Best Wheelchair Accessories and a Detailed Buyers Guide

Life in a wheelchair is challenging for those whose everyday routine is dependent on it. Even if you have to use them regularly or for a shorter span, wheelchair accessories can go a long way to add the comfort factor.

If you are wondering how to find the best wheelchair accessories, this guide will assist you in every way possible. We have collated the products based on varied criteria, which is requisite to consider before investing in one of these accessories.

While using a wheelchair, you may face different issues while carrying out your everyday schedule. From finding a place for your coffee mug to resting your arm, everything may seem a hurdle for you. Wheelchair accessories are not just an extra addition but make your life even more convenient and breezy than you expect.

Comfort and convenience are the most important factor to consider before you jump into buying any wheelchair accessory of your choice. However, it is also crucial to consider the pricing and whether the product is worth your money.

Here we have a list of products that can solve all your confusion regarding the best wheelchair accessory and a few budget-friendly products.

Our Tops Picks of Wheelchair Accessories: At a Glance

Buyers Guide for Wheelchair Accessories

With tons of wheelchair accessories available today, you may feel overwhelmed as to which ones to select. Ranging from high-priced to reasonable rates, you can avail the best of products by keeping a few factors in mind.

So, here are a few aspects to contemplate before investing in a wheelchair accessory:

1. Price

We all know that wheelchairs, in general, can cost a lot, if it isn’t added to your insurance plan. Hence, it is always better to invest in affordable accessories for your wheelchair to reduce the financial burden.

Additionally, if it’s cost-effective, you can invest in more than one accessory to harness maximum benefit.

2. Convenience

Wheelchair accessories should offer you the extra convenience to make your life easier daily. Few products like a work tray provide you with the extra space required to easily carry out your daily task and routine.

Life in a wheelchair is already a challenge, and hence these accessories should provide the needed convenience you deserve saving you precious time and energy.

3. Comfort

Few wheelchair accessories, such as a cushion or armrests, should offer you the desired comfort you need. Look for seat cushions that enhance your body posture, maintain a good balance, and avoids pressure sores.

For products such as a glove, purchase the ones that protect your skin and offer you added protection for your hands.

4. Quality

Apart from investing in a premium branded wheelchair, it is important to invest in good-quality accessories too. Invest in products from trusted brands and constituted of high-quality materials.

For instance, if you plan on buying wheelchair gloves, look for the ones made of high-quality fabrics that offer both grip and protection for your palms.

5. Durability

Before you decide on investing in any of these wheelchair accessories, you might have to consider how long-lasting they are. Since you will use them almost every day, you must ensure that they are highly durable products.

For example, if you are looking for wheelchair covers, make sure that they are water-resistant and withstand harsh weather conditions.

Product Criteria

Wheelchair accessories should be all about increasing the comfort of your beloved partner. This equipment must be utile and cost-effective at the same time.

Before buying such accessories, it is vital to know some important pointers. After all, you can make the right choice with the right product.


The most important criteria for a wheelchair accessory to fulfill are none other than comfort. You can buy a luxurious item and equip it to the wheelchair. But, it won’t do any good if the user feels uncomfortable.

An ideal wheelchair accessory should not cause any hindrance to arm or leg movement. The user should be able to execute all the tasks with ease.

Hence, always buy a wheelchair accessory that induces a comfortable feeling.


With technology improving every day, even products like wheelchair accessories keep modifying. Due to new manufacturing methods, the cost of the latest accessories is kept under control.

It thus makes perfect sense to buy accessories with a reasonable price tag. Most of these items are detachable. Hence, you can always replace them as per requirement. Also, new products offer more features with a similar price tag.

Price should always be a priority while buying such dynamic products.


This criterion mainly relates to the user’s practical needs. For instance, if the wheelchair user doesn’t travel for any reason, investing in a ramp is not a wise decision.

On the other hand, wheelchair safety accessories like belts and helmets are nearly mandatory. So, before investing in a particular accessory, assess whether you or the end-user need a particular product.

Quick Tip: Make a to-do list listing safety at the beginning followed by other utility options in descending order like cushioning, bags, covers, etc. This way, you will end up buying only essential wheelchair accessories.

Customer Reviews

When buying any product, genuine customer reviews portray the pros and cons of the user end. Almost all reviews are unbiased and can tell pointers that you might miss eventually.

It is always beneficial to read the positive and negative reviews of a particular product. In this way, you can quickly assess the suitability of an item. There is a high chance that you can find a customer that has similar preferences to you.

Hence, making customer reviews a criterion for product selection is a modern yet wise way before buying a new item.

Our Top Picks on Best Wheelchair Accessories

There are tons of wheelchair accessories available today, and picking the most suitable one can get daunting. Now that you are aware of the determinants to consider before purchasing any accessory, we have collated our top picks on the best wheelchair accessories based on our given criteria.

