Blue Office Chair Ideas: How to Find the Right One?

Are you looking for a blue office chair but are not sure which one is right for you? Here you will find the best options, which means you don’t have to spend hours researching. Also, ergonomics are essential when choosing your desired new office addition. We have included everything you need to know in this guide to help you decide which blue office chair ideas are right for you.

Blue is the color that brings calmness and tranquillity into any room. Extensive research in color psychology has proven that having blue in the workplace increases productivity. Which means more work in a shorter amount of time. It can also add a fresh burst of color and stylish décor to the workspace.

What features make a good-quality office chair?

We have included everything from style to comfort when choosing a good-quality office chair. Here are the most critical factors we came up with when selecting the best model.


Every ergonomic chair has its unique features to suit different working environments. Therefore, there is something for everyone from back pain avoidance to comfort. Here are the top features you should be looking out for:

  • Lumbar support: look for a chair that offers curved back support rather than a straight surface. Because your lower back has a natural curve, it would be unnatural for your back to sit on a chair that doesn’t align with your body. Therefore it can cause long-term back pain.
  • Armrests: ensure the chair has adjustable armrests as comfort is paramount when typing. It is pivotal that your arms are supported to avoid shoulder pain and strains.
  • Headrest: as your head sits on your neck, which adds pressure to your lower back, it is best to have neck/head support. This will ensure your head doesn’t lean too forward, which could cause more pressure on the back. A headrest will take less stress for the neck to hold the head – ideal for long working hours.
  • Seat height: a chair should have the functionality to change the height. For example, if the seat height is too tall for the computer, then it can cause slouching – back pain will follow. Therefore, the correct posture can be executed for safety and comfort.
  • Swivel: the swivel function is great for maneuvering and reaching for items you need. It allows for free movement around your desk and the surrounding environment.
  • Seat tilt: when holding a forward pelvic posture on your chair, can put pressure on the pelvic muscles. Therefore forward-tilted chairs are ideal for office use. The best angle is 20-30 degrees forward and down.
  • Seat size: when choosing a chair, the seat size is vital for comfort and practicality. Consider the ideal seat size for your body shape. The depth of the seat should be enough for you to sit with your back to the backrest. Also, leave around 2- 4 inches between the back of the knees and the chair’s seat.


Consider which type of material resonates with your needs. For example, leather is excellent for easy cleaning and warmer months. On the other hand, fabric chairs tend to be harder to clean if any spillages occur, such as coffee. Also, do you have kids or pets at home? Be mindful of your environment and consider which materials work best for you.


There are many color options to go for, from black to bright orange. Blue is one of the more popular colors as it is unisex and goes well with many interior decors. It comes in many shades, from baby blue to navy. The color options are endless, making it versatile.


There are many style variations and unique designs to match any room/office space. When selecting a chair style, think about how you want the office environment to feel and the type of look you envision. Also, consider the best fabrics and colors to match the décor.


The size of your office chair must match your office space. Look out for a chair that will fit to get close to your desk and not too deep that you end up sitting further away. Also, consider if more than one person will be using the chair.


When selecting a chair, it is vital to go for comfort as well as functionality. That’s because you will most likely be working for long periods at a time. Therefore, ensuring you are happy and satisfied every time you sit down to do your work is crucial. In addition, padded chairs are one of the most comfortable for your back and legs.

Top Blue office chairs

Best Blue Ergonomic Office Chair: Best Ergonomic Option

This Ergonomic office chair comes in 4 stunning colors to suit your interior décor. It is designed for your comfort and back support. Which makes it the perfect office chair for ergonomics.

The chair has an adjustable headrest, which provides your back and body the support it needs. It’s made of premium materials, strong enough to hold 275 lbs.

This premium chair has it all. First, there is a tilting action from 90 to 135 degrees, which is excellent for leaning back. Secondly, the blade wheels are quiet and smooth to move around the office. You will find it easy to put this chair together as there is a step-by-step video included. You can set your seat up in as little as 15 minutes.


  • Adjustable headrest to support your neck.
  • Mesh support which is breathable and great for warm temperatures.
  • Blade wheels help to move around smoothly and silently.
  • 3 dimensional armrests are great for adjusting your preferred height.


  • Blade wheels don’t work as effectively on a carpet.
  • The lumbar support may not be adequate for each individual.

AmaMu Ergonomic Home Office Chair: Best for footrest

The AmaMu Ergonomic Home Office Chair has an adjustable seat with backrest tilting. This tall chair has a 90 – 150 degree tilt action, which supports the back. It is perfect for swivel action as it turns 360 degrees.

