Best Tufted Office Chair Ideas To Match Your Workspace

Are you shopping for a new tufted office chair but are not sure what to choose? In this review, we will show you the top tufted chairs on the market. We will guide you through the different models and styles to match the décor of your workspace and find the best tufted office chair ideas for your office. Also, we will explain the essential ergonomic features that should be considered when selecting a chair. This will enhance your working day by ensuring you have the right level of comfort and support.

Tufted office chairs look modern and luxurious, which in essence adds flair to the office décor. There are many designs to choose from, which may be overwhelming with all the available options. This guide will provide you with the essential tools and knowledge. Therefore, you can confidently make the right choice when buying your ideal chair. 

What Features Make a Good-Quality Office Chair?

The ideal office chair should have all the main key features, which support the head, neck and lower back. This is vital to avoid long-term aches and pains in the muscles, which can also cause fatigue. The ergonomic features provide comfort and support during long working hours. Finally, it benefits the person using the chair by sitting with the correct posture. This stops them from slouching, which puts a strain on the body leading to chronic pain.

The style and design of the office chair are also essential, as they will change the overall look of the workspace. The type of fabrics, patterns and colors used will make a bold statement in any room. Therefore, selecting a chair that complements the office space will add style and character. In addition, high-quality materials will ensure your chair is long-lasting and will look pleasing to the eye. 


Ergonomic features provide comfort and support to the user while seated for many hours. Also, the features keep the body in the correct posture, which allows for good blood circulation. In addition, it puts less stress on the muscles, which decreases tension and chronic pain. Here are some key features that make a good office chair:

  • Lumbar support: the spine has a natural curve, so it makes sense for the backrest to have a curved shape too. This will ease pressure on the lower back because the neck supports the head, which exerts pressure through to the bottom of the spine.
  • Swivel: a good chair has a 360-degree swivel, which means you can move around the office efficiently and reach for items on the desk without straining. This will reduce aches on the body, as it prevents movements that exert pressure on the muscles. 
  • Headrest: this feature provides comfort and support for the head and neck. It keeps the head from leaning too far forward, which prevents slouching and lower back pain.
  • Adjustable armrests: this feature supports the shoulders and arms, which reduces muscle pain. The armrests should be able to move up and down so that the user can find a comfortable position.
  • Seat height: the height of the chair should be adjustable with a lever under the seat. The user should be able to sit at the correct height to the desk and computer. This ensures good posture and comfort.
  • Seat tilt: sitting on the chair for lengthy intervals can put too much pressure on the pelvic muscles, as the body naturally moves in a forward position. Therefore, forward-tilted chairs are ideal for posture. Look for a chair with an angle of 20-30 degrees forward and down.


The type of fabrics used will determine the quality and comfort of the office chair. For example, cotton and velvet are harder to clean. On the other hand, leather is an excellent material as it is easy to maintain and lasts for years. While upholstered and tufted chairs are best for comfort and style due to the endless variety of materials used.


The different shades of colors available on the market mean you can customize the office décor to match your style. For example, tufted chairs come in a range of bright, dark and neutral colors, as the fabrics can be dyed. Therefore, there are more models and designs to select from when looking for a modern chair. 


The style of chair will change the outlook of the office space. For example, an oversized chair may make a bold statement due to its size and design. In contrast, a small chair will take up less room and give a chic and cute look to the room’s décor.

In addition, the chair’s design should match the general theme of the office so that it looks pleasing to the eye.


It is important to understand which type of chair is best suited for the office space. An oversized chair is ideal for rooms with a larger area, ensuring you are not cramped and unable to move around.

A small chair is suitable for enclosed spaces, such as an office with a cubicle. In addition, an oversized chair is more comfortable and relaxing to sit on. In contrast, a small chair may feel restrictive and provide less support.


The design of the chair determines the comfort level and support level. For example, an ergonomic chair with a padded seat and backrest will ensure the body is comfortable during long working hours.

This is vital to avoid muscle pain and cramps, which can lead to other health risks. Also, the types of materials used provide comfort to the user. For example, mesh chairs are breathable, which prevents the body from sweating during hot weather.

Best Tufted Office Chairs

Kerdom Velvet Button Tufted Office Chair: Best Style option

The Kerdom Button Tufted Office Chair brings elegance and style to the office space. The stunning tufted backrest is made with high-quality velvet, which is durable and easy to clean. There are 4 beautiful colors to select from to match the décor in any room.

The luxurious chair has an adjustable height feature that improves posture and relieves fatigue. Also, there is a 360-degree swivel action, which is convenient when reaching for items around the desk. In addition, the anti-skid wheels protect the floor from damage when in motion.

