Best U Shaped Desk Ideas: How to Find the Right one?

We’ve all seen the rectangular desk and also the L-shaped desk, and there are even circular desks for people. However, not a lot of people have heard of the U-shaped desk. This desk type is something that has a lot of benefits for people, and you need to make sure that you understand those benefits and see if a U-shaped desk is right for you!

The Benefits Of a U-Shaped Desk

One of the best benefits of a U-Shaped desk is that you have a lot more space to place things around. Not only do you have three platforms where you can spread your items out, but also a lot of drawers, storage spaces, and even grommets that can collect all your computer wires so they don’t get all tangled up around your feet.

If you have bigger materials such as a desktop computer and your laptop, a printer, or something that takes even more space, this can be perfect for you. Additionally, you have a more professional workspace, where you are enclosed and surrounded by your work so you can sit inside your bubble and can keep working without delay.

The Best U Shaped Desks For People

Bestar Innova U-Shaped Desk with Hutch: The Best Desk For Those Who Need Storage

First, this desk is made with a melamine finish that is commercial grade, so you won’t need to worry about your scratches, stains, water spills, and other dings that can mess with your desk. No matter what you put this desk through it is going to withstand it all. In addition to the three storage areas that make up the U-shape, you have a hutch as well.

The hutch doesn’t just have the file draws underneath the desk, but you also have lots of shelving to provide even more top level storage. Additionally, this desk has a finished back and is fully reversible, so if you ever want to rearrange it, then you don’t need to worry about the back looking bad.


  • Lots of storage
  • A rubber strip for your electronic devices
  • Very durable and resistant


  • Needs to be assembled by two people
  • No Grommet holes
  • The packages can be heavy

Bush Business Furniture A U-Shaped Desk: The Best For Those Who Want Comfort

Comfort and a work desk don’t seem to be the words that go well together, but this U-shaped desk is very good at making you feel like you aren’t working. The desk is curved and you have a lot of space to stretch your legs every now and again. Each of the drawers is mounted on ball bearings to make sure the operation of the drawers is both smooth and quiet, and the desk also comes with a wire management system as well.

Additionally, you will find that everything you need is within reach as you swivel your chair around. You don’t really have to move too much unless you have something at the end of the desk, so it’s a quick and efficient way to keep yourself organized. Plus, it’s a pretty small desk and you can easily slide it anywhere you want it to be.


  • The desk is very easy to keep organized
  • Comes with two drawers and a file drawer.
  • Has lots of legroom


  • Can be very hard to assemble without help

Sauder Heritage Hill Desk: Best Desk For Those Who Want Style

We’ve all seen the movies with the high-powered executive on a large desk, looking down at whoever they need to speak to. If you want to feel like a high-powered person of great importance, then the Sauder Heritage Hill Desk is the right thing for you to get! This desk is very durable and also extremely focused on you being functional.

You have access to storage through 2 utility drawers, letter drawers, and even a pencil drawer that you can convert. It can even function as a keyboard tray with a simple drop-down. You will also be able to lock the drawers for your own security if you need it. Each of the drawers are set on safety stops and extension slides that allow you to get into them and take everything you need out.

This desk is also fully reversible, can be assembled with the bridge on the right or the left of the main desk, and you can also take advantage of some of the storage options as well. Some of these options can include the lateral file, the open bookcase, and even a bookcase with two doors.


  • It is an extremely elegant desk
  • Fully customizable in its storage
  • It is extremely durable


  • Weights 442 pounds when fully assembled
  • Takes time to assemble
  • Isn’t easy to move around once you’ve got it put together

Realspace Broadstreet U Shaped Desk: Best Desk For Those Who Love To Customize

If you are the type of person who can’t go more than a few days without rearranging their home office and needs to make everything match your sense of style, then this is the right desk for you! The Realspace Broadstreet U Shaped Desk is not only easy to put together, but it also has a lot of conveniences that you can use for yourself.

Unlike other U-shaped desks, which tend to either come in three pieces or come in one large piece that is put together, this desk is made from two pieces. One is a straight front desk and the second is an L-shaped desk that can be detached if you want to change things. Additionally, all of the drawers are able to store supplies of varying sizes, and one of the locks if you need to keep your work private.

You can take advantage of all the space that this desk offers you, and it also looks wonderful. If you feel drawn to the more elegant things in life for your desks and workspace, this desk will be the best one for your needs!


