Bowery Management Office Chair

Does The Bowery Management Office Chair Mimic Herman Miller Well?

Sometimes, it is the most minimal designs that can be the most appealing in office chairs, such as the Bowery Management Office Chair.

This ergonomic chair stands out with the tapered, structural approach to the backrest and the simple seat and base. It could look great in a modern office, but does it offer the comfort and support needed?

The Pros and Cons of this Bowery Fully Adjustable Management Office Chair.


  •  The comfort and support in the mesh
  •  The different color options
  •  The adjustments in the tilt and armrests


  •  The high cost
  •  Not suitable for shorter users


There is an interesting look at this Bowery Management Office Chair that more comfortable than you might expect.

Bowery Fully Adjustable Management Office Chair (Black/Black)

Anyone that is used to a padded backrest or soft fabric mesh might be put off here. There is no getting away from the fact that it looks like you are about to lean back on a metal screen. But, there are lots of positive reviews about the comfort of the shape and the give in the elastomer material.

The ergonomics in the shape of the panel are great and can even help some people with back problems. Furthermore, there is the chance to adjust your angle as you recline with four positions and a lock to keep it in place.

Another interesting detail here is that this mesh is meant to be the most eye-catching feature. In addition to the black model, there are options with white, red or green backrests instead.

Aside from the backrest, the features here are quite simple. There is a seat with plenty of padding, a decent 5-point base with casters and armrests. Those armrests are adjustable for different heights.


It seems that this Bowery Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair has a deliberately narrow appeal and noticeable limitations.

One issue to be aware of here is the cost. Where there are many desk chairs with similar features for under $100, this one is above $300. There is a suggestion from one buying that the brand is trying to recreate the look and feel of a much more expensive Herman Miller model.

From that perspective, this could be a bargain. But, do you really get enough for your money? There are also comments about the suitability for smaller users. There is an adjustable seat depth here, which could help larger buyers. But one 5ft4 user felt it was too tall for her to get comfortable.

Bowery Fully Adjustable Management Office Chair (Blue/Black)

How does this affect the final verdict on this Bowery Herman Miller-esque Chair?

If you are deliberately on the lookout for a cheaper version of the Herman Miller mesh chair this replicates, you can’t go too wrong. It is a comfortable, attractive alternative.

But, if you are simply looking for a comfortable chair with a bit of style, this might be a bit pricey. Many users will get the support they need here, but not all. Consider the pros and cons of this Bowery office chair carefully before you commit to purchasing it.

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