So, let’s delve into details and also understand the benefits of each product that will help you make a smart decision:

1. Therafin Clear Bariatric Wheelchair Work Tray

The Clear Bariatric wheelchair work tray is the answer to all your prayers if you are a wheelchair user. If you are a workaholic or loves to indulge in hobbies, a work tray can be the apt product.

These are transparent trays made of polycarbonate that are extremely durable and long-lasting. Also, you can easily attach them to the wheelchair with a strap that offers extra stability while you work.

It has a sleek design and hence is a great alternative compared to other wheelchair work trays. It also has an add-on space that offers an extra room for you to work. With a table tray, you need not require a separate study table to work on your projects or assignments as these are self-sufficient.

Additionally, you can easily install these work trays seamlessly to your chair. With added straps and hooks, you can easily attach them to the chair for stability.


  • Highly durable
  • Sleek and lightweight
  • Extra-wide structure
  • Easy to install
  • Added strap for stability
  • Suitable for both manual and electric chairs


  • Not cost-effective

2. Kango Leather Wheel Chair Gloves

The Kango wheelchair gloves are a much-needed accessory if you use a manual wheelchair. With these comfy and soft leather gloves, your movement with the wheelchair will feel less of a challenge. Apart from giving you the required grip, they protect your hands from strain due to continuous movement.

These good-quality padded gloves also protect your palm from potential injuries and friction. They have a fingerless design that lets you perform your daily tasks with ease and perfection. Kango’s gloves have a padded foam for the interiors that lets your hand experience a soft and cozy feel.

These highly recommended gloves are perfect for people who have sensitive skin and are prone to injuries. They are even perfect for senior members to protect their fragile skin from moving the wheels for a long time around the hour or outdoors.

Kango gloves are made of real leather, and even then, the gloves are rated at a reasonable price. Investing in one of these will shield your hands and let you move on with your daily chores.


  • High-quality leather
  • Double Padded interiors
  • Cost-effective
  • Suitable for both interior and outdoor use
  • Finger-less design to perform everyday tasks
  • Protects skin from injuries and bumps


  • May experience size issues

3. Nova Cup Holder for Wheelchair

The Nova bottle holders are a great addition to wheelchairs since they give you easy access to your water bottles or a coffee mug. It will make you not depend on others for carrying a bottle or getting you one when you need it.

These cup holders are ideal for older people who need water for their medications now and then. These plastic holders are adjustable, and you can use them as your cup or bottle holders.

Also, with the flipping design, you can fold them when you move around the house in tiny spaces without any interruptions. They go well with both wheelchairs and walkers and hence are highly compatible with different products. Additionally, you can avail these highly suitable products at a reasonable rate too.


  • Adjustable and portable
  • Adaptable to any bottle size
  • Affordable price
  • Flipping design helps to move in small spaces
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for older people


  • Unlikely to fit all walkers or chairs

4. Oxygen Tank Holders by Diestco

The Diestco oxygen tank holder is an efficient product that lets you carry the oxygen tank if you require one. Most of the oxygen cylinders are rather bulky and heavy to lift by you or your helper.

With these tank carriers, you can easily mount them to the back of your wheelchair with a strap. You can easily place the strap around the wheelchair’s push handles to ensure it does not come in your way during your everyday schedule.

Diestco’s tank holder bags are made of high-quality fabric which is waterproof and can stand the test of time. Hence you can carry them around even outdoors and not get concerned about the weather conditions. Moreover, they come with a pocket holder where you can safely keep your essentials.


  • Nylon straps for easy holding of tanks
  • High-quality fabric material
  • Water-resistant
  • Durability
  • Pocket holder for essentials
  • Exceptional carriers for small cylinders


  • Not ideal for bigger oxygen tanks

5. Hermell Wheelchair Armrest Cover

The Hermell wheelchair armrest cover is a unique way of supporting your arms while sitting all day long. Sitting in a wheelchair for the entire day can take a toll on your body without a doubt. Most wheelchair manufacturers provide a leg rest to support feet but overlook the importance of a comfortable armrest.

With the help of an armrest cover, you can place yourself effortlessly the entire day and avoid unnecessary friction and irritation to your skin. This armrest covers even avoids any pain or soreness you feel by placing the arm for a longer duration.

Hermell’s armrest covers are twelve inches in width and ten inches in length. Thus, you can easily cover them around any standard-size wheelchair armrest without any struggle. Also, they are wash-friendly and easy to clean when they get grubby dirty due to frequent usage.

Made with faux sheepskin, these comfy armrest covers feel great on your skin and will avoid any discoloration or after regular use.


  • Avoids arm friction and skin irritation
  • Provides support to arm all-day-long
  • Made of high-quality faux sheepskin
  • Weather-resistant exterior
  • Highly durable products
  • Apt armrest length


  • None as of the recent reviews

6. EZ Access Wheelchair Covers

These lightweight and super essential wheelchair covers from EZ-Access are a great catch for you. These covers will protect your wheelchair transport from getting duty or spoiled from external conditions. Also, they even protect them from bacterial growth and harmful sun rays.