  • Is made from two desks that can be attached and removed from one another
  • Can come with a hutch for extra storage
  • Very easy to assemble


  • Not as much general storage space as other desks
  • Drawers can take some time to assemble

What Features Make a Good U Shaped Desk?

If you need a good U Shaped Desk, you might be a bit overwhelmed over the number of options available. However, like everything you will find that a good U-shaped desk isn’t as hard to figure out, and there are some features you should be looking for.

First, the height of the desk and also the width of the desk space. You don’t want a desk that you can’t see over and you don’t want a desk that is too small to reasonably be of any use. Make some measurements of the desk you want and the space you have available, and then compare those measurements to the desks as you look for them.

Additionally, make note of the weight of the desk, because while some U-shaped desks tend to be on the lighter side, others are very thick and heavy. If you need to move the desk or parts of the desk upstairs in your house, make sure you can either handle it or can ask someone else to do it for you.

Storage Capacity

Depending on what you need out of your desk and also what you are looking for when it comes to the business you are in, you might need to invest in a desk with more storage capacity. If you are working on multiple projects at the same time or need to have lots of paperwork or other items for your work secured, then you will need a desk that has several storage options.

However, if you don’t have a lot of things to store or only plan to use the desk for a short time, then you can ignore any extra storage capacity.

Power Sources and Grommets

If you are the type of person who works with or loves their electronics, then you might want to have some power sources built into the desk where you can plug in cables, USB ports, or other plugs to keep everything powered at 100%. If you find that the underside of your desk is tangled up in wires and other items, a grommet built into the desk can help bring some order to that chaos.

If you only use one laptop and maybe a few other devices for your business or pleasure, you might not need any extra power sources if you’ve put the desk closer to an outlet. If you do have a need for lots of electronics, make sure to use a surge protector. If you need grommets, then you can also easily make your own with just a little bit of DIY.


If you are in an office or want to make a good first impression on your physical visitors, then the elegance and beauty of your desk might be a factor that you look into. Several of the desks both on this list and out there are able to be designed to look elegant and beautiful.

If you are working from home and won’t receive visitors, then you might be comfortable with a simple desk that is very plain and minimalist. As you can probably tell, most of the features that you will be looking for are dependent on what you are using the desk for, what business you are in, and where you are. Make sure to have an idea for all of these before going into the serious business of getting a desk for yourself.

Best U Shaped Desk FAQs

Question: Is a U Shape the Best Shape?

Answer: When you look at the U-shaped desk, L-shaped desk, and the common rectangular desk, you will probably start wondering which one is the best shape for your work. The U shape is one of the better shapes if you want a lot of desk space where you can just spread everything around and not have to worry about it.

In some cases, you might even be able to put all your tasks on one side, your active task in the middle where you can work on it, and then your finished tasks on the other side. Watch one pile get bigger and the other get smaller through the workday, and then see what that does to your productivity!

Question: Should I Get a Heavy Desk?

Answer: Again, this depends on where you are working and how hard you are working. A heavy desk is good if you know that where you put the desk is going to be where it stays for the next few months because it isn’t going to move! If you want to have some more control over where your desk is, or just know that you will be moving workspaces, a lighter desk will do.

Often, the weight of the desks isn’t going to have an effect on how they work, the storage and space they provide, and how you use them. So, most of the time, you can get whatever desk you like. Just know the heavier that you go when it comes to desks, the harder it will be to put them together and they won’t be moving any time soon!

Question: Is a U Shaped Desk Best For Two People?

Answer: If you are working in an environment where two people might have to share a desk, then you might wonder if a U-shaped desk is what you need. It can be fairly easy for two or even three people to work away at a U-shaped desk and have more than enough space to take care of themselves.

If you find yourself needing to share your desk, then you will be able to scoot aside and watch someone else can work with you. It’s great for collaborative projects as well!


U-shaped desks are pretty fun, and if you’ve decided that your own workplace needs some whimsy, then make sure to get a U-shaped desk and see what it can do.

If you don’t want to pick one, then we’d recommend the Realspace Broadstreet U Shaped Desk. Customization is a very important feature, and that’s one of the reasons that we like this desk. Being able to change the layout of your desk on a whim can be a massive advantage for you, so make sure to give it a try!

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