It has met the safety standards with BIFMA certification, which makes the chair long-lasting and reliable. The installation process is straightforward, with a manual and toolset included in the box. It takes less than 20 minutes to construct.


  • Tall backrest for extra comfort and support
  • 360- degree swivel for ease of mobility
  • The upholstered chair provides comfortable seating
  • Adjustable seat ensures good posture


  • No headrest to support the head and neck, which may lead to slouching
  • No armrest to support the arms and shoulders

Christopher Knight Home Tufted Swivel Office Chair: Best Leather option

The Christopher Knight Home Office Chair is made from high-quality upholstered leather. It features button-tufted diamond stitching and nailhead trim. The contemporary design has a minimalist structure that is pleasing to the eye.

The lever can adjust the seat height, which has a gas lift mechanism. This allows smooth seat height adjustments and to the desired seating position. Also, it features a 360-degree swivel function, which makes it easy to move around the workspace.

The metal chrome base provides durability and support, ensuring the chair is strong for heavy use. Also, the robust rolling casters run smoothly across the floor, which makes it easier to access different parts of the office. A step-by-step guide and tools are included in the box to assemble the chair, which takes less than 20 minutes.


  • 3 choices of leather options
  • Large seat ensures comfort
  • The leather material is easy to clean with a wet cloth
  • The seat height can be adjusted for comfort and support


  • No armrests, therefore no support to the shoulders and arms
  • No lumbar support, which may lead to chronic back pain

Impressions Tufted Vanity Office Chair: Best for small spaces

The Impressions Tufted Vanity Office Chair has a rounded modern design with cushioned seating. The minimalist vanity chair fits perfectly in small spaces, which is ideal for cubicles or home settings. The chair has a posh look, which will enhance the décor in the office.

It has an impressive 360-degree swivel pedestal base, making getting in and out of the chair easier. The chair has a small backrest for comfort and support, which is padded with a high-quality sponge. 

Also, there is a manual and toolset included in the box for construction. It should take less than 10 minutes to build the chair. If you have any issues, customer service is available to help with any queries.


  • A variety colors to select from, which is great for customizing the workspace
  • Cushioned seating provides comfort
  • 360-degree swivel for easy mobility around the desk
  • Easy assembly


  • No wheels to move around the office
  • No lumbar support, leading to back pain

Modway Regent Tufted Upholstered Swivel Office Chair: Best Swivel option

The Modway Regent Swivel Office Chair has a chic tufted design, which uplifts the decor in the office space. The elegant chair is made from polyester, featuring luxe fabric upholstery. The modern chair has button tufting and nailhead trim, which is fashionable.

The ergonomic features include a 360-degree swivel, making it easier to get in and out of the seat. Also, the height adjustment feature ensures that the user can sit in a comfortable position. In addition, dense foam padding is fitted onto the seat for support and relief.

The chair comes in grey, blue and beige, which gives you a choice of different shades to select for your décor. Furthermore, the sturdy chair sits on a chrome frame and can hold a maximum weight of 287 lbs.


  • 3 elegant colors to select from
  • 360-degree swivel action is smooth
  • Seat height adjustment ensures good posture
  • Made from high-quality upholstered materials


  • No headrest to support the head and neck
  • No Armrests to support the shoulders

Freemax Home Tufted Office Chair: Best Color options

The Freemax Home Tufted Office Chair has an elegant design to compliment the office space. It is made from velvet, giving you a soft feel and stunning visuals. In addition, the button-tufted backrest and decorative nail heads look modern, which enhances the décor.

The chair features a mid-back, which fits the curve of the spine, relieving fatigue and stress. Also, the armrests are at a moderate height to support the arms. In addition, the chair boasts a 360-degree swivel mode which makes maneuvering around the desk effortless.

The PVC silent wheels are a great addition, as they are smooth and protect the floor from damage. Also, the chair has a tilt function which allows you to lean back for relaxing and relieving stress. Finally, the weight limit of the chair is 250lbs, which ensures it’s a durable chair.


  • PVC wheels are less noisy than other office chairs
  • Lumbar support to relieve the back from fatigue and tension build-up
  • The ergonomic tilt function provides a comfortable position
  • Made with high-quality velvet fabric


  • No headrest, which can lead to neck pain
  • The velvet fabric may be hard to clean

Freemax Tufted Vanity Office Chair: Best Design option

The Freemax Tufted Velvet Office Chair has a modern rounded design, which is simple yet stylish. The hollow cut out backrest provides airflow to the lower back, which is essential during warm weather. It’s made from velvet which is smooth and skin-friendly. The seat is padded with a soft sponge providing comfort throughout the day.

