How to Find The Best Two Person Desk: Buying Guide

If you have read the title of this article and still think that you barely have enough room at your desk for one person and now you have to share, you need to keep reading. Two person office desks aren’t the cluttered, cramped, and confined areas that we naturally think that they are. Instead, they can be very helpful work environments that will keep you focused and will also enable you to work better with a partner.

However, like with all things you do have some options when it comes to getting your two person desk right, and those options can be a little overwhelming for people. So, if you want to make sure that you are getting the best desk for you and the other person working at your side, make sure to take a look at our recommendations.

What Is A Two Person Desk?

For starters, a two person desk is simply two regular desks joined together, usually by a shared space. Both people will have their own large desk areas to work at with plenty of room to accommodate their materials and their shared styles, and also a common shelving area or another shared area for both people to work together.

You won’t feel cramped or like you are constantly moving the other person’s stuff to make room for yours. Instead, you can have your own space and work there, only collaborating with your partner whenever it is absolutely necessary.

The Best Two Person Desks

The Sedata 94” Two Person Desk: Best For Partners Who Work Together

This versatile workstation starts things off by looking absolutely beautiful. It is made of engineered wood on the top in a rustic brown shade, and it is also sturdy and strong. The wood is P2 degree environmental particle wood, and that makes it resistant to scratches and friction.

It comes with a monitor stand feature and also comes with a power strip that includes 2 USB chargers and two large AC outlets. No more getting tangled up in wires and needing 10 different plugs for all your devices.

Additionally, the desk comes in at 94.5 inches long and can hold up to 325 pounds worth of equipment. A shared shelf in the middle is the only storage option, but if you trust your partner or need to share everything anyway this can be a very helpful resource. This desk gives enough of a feel that you have your own space, while also allowing you to communicate and share with your partner when you need it.


  • Beautiful to look at
  • Adjustable leg pads
  • Able to power up to four devices at once


  • No closed storage space, everything is open
  • Poor included instructions when it comes to assembly

TribeSigns 94” Two Person Desk with Hutch and Shelves: Perfect For Partners Who Like To Customize

This impressive desk from TribeSigns is able to be customized with an added hutch. If you and your partner are both very decorative people, then you will have a lot of space to play with when it comes to making this work desk your own. It is 94.5 inches long and 23.6 inches in width.

You will be able to have two monitors and laptops, as well as books, papers, files, and personal touches all within the desk. Each side of the desk has two tiered shelves as well which allow you to not only place papers on the first tier but also allows you to store CPU towers on either side without too much trouble.

Finally, the 30 inches of legroom will give you enough space to stretch out your legs and also place additional items underneath your desk if you need them. If you want to have your own space where you can not only store items but also to customize the space without any trouble, you and your partner are going to love this desk!


  • An optional Hutch for extra storage
  • 30 inches of legroom under the desk
  • Very easy to put together


  • Comes in two large boxes that don’t always come together

Tangkula 87” Two Person Desk With Storage Drawers: Best For Partners Who Like Versatility

If you and your partner like a little versatility whenever it comes to the two of you working together, then this two person desk from Tangkula is going to be the best for you. It’s a bit smaller than some of the desks on this list because it only comes in at 87 by 21.5 inches. Still, that is enough space to have two separate spaces without any worry.

It also has a set of storage drawers with three drawers and three cubbies where you can place anything you might need. It can also hold up to 250 pounds of equipment and is very well made with several non-slip footpads.

However, one of the greatest advantages of this desk is that it can be adjusted from the traditional long desk design to an L-shaped design. The L shaped design is made with just a few swivels, allowing you to move it from one form to the other with relative ease. If you decide that you want to work late when your partner isn’t around, then this can be a great way to take advantage of the entire desk space.

Additionally, you can even use the L-shaped desk as a gathering point where you can work with your team if more people show up. If you and your partner like having simple storage and versatility, then this desk is perfect for you.


  • Very durable and easy to assemble
  • Can be switched between a long design to an L-shaped design
  • Comes with non-slip foot pads.


