this Nike Logo Shoe Box Vinyl for their PS4!