Boss Office B1616 Ergonomic Chair

Is The Boss Office B1616 Ergonomic Works Drafting Chair Too Simple To Be Of Worth In The Office?

The Boss Office B1616-BK Ergonomic Works Drafting Chair is your standard looking office chair with the typical base, shape and functions. On first impressions, there doesn’t really seem to be all that much going on with this chair, compared to some of the more specialist chairs at least.

The shape is basic and, with the exception of the red and blue models, would blend into most typical office spaces. The question is, does this simple design do enough?

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What benefits have users seen with this Boss Office B1616-BK Chair?

The closest thing to a key, stand-out feature in the specification for this office drafting chair in the adjustable arms. This model has them while the cheaper option has none at all.

Other than that, the comfort features and adjustable elements are pretty straightforward. There is padding in the seat and backrest, the backrest has a nice contour to the shape for better back relief it may seem simple, but there are plenty of positive reviews from users working in this for long periods of time.

There are also good comments about the ease of adjustments. There is not a lot to do here, and there are some that would like to see a tilt feature to the back, but it goes into place with no problem.

Boss Office Products B1616-BK Ergonomic Chair

This means that users of different heights can find the right position. This is achieved via the pneumatic lift to the seat height, which ranges at around 24 and 32 inches.

There is also a nice extra touch in the chrome foot ring around the base. The issue is that it doesn’t seem to be made for larger users.

There are some that have purchased this that struggle with the full seat and capacity, even with those adjustable arms. Furthermore, concerns over the fixtures and reports of arms coming loose with time just add to concerns about any weight-bearing capabilities.

Other than these issues with capacity and strength, are there any other important flaws with this Boss Office B1616-BK Ergonomic Drafting Chair?

There are some queries on the worth of the product received for the price paid. For many, it feels like a much cheaper ergonomic chair in term of the quality of materials and features.

There were also some assembly issues that did not help matters, such as missing fixings. There is the sense from some that this really shouldn’t have taken so long to put together with so few parts.

Summary: how does all of this affect a final verdict on this Boss Office Chair?

There is a sense from the buyers feedback here that this chair is good, but not all that great. It is hard to fault it too much in terms of the features provided, because the backrest, height adjustment, arms and base all seem to be pretty good. Users are working in comfort with few problems.

The issue is the limitations on who can use this model and the lack of special features. The Boss Office chair won’t stand out in the office, but it will allow many people to work there in comfort.

You can find more information on the Boss Office Products B1616-BK Ergonomic Works Drafting Chair with Adjustable Arms on Amazon here.

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