  • No CPU holder
  • Storage can be limited

Two Person L Shaped Divider Office Workstation: The Best Desk For Partners Who Like Their Space

If you are the type of person who might not become best friends with their partner or doesn’t see a reason to talk to them all that often, then this might be the best desk for you. This two person L-shaped Divider Office Workstation allows both partners to work well together while still being apart.

You each have one side of the L shaped desk to yourself, as well as half of the middle. You also have a removable privacy screen that can be taken down for collaborative work but can be left up whenever you want a space to yourself. Now, there isn’t a lot of storage for yourself, as each side only has two lockable drawers which are made with steel ball bearing sliders, and that’s it.

However, the desk does come with grommets as well, allowing for cables to be bunched up and stored beneath the workstation. Now, before you and your anti-social partner decide to split the cost of this desk, you will need to know that it is very big. It takes up to 65 feet of floor space, being 156 inches long, 60 inches deep, and 40 inches high.


  • Perfect for partners who might not always talk
  • Easily removable divider to change between privacy and discussion
  • Beautiful black desk with silver drawer handles


  • Very big and might not fit in small spaces
  • Only two drawers for storage, despite a large amount of surface area on the desk

Best Two Person Desks FAQ

Question: Do I Need A Two Person Desk To Work With Someone?

Answer: That depends on where you are and what you are doing. If you and your partner need to work together only once a week to meet up and exchange notes, then sitting at a communal table is just fine. However, if you two need to remain in constant contact or perhaps pass details of the project back and forth, having a desk where you can sit down and just turn to talk to your partner without too much trouble is much easier than other ways of contact.

Plus, if you genuinely like the person and don’t mind their habits when it comes to working alongside you, you might learn to enjoy having a deskmate.

Question: Should I Talk To My Partner About This? Or Even Buy The Desk With My Partner?

Answer: Of course, this frequently asked question is a bit of a no brainer. Your partner should be involved with every aspect of getting your two person desk for obvious reasons. Make sure to connect with them and ask for their needs in a desk, because they could be completely different from yours.

That way, both you and your partner should have a workspace that is perfect for both of you to be at. No one wants to sit at a new desk and then discover that not only is it uncomfortable to be at, but you also won’t be able to get any work done while sitting at it. Plus, if the desk is very expensive and you don’t have a boss who is paying for it, then you might even be able to split the cost together.

Plus, since the entire goal of a two person desk is to work together better, being able to bring your partner into the loop and buy the desk with them can be the start of that process. If you both can work together to buy a desk, you can both work together at that desk.

Question: Is A Two Person Desk Just For Working From Home?

Answer: If you type the words ‘Two Person Desk’ into Google, then you will more than likely see that a lot of these types of desks are put on display in a home setting, or the scenario where you might need them is whenever you are working from home. If you are working from home in an office space, coworking space, or other space that isn’t run by anyone else, then you can get a two person desk.

However, don’t think that a two person desk is just for working from home. In some cases, you can get one for your office as well. As long as you clear it with the boss and also have a reason to get a two person desk, then you might be able to get one and share the advantages.

While two person desks are often more for informal settings, you can get them for a formal office as well. No matter what it will help you work better with your partner!

The Best Features Of A Two Person Desk

The biggest feature of a two person desk is how well two people can work at it. This is often measured by space and how comfortable each person is. Typically, you can figure this out by reviews of the desk you want to buy, as well as the pictures that will often divide the desk into two zones.

Additionally, storage is another feature you want to keep in mind. If you know that a single desk you use for one person often gets cluttered beyond recognition, then you need to make sure that you and your partner have enough personal and shared storage to not let twice the items become twice the mess. Look for a two person desk with storage capacity.

If you are trusting, know your partner well, work with your spouse or significant other, or are fine with having all your stuff out in the open, you can use open shelves or a shared storage space. However, if you like your privacy, you might want to invest in a desk that has some lockable or at least closable drawers and other storage options.

Finally, take a look at the number of plugs you can have for your devices. Double the people often means double the electronics and wires, so don’t panic whenever it comes time to start plugging in. Make sure that your two person desk has enough grommets and plugs to keep everyone happy and also to stop you both from getting tangled in wires!

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