The chair has a 360-degree swivel, which makes it easier to reach for items on the desk. Also, the chair has an SGS gas rod, which makes it smoother to adjust the seat height up and down. It will provide the user with a good posture and ensure there is less pressure on the legs.

The product has been safety checked with SGS certification, and BIFMA tested. Therefore, you can be confident the chair is durable and long-lasting. To assemble the chair, use the online installation video and manual to guide you. 


  • SGS gas rod ensures the chair height is easier to move up or down
  • 360-degree swivel ensures free movement around the workspace
  • Various elegant colors to customize the décor
  • The hollow cut out provides breathability


  • No lumbar support, which may lead to chronic pain
  • No armrests, which makes it uncomfortable when working long hours

Christopher Knight Home Tyesha Desk Chair: Best Fabric option

The Christopher Knight Desk Chair looks sophisticated and looks stylish in the office space. It features smooth upholstery with tufted diamond stitching on the backrest. Also, the extra padding on the seat provides comfort when seated for long hours.

For around $200, you are getting a high-quality chair, which is made from robust materials. The chrome-finished base with rolling caster wheels is durable and corrosion-resistant. Also, when moving around the office, the wheels run smoothly and quietly.

The gas lift mechanism allows you to customize the height accordingly, which provides the desired posture. The chair is easy to assemble and has a manual and toolset included with the box. It should take no more than 15 minutes to construct the chair.


  • It has a 360-degree swivel for easy mobility around the desk
  • The chair has a large seat, which makes it comfortable to sit on
  • The seat height can be adjusted, therefore less pressure on the legs
  • The caster wheels move easily 


  • No lumbar support which may lead to lower back pain
  • No adjustable armrests to support the shoulders

Theodore Glam Tufted Home Office Chair: Best Seat Adjustment option

The Theodore Tufted Home Office Chair has a glamorous theme throughout with gold accents and jewel-like colors. The chair is made from polyester, which is breathable and soft on the skin. The button-tufted stitching on the backrest looks sleek and stylish, which compliments any room.

This unique chair has a rose-gold base that looks decorative and appealing. It is supported by 5 caster wheels, which run smoothly around the office. In addition, the seat height can be adjusted for a more comfortable position.

The 360-degree swivel allows the user to move freely out of the chair, which makes it easy to move in any direction. There is a step-by-step manual and provided tools to build the chair, which should take no more than 15 minutes.


  • 4 elegant colors to select from
  • The seat height can be adjusted to suit the desired position
  • The 360-degree function allows for free movement around the desk
  • The caster wheels are quiet and sturdy


  • No lumbar support, which may lead to lower back pain
  • No armrests to support the shoulders

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are tufted office chairs worth it?

Answer: There are a few variables to consider when deciding to buy a tufted office chair. They are worth it for their stunning designs and upholstered fabrics. This makes them favorable due to their comfortable format.  

However, their ergonomic features are not practical as very few models provide lumbar and armrest support. If the chair is intended for long hours, then it is best to purchase one with features that will correct the posture. On the other hand, ergonomics may not be necessary if the chair is used for short intervals. 

Question: Do you need to purchase a lumbar support pillow?

Answer: Most office chairs have lumbar support built into the backrest, which is curved to accommodate the spine’s shape. This is essential for comfort and support to reduce chronic back pain. The back is where most of the pressure is concentrated. Therefore, lumbar pillows are a popular choice.

You may wonder why a pillow is needed if the backrest is enough to support the back. This is because naturally, the body moves in a forward position while seated. Therefore, the lumbar support pillow allows the user to sit in a relaxed posture. In addition, the lumbar cushion is desirable when the chair doesn’t have built-in lumbar support.

Question: What is the best durable material for an office chair?

Answer: PU leather and vinyl are considered the best materials for an office chair. This is because they are easy to clean with just a wet cloth, which ensures simple maintenance. In addition, the vinyl plastic is hard-wearing and has a rich look. Also, the leather material is breathable and often padded for comfort and support.

Question: Is it better to have a chair with or without armrests?

Answer: When working at the desk, we place our arms on the desk or armrests. In hindsight, armrests are excellent for the correct posture. They allow the arms to loosen up and support the shoulders. This reduces aches and tightness in the shoulder muscles. On the other hand, purchasing a chair without arms may be desirable if you want to get in and out of the chair quickly. 


The top tufted office chairs in this guide offer unique designs and materials for the office décor. However, we recommend that you purchase a chair that supports your ergonomic needs. Such as built-in lumbar support and armrests.

These are vital features that will improve your comfort and safety in the future. Also, style is essential, as this will affect the feel and design of the office.

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