How to Find The Best White Storage Office Cabinets

Storage can be something that is very necessary, even if you have a super clean and organized office. Even though we tend to think of storage as something that people with dirty offices and cluttered desks need, the organized people need it too.

Often, their storage options and the systems they are using to keep those items stored away are what prevent clutter in the first place.

Now, what’s better than a creamy white cabinet for some storage? Whether these are large cabinets to store massive amounts of items, or very small cabinets that hold a few essentials, you can use them to keep your office organized and your mind productive.

We took a look at the storage options that these desks provide, how movable and portable the cabinets are, and how easily putting the cabinet together is. Here are some of the best white storage office cabinets that you can take advantage of today!

The Best White Storage Office Cabinets

Winsome Wood Halifax Storage and Organization Drawers: The Best For Those Who Need A Chest Of Drawers in Cabinet Form

This chest of drawers on wheels from Winsome comes with quite a lot of storage in very little space. You get 5 drawers that are all about 13 inches wide and 11 inches in depth, along with a cabinet that comes with an adjustable shelf, giving you two small storage spaces or one large storage space.

The white cabinet is made from sturdy composite wood, and you can easily organize everything you need inside of the five drawers, creating any system that you like.

The cabinet is of a very high quality and the drawers extend 3/4ths of the way out of the cabinet, so no matter what, you’ll be able to slide whatever you need to in there.

It’s a very strong box that is also easy to assemble and put together, and you will find that it is well packaged as well. The instructions are fairly straight forward even though none of the pieces are labeled, but once you put it together it doesn’t really matter.

Finally, the cabinet glides very easily as you can easily move it around on hardwood floors and roll it around the office, perfect if you need to quickly make space or have decided that you need to rearrange your entire office on a whim.

If you need something small yet sturdy and good for storage for your office cabinets, then this might be one of the better ones for you to look at.


  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Comes with 5 drawers and a cabinet space, so 7 storage spaces in total
  • Easy to put together


  • Isn’t the best for offices without hardwood flooring

Bonusall Metal Storage Cabinet With Locking Doors: The Best For Those Who Want Storage That Is Secure

Now, whether you work in an office or other location where secrecy is paramount, or you just want to keep your nosy officemates out of your stuff, the metal storage cabinet from Bonsall has one very important feature: locking doors.

The cabinet has two doors and is made of steel, as well as an epoxy powder coated surface that is very resistant to chipping, scratching, and rust. You also have two doors and two keys that are able to open the one lock, and it has two adjustable shelves.

The shelves can hold up to 180 pounds each, and there’s a lot of space to store the items that you need. Finally, you also have the full installation kit included with your purchase, so you are able to have all the tools, items, and accessories that you will need to install the cabinet correctly. Then you just need to follow the instructions and you’ll get it assembled.


  • Very durable and hard to get into without the key
  • Able to be locked
  • Easy to put together


  • Might not be an appropriate choice for all offices

Storage Cabinet Filing Cupboard: The Best For Those Who Want To Keep It Simple

Of course, office cabinets don’t need to be insanely filled with features, and sometimes people just want to have a simple storage cabinet they can stuff their clutter in and then call it a day or night.

This cabinet from the MMT Furniture Designs LTD is one such cabinet where it just does what it says it can do. It is a lockable cabinet and comes with one shelf that divides the cabinet in half horizontally, which gives you two easy storage spaces.

The middle shelf is fixed, meaning that you can’t move it and don’t need to worry about an adjustable shelf, and what you see with the dimensions is what you get.

It’s a very basic cabinet with a basic lock, but if you just need something simple for your home office or your workplace, then this is the best one for you. Additionally, the feet are removable if you don’t want them on your cabinet.


  • Cheap and simple
  • Comes with the ability to be locked
  • It is storage that you don’t need to think about


  • Can be (ironically) very hard to put together
  • Has been reported to be flimsy and not very sturdy.

Unfade Memory Home and Office Filing Cabinet: Best For Those Who Need To Store Papers

Almost all of the cabinets that are on this list are cabinets that are considered to be cabinets. They have wide shelf spaces that are perfect for storing items or are very good for storing large stacks of things, but they aren’t the best if your entire job is focused around papers and file folders.

Thankfully, the Unfade Memory Home and Office Filing Cabinet is able to help with that (since the word filing cabinet is in the name!)

It comes with 5 drawers and gives you both the ability to pull out the drawers and also to put little name tags on them for added storage support. It is made of solid metal and also is very durable, so it can withstand some bumps and dings.

