Boss Office B991-CP Heavy Duty Chair

Does The Boss Office Products B991-CP Heavy Duty Chair Meet The Needs Of The Target Audience?

Boss Office Products Heavy Duty ChairThe Boss Office Products B991-CP Heavy Duty Chair is an appealing prospect for anyone that has struggled to find the ideal ergonomic office chair for their size. That is because this model is designed for the larger user.

Unlike some brands that go too hard on this theme and don’t think about style or functionality, Boss Office have tried to create something good-looking, supportive and ergonomic that really is just a well-made office chair on a larger scale.

It looks like a typical office chair in many ways, with the shaped back, padding and armrests, but there are alterations in place. Have they succeeded in producing a good blend of features for this demographic, or are there elements that are missing?

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What benefits have buyers appreciated about this Boss Office Products Heavy Duty Ergonomic Chair after testing it out in their office?

There is a strong focus in the specification for this chair on the suitability for larger users. This is seen in the term “heavy duty”, the high weight allowance of 350lbs and the fact that they simply call it a “big man’s chair”. The 350Lbs means greater security for users than the typical office chair, and this security continues with the reinforcements to the tilt mechanism.

Few seem to have any complaints about the strength and stability of this model, with some saying it is much more secure than some of the other chairs that they have used in the past. The claims of durability and a heavy duty feel are also supported by those using these chairs in a busy office.

While some women may object to the term “big man’s chair”, there is a more masculine look to the chair with the shape and the heavy use of padding around the high back rest and the waterfall edge seat.

The CaresoftPlus material comes in black, grey and a “bomber brown” that has the look of a more old-fashioned men’s office chair.

This material has gained a lot of fans because of the look and comfort. Users can sink into it and say that it is soft and inviting. It also doesn’t have the shiny look of other vinyl options, which adds to the over-all look.

These design and security features don’t mean that the designers have forgotten about some of the basics required with a good ergonomic chair. This Boss Office B991-CP chair also has a pneumatic gas lift to adjust the height, a wide 27’’ five-star base with casters and padded armrests for additional comfort. It functions well as an office chair, and most seem to be happy to use it for long periods.

Are there any clear problems with this Boss Office Products B991-CP Heavy Duty Chair that buyers need to know about before buying it?

The first issue to consider here is with the comfort levels. There are some mixed reviews here because there are some that love it and some that hate it. There ergonomics and padding are all in the right place, and those that get used to the shape find they can work for long periods here. However, many larger users are used to a more supportive bucket shape and feel uncomfortable with this more traditional approach.

Boss Office Products B991-CP Heavy Duty Chair

Some also suggest than a head rest would be helpful for taller users. Then there are those that have problems with the assembly process.

A good build is essential with a “big and tall” model like this, and there are a few reports or loose fixtures that don’t help. Others simply say that it took too long to put together, with some fiddly parts.

Summary: what does this all mean for a final recommendation on this Boss Office Products B991-CP “Big Man’s” Chair ?

It is not difficult to recommend this ergonomic chair to the target audience because there are so many great features and positive reviews. While it is clear that the shape and style of the chair wont suit everyone, because of the simplicity and ergonomics in play, many are still able to feel secure and comfortable at work.

This is due to the shape, but all that blend of the materials, padding and simple details like the reinforced tilt and wider base. It is clear that a lot of consideration went into this Boss Office Products office chair and the majority of larger users should get a lot out of it – once the assembly process is out the way.

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