This chair includes a padded footrest for extra support and comfort. So you can enjoy feeling right at home from your workspace. The heavy-duty chair can hold a weight of 180kg and it’s made of aluminum at the base. The manufacturer guarantees it is strong and sturdy due to its construction.

This chair provides excellent lumbar support as the backrest curves to support the lower back. As the seat is also cushioned, it is ideal for better relief of the lumbar spine and hips. In addition, the support of the footrest adds to that luxurious experience. This premium chair takes 10-20 minutes to set up with a step-by-step guide and installation tools included.


  • Padded footrest for comfort and relief.
  • Cushioned seat for comfort.
  • Stylish blue chair for any workspace and interior décor.
  • Adjustable seat height for back support.
  • Made of robust material which withstands 180kg


  • No adjustable armrest feature

Christopher Knight Home Tyesha Desk Chair, Navy Blue: Best Style option

The Christopher Knight Home Tyesha Desk Chair is the most stylish and luxurious blue office chair on the market. The elegant diamond stitching on the backrest offers a unique design, which enhances comfort and luxury. This chair is great for making a workspace feel relaxing and decorative. Therefore, a great addition to any functional desk with its minimalistic design.

For around $200, this stunning chair has a swivel with a gas lift mechanism that makes it smoother to adjust and move around. If a style is essential to you, then this chair could be the right fit for your needs.


  • Microfiber material is more stain-resistant than other fabrics, which means it will last longer.
  • It is made with rolling casters for ease of mobility.
  • Stylish design for your office.
  • Adjustable height and swivel motion.


  • No neck rest support, which can lead to neck aches.
  • No armrest support, which can cause shoulder pains.

OFM ESS Collection High-Back Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair: Best Leather Option

The OFM ESS Collection High-Back Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair is ideal for gaming and office use. This stylish leather chair offers high-quality ergonomic features. Such as built-in lumbar support to flip-up armrests.

The stylish blue chair has all the must-have features anybody would be looking for. With a padded seat of 20 inches wide and 18.87 inches deep, you can count on sufficient comfort to see you through the long hours of use.

This chair has a luxury feel as it is upholstered with bonded leather and a blue mesh for the backrest, making it breathable and durable.


  • Upholstered leather will last for years to come as it’s easy to clean and maintain.
  • Can withstand a weight of up to 275lb.
  • Padded armrest for comfort.
  • 360-degree swivel for flexible movement


  • No adjustable neck support, which can cause tension in the neck
  • Armrests are not adjustable, which can cause shoulder pain.

Dowinx Gaming Chair Breathable Fabric Office Chair: Best Option For Lumbar Support

The Dowinx Gaming Chair Breathable Fabric Office Chair comes with lumbar massage support. This is an excellent choice if you want to avoid back pain in the future. The unique ergonomic features are designed for comfort and practicality.

This light blue-colored chair also comes in black or grey, which gives you the option to pick a color that suits you and the workspace. With an added footrest feature, you can be sure you will be comfortable and relaxed. In addition, the removable lumbar pillow works well to reduce tiredness and prolonged work time.

Overall this chair is great for all your working needs, from gaming to office and home use. Its high-quality breathable materials mean you do not get too sweaty or sticky from the chair. This high-end chair can be built within 20 minutes with the tools provided.


  • Excellent lumbar support with massage pillow and adjustable backrest.
  • Made from textile materials, ensuring breathable and cool.
  • 3 color options, which gives you variety.
  • Great value for money with the additional lumber pillow and footrest.


  • Smaller than other gaming/office chairs.
  • No off/on switch on the lumber massage pillow as the only function is the USB.

Urban Shop Swivel Mesh Desk Chair: Best Option For Small Offices

The Urban Shop Swivel Mesh Desk Chair is perfect for small office desks and rooms. It features a padded seat and mesh backrest for breathable airflow. The compact chair comes with 5 wheels for easy movement around the office space.

Its stylish and simple design is an excellent fit for any office. You can decide on the color theme as it comes in many different shades. Therefore, it will be much easier to find the right chair for the interior décor in your office.

It’s a convenient low-budget chair for only around $40. If you’re looking for a simple, functional office seat, then this is for you. With an adjustable seat height lever and swivel, you can get the right setup for your body. This chair is easy to assemble with all the tools included for you to put together.


  • Great price for a stylish functional office chair.
  • Fits in small spaces and small desks.
  • Great selection of colors, which are suited for men and women.
  • Mesh materials are used for breathability.


  • No arm support, which can cause shoulder pain if working long hours.
  • No neck support, which can lead to lower back pain.

NOUHAUS Palette Ergonomic Office Chair: Best For Comfort

The NOUHAUS Palette Ergonomic Office Chair features comfort and practicality. It is one of the most modern, stylish chairs on the market, ranging from calming blue to sunset orange. The adjustable lumbar support is beneficial for your posture at all times of the day. In addition, it comes with a 135-degree synchro-tilt, which tilts the back of your chair and seat together, providing you more comfort.