Each of the drawers is large enough to fit several regular sheets of paper easily, perfect if you need to have reports finalized and put together in groups.

If you don’t want to have a massive filing cabinet pushed against the wall and taking up a lot of space, this smaller cabinet that can easily fit on a desk or a table can be very useful for you. This office cabinet does the exact same thing as a filing cabinet does, but it does it a lot nicer!


  • Easy To Put Together
  • 5 drawers that are easy to pull out and have name card holders on the frames
  • Easy to clean


  • Not a lot of reviews on Amazon

The Best Features Of White Storage Office Cabinets You Need To Be Aware Of

Now that we’ve got the color of the storage cabinet nailed down, you need to take a look at what exactly you are going to store into the cabinet. Traditionally if you work in an office that means you might store papers, folders, and other office supplies.

However, if you work in a home office making vases for a living, you might need to store more inside of your cabinets than just paper. What you are going to store doesn’t just determine the size of the cabinet you need, but also how durable it needs to be.

Additionally, it can determine the number of storage spaces that you need as well. If you have four groups of folders that need to be kept in their group at all times, then you know you need at least four storage spaces to hold them all.

If you need two cabinets to hold bigger items, then you know that you need two cabinets and you will probably have a size estimate for them too.

The size of the cabinet can also come into play whenever it comes to the amount of space it takes up in your office. If you are sharing your office space with someone else or want a certain amount of space taken up by the cabinets, then you need to have those measurements in mind before you start shopping around.

You Need To Use The Cabinet

Finally, it’s one thing to have a storage cabinet that you can use for yourself, but it’s another to incorporate it into your existing work setup.

Make sure to start using the storage cabinet the second you get it assembled into your office, because that will make the habit a lot easier to keep up with. Figure out what each storage space of the cabinet is used for, and then start storing items inside of them. That’s the best way to get into the habit of using your cabinet.

Once you do so, you will be able to incorporate it into your routine and all the clutter will finally be gone from your desk and office. Who doesn’t like that idea? Don’t just let your new storage cabinet space rest in the corner while you figure out what you want to do with it, instead go ahead and start using it.

Best White Storage Office Cabinets FAQs

Question: Should I Get A Metal Or Wood Office Cabinet?

Answer: That depends on your desires out of an office cabinet, as well as where you work and what you do. Wooden office cabinets are generally much more formal and able to be used just about anywhere.

You don’t need to worry about how they look, and they come in various sizes. Additionally, they come with a mixture of drawers and cabinets that can be used to store things.

Metal cabinets are generally more durable, often come with locks to be more secure, and are also designed with just cabinets and cabinet spaces in mind.
They are also used for more outdoor work or for garage storage if those are where your offices are at. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be used for your own traditional office, they just might be a tad out of place.

Question: Do I Need A Storage Cabinet?

Answer: Some people might need a storage cabinet with all the knicknacks and trimmings to help keep themselves organized, others might not need that. Take a look at how cluttered your workspace is and also how hard it is to find certain things that you might need.

If you can’t find objects that you need without rummaging through a pile of papers and debris, and you feel overwhelmed and unable to get anything done because of your clutter, then you might need to get a storage cabinet.

Even if you don’t feel overwhelmed and just think that a cabinet could be useful, you might not need a storage cabinet but you might want one. That’s perfectly okay too, and once you get a storage cabinet that you want you might find that your workload picks up and you might end up needing a storage cabinet.

Question: Should I Get A Cabinet With Wheels Or No Wheels?

Answer: If you are asking ‘Wheels or No Wheels?’ then you should first take a look at your office to see if your office can even support a wheeled object.
If you have carpet, then your answer is most certainly no! However, if you have hardwood floors, then you could consider it. Wheels can help you if you need to move your cabinet around or want to make sure that your cabinet can be moved in the event of a spontaneous office rearrange!

Now, additionally, having wheels on your cabinet doesn’t mean that it will become unstable and move around at the slightest breeze. It will still be pretty heavy and hard to move, but you won’t need to do any lifting if it comes to needing to move the cabinet.

It’s a personal choice, and one that you will need to make on your own. Still, if you think that your desk needs to be moved in the future and you want to make the process easier, then consider getting a desk with wheels on it.


Having more storage for your office is something you will always need as your office expands, so don’t be afraid to find the best office cabinet for your needs.

You will find the best cabinets with just a little bit of looking, and we’d recommend the storage cabinet filing cupboard. It’s the most basic version of what is on this list, but sometimes the basics are just what you need. Get one today and then start to get things organized for your workspace!

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