Moreover, due to its nylon texture, you can utilize them to cover the wheelchair even in storage if you plan to use a different chair. Even if you plan to travel and want to shield your wheelchair from UV rays, scratches, or a basic coffee spill, EZ-Access has got you covered.

With EZ-Access wheelchair covers, you can always tuck in one chair if you are using a different one at a particular time. It even comes armed with grommets and bungees that attach themselves effortlessly to the chair.

The EZ-Access covers are made of nylon which is waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Usually designed with elastic seams, these superior quality covers are a great investment for bed-ridden people or use wheelchairs occasionally.


  • Water-resistant covers
  • Protection from scratches and dirt
  • Protection against harmful UV rays
  • Lightweight and year-round wheelchair protection
  • Durable and easy to snug in
  • Comes with extra fittings


  • Not adaptable for every wheelchair size

7. Granny Jo Wheelchair Organizer

The Granny Jo Wheelchair organizer will assist you in keeping all your stuff safe while you are on the go. They are either attached behind the chair or to the sides, thus determining that everything is handy for you.

These organizers are apropos for accommodating smaller objects such as your house keys, phone, pen, notepads, glasses, and so on. Few models also let you fit in your laptop and other bigger stuff that you require all day long.

These storage bags or organizers also come with varied compartments and easily fit in different items. It has an enormous main pocket for your bigger essentials, whereas small pockets hold your ID cards, wallets, etc.

This Granny Jo organizer comes with adjustable straps and clips, which you can secure to your wheelchair. Additionally, you can remove and attach them according to your daily needs and decide whether you need to place them inside or outside the chair.

Moreover, you can even hang them behind your wheelchair at your convenience and provide enough room for your movement.


  • Adjustable side straps
  • Different sized compartments
  • Perfect for smaller and bigger sized products
  • Great storage for essentials
  • Easy to open the main compartment
  • Compatible with varied mobility devices


  • Not ideal for heavier items/objects

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you are conversant of the best wheelchair accessories, it’s time to address some common doubts. This section intends to clear common questions so that you end up making the right choice.

Question: How do you Carry Stuff in a Wheelchair?

Answer: To carry essential things like groceries, books, water, or medicines, there are handy wheelchair accessories that you can explore. Items like wheelchair packs, backpacks, and totes attach to a different part of the wheelchair for storage purposes.

Backpacks hang behind the back of the chair, making them an excellent option to carry day-to-day stuff. On the other hand, some storage options sit under the seat or along with the armrest. Overall, these items are capable of carrying stuff in a wheelchair.

Question: Which Item is Found on Almost Every Wheelchair?

Answer: The seat cushion is a common accessory or essential part of a wheelchair. It gives the user a feeling of high comfort while using the chair.

With more brands entering the wheelchair accessory market, the quality of cushioning enhances continually. Hence, modern wheelchair users feel that it’s mandatory to use a seat cushion on their chairs.

Question: What is the Expected Service Life of a Manual Wheelchair?

Answer: Wheelchairs are susceptible to wear and tear due to a lot of motion. In addition, it has to withstand the bodyweight of the user. Hence, manual wheelchairs can last for a max average span of five years.

In some cases, you can expect a manual wheelchair to last around a small span of two years. Hence, the more you use a wheelchair, the life span will reduce. Also, attaching several accessories at a time can deteriorate the life span to an extent.  However, branded manual wheelchairs have high build quality. Hence, they can last longer but are generally costlier.

Question: Do I Really Need Wheelchair Accessories?

Answer: Wheelchair accessories increase the comfort, utility, and convenience of the user. They help users become self-dependent in the possible aspects of their functioning.

Some accessories add to the safety features of a wheelchair. These items can prove worth investing in. Overall, to make a wheelchair full proof, it is essential to buy all the vital accessories. If possible, always try to include essentials like:

• Cushions
• Batteries
• Armrest
• Safety and fall prevention
• Protective helmets

Investing in the best wheelchair accessories always increases the overall feel for the end-user. So, it’s wise to buy the right product.

Final Words

Using a wheelchair is definitely not a desirable outcome. However, with increased accidents, disorders, or injuries, many people have to rely on this equipment. With the right accessory, you can make life easier for a wheelchair user.

For instance, the work tray in our product list is our top pick for comfort. It makes life super-easy as you can manage all essential tasks like eating, painting, and writing in the comfort of your wheelchair.

If you are on a cramped budget but want a high value-for-money item, wheelchair gloves are the perfect companion. They can end up protecting your hands at the time of contact with the wheel rims. Invaluable for high safety standards, isn’t it?

Finally, if you want a high-convenience and budget-friendly combo item, the cup holder is an excellent choice. You can attach it to the frame and carry that warm cup of coffee all around. Also, it doesn’t cost heavily in your pocket. Hence, it can be a good gifting option too!

Last but not least, oxygen tank holders, armrest covers, and organizers are suitable for specific wheelchair users. So, choose the ones accordingly. Scroll our product pros and cons to make the right purchase.

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