The ergonomic chair has adjustable armrests for your perfect height and comfort, designed for vertical and horizontal weight with Soft- Grip PU. It can withstand 275lbs with a Class-4 Gas Lift offering a robust seat.

Constructing this chair is straightforward as it comes with tools and easy-to-follow instructions. It has a 5-year warranty included, with customer service always available to help.


  • ElastoMesh cover on the seat, which makes it comfortable to sit on for long periods.
  • ‘Just- for- me’ lumbar support is tailored to your individual needs.
  • Ergonomic adjustable armrest feature.
  • High end materials used for sturdiness and durability.
  • Many color options to suit the interior décor.


  • No adjustable neck support is included, which may lead to neck aches.
  • Lumbar support may not reach up to the desired point on your back, especially for tall people.

BHUTAN Home Office Chair: Best Budget chair

The BHUTAN Home Office Chair offers all the ergonomic features you need without breaking the bank. With its blue interior design and functional features, it’s an option you may want to explore.

The lumbar support has a C- curved backrest which provides strong support for the back. The chair is  adjustable for different heights and has 360-degree swivel action. In addition, it has an elastic mesh integrated into the chair, making it breathable.

The chair has a contemporary design, perfect for any office, and can work with most interior décor styles. The wheel casters are suitable for wood and carpet flooring, with minimal sound when in motion. This is a safe and durable chair, which can bear the weight of 250 pounds. Also, it is BIFIMA tested, ensuring you’re in safe hands.


  • Mesh backrest, which provides airflow and keeps cool during the summer months.
  • The chair can be adjusted 10cm in height, perfect for short or tall people.
  • Thick molded sponge for comfortable seating.
  • Strong support to the back and lumbar.


  • No neck rest, which can be uncomfortable if using the chair for many hours.
  • Armrests cannot be adjusted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which blue color shade should I go for?

Answer: This will depend on your own personal taste. If you are looking to purchase a chair for yourself, think about what is your favorite shade of blue? There are so many to choose from, calm ocean blue to royal navy.

If the chair is for your home, then it would make sense for you to go with a color that resonates with you and the decor around you. However, when choosing a chair for your office, you may be limited to the types of blue you can have. Because you may not be able to have electric bright blue, but a darker color would be more acceptable.

Question: What are the advantages of a massage lumber back pillow?

Answer: Lumber back pillows help to reduce or eliminate back pain. They are a great addition, because you can remove them when not needed. They help to reduce fatigue and tiredness after working for long periods. The pillow also eases the pressure on your lower back.
The massaging motion also relaxes the tension in the back muscles. This enhances the benefits of your overall well-being and comfort.

Question: What are the advantages of a leather chair?

Answer: The type of leather chair you select is essential as the higher quality ones will last you years, if not a lifetime. Leather is one of those materials that is easy to clean, especially after spilling drinks. It’s a strong fabric, which looks stylish and comes in different shades.

It is great for the summer months as they do not absorb the heat well enough, making them cool to sit on. Also, leather chairs always look luxurious and stylish with most décor styles.

Question: Why should I consider a mesh backrest?

Answer: Mesh office chairs have a stylish look and are not too big. Also, they are convenient for small spaces as the material is relatively thin.
The mesh backrest allows airflow during hot climates, and it reduces sweat. Many mesh office chairs provide curved back support, which is comfortable and practical.

Question: What are the essential features that an office chair should have?

Answer: Here is a list of features to consider when buying an office chair:
Back & Lumbar Support: look for a chair with back support, which will benefit you long term by avoiding back issues.
Seat height adjustment: the height of your seat is important for the hip joint and lower back.
Adjustable arms: this is great for adjusting the height needed and makes it more comfortable.
Adjustable Handle: this allows you to change the angle of your hip joint. Also, it prevents muscle fatigue.
Adjustable tilt tension control: balances your weight so the chair can be tilted with ease.
PU Moulded Seat: provides a cushioned sitting experience for comfort.

Choosing a chair with these features will ensure you are comfortable with less tension on your body. By having all the necessary components, it can reduce back, neck, and shoulder pain. Pick a chair that suits your needs. Will you be working long hours? If so, then you need a chair with more features to support your structure.


The best blue chairs in this buying guide offer different features and styles. You can decide from the most ergonomic office chairs to the most minimalistic simple designs. We recommend buying a chair with the most relevant ergonomics essential to you, but the NOUHAUS Palette Ergonomic Office Chair is our favorite.

Also, the color scheme is a vital factor for your office space.

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