Best Tub Transfer Bench: Complete Guide

Mobility issues can make the most fundamental tasks really tricky, which is harmful because lack of facilities can make the situation even harder.

If you or a loved one suffers from similar mobility or balance problems, you have stumbled upon the perfect article. 

Tub transfer benches are god sent to help you or your loved one stoop towards the bathtub without falling or getting hurt if you suffer any such issue. 

This article will run you down the best selection of tub transfer benches with detailed reviews, comparisons, and a guide for how you can select the ideal bench. Having said that, let’s dive right into this comprehensive guide. 

What is a Tub Transfer Bench?

Before we delve deeper into the reviews and the buyer’s guide, it is essential to understand what exactly is a tub transfer bench. Tub Transfer benches are thoughtfully crafted chairs that are used to transfer a person suffering mobility issues.

A tub transfer chair has four legs, much like a regular chair; the only difference is that here, two legs sit outside the bathtub while the other two stand inside the bathtub.

The chair is slightly wider than the regular chair to allow the user to slide and stoop towards the bathtub for a convenient bathing experience. Coming to safety and security, the bathtub side of the chair comes equipped with a hand rest, which the user can grab and eliminate any chances of falling into the tub while taking a bath.

The other side of the chair has no hand rest or handle, probably for convenient transfers before and after the bath, which is extremely contemplative!

Furthermore, the chair is ruminative, as both the seat and the back support have little holes to let the water pass through, preventing clogging. Now that you know what a tub transfer bench is let’s understand who can use it.

Who Can Use Tub Transfer Bench?

Tub transfer benches are ideal for anybody who faces any sort of mobility issues, could be because of old age, an illness, or even a disability. Basically, it is a device to help people with balance and movement issues to bathe more conveniently without falling into the tub and getting themselves hurt. 

  • People who lack the physical ability to sit and stand up from their seats
  • People who are incapable of standing for long periods. 
  • People who are bedridden, or wheelchair-bound
  • People who find it difficult to step into a bathtub or a shower
  • People who have some sort of illness that makes them dizzy and nauseous while standing for long
  • Elderly patients

Doctors and caregivers often recommend tub transfer benches to patients to avoid any risk of tripping and falling. So, yes, tub transfer benches are lifesavers and can make the patient’s life a tad bit more manageable if not great!

Criteria Used for Picking the Best Tub Transfer Benches

Picking the Best Tub Transfer Bench could be a big-time Hustle. With the market bustling with too many options, we have tried to shortlist our favorite products through some criteria. Read on, as we put across 5 of them.

  • Overall Choice: This criterion simply means that we are looking for the Jack of All Trades when it comes to Best Tub Transfer Bench. Wouldn’t you want to buy a Bench with all the best features set together, that too with a decent price?
  • Heavy Duty Capabilities: We tried to look at some of the options that supported heavy weight individuals just as comfortably as the light weight ones. Pss..Our final pick is pretty amazing at this.
  • Best Seller: Next up, we have the best-selling tag. Sales are a great way to determine how good or bad a product is. If you manage to get a best-selling transfer bench, be assured to get a wondrous combination of great features too
  • Design: While most manufacturers wouldn’t address this factor, few companies do and that makes all the difference.
  • Budget: Count all of us out when it comes to extremely expensive buys, yes or no? Well, a big yes. We tried to look for a Transfer Bench that gives you the perfect combo of an affordable price along with features

Top 5 Picks For Best Tub Transfer Bench Guide

  • Best Overall Choice: Medokare Shower Transfer Bench Seat: With a mix of all things right, ranging from its lightweight design to the drainage holes preventing the build-up of water, the Medokare Shower Transfer Bench Seat becomes an obvious choice for buyers.
  • Best Heavy Duty Tub Transfer Bench: Drive Bariatric Transfer Bench: Drive Bariatric Transfer Bench is a great pick if you’re on the lookout for a Tub transfer bench that supports heavy weight capacity. With a weight limit of 500 lbs, there isn’t a lot you can miss with this one.
  • Best Seller Tub Transfer Bench: DMI Tub Transfer Bench: DMI Tub Transfer Bench comes with a non-slip aluminum body, holds heavyweights, and on top of it has cutout access. These characteristics make this Tub transfer Bench stand out amongst consumers and, thus, a best seller.
  • Best Design Tub Transfer Bench: Moen Transfer Bench: Moen Transfer Bench boasts of a great design unlike any other in this list or the market. This Transfer Bench was created with the idea of producing the best-looking bench ever!
  • Best Budget Tub Transfer Bench: HEALTHLINE Heavy Duty Bariatric Tub Transfer Bench: HEALTHLINE Heavy Duty Bariatric Tub Transfer Bench boasts of a price that will make your eyes shine! Set for $73.60, the company sure knows how to attract the right customer base.

Top 5 Best Tub Transfer Bench Guide: Reviews

Handicapped, injured, and older people have time and again felt the need for good Tub Transfer Benches. If you’re researching and figuring out the best options in the market, we are here to help.

Here, we have compiled a comprehensive review system including the top features and pros of these Tub Transfer Benches. With an in-detail idea of these products, making a final choice will surely become easy for you.

MedoKare Shower Transfer Bench Seat- Best Overall Choice

The Medokare Shower Transfer Bench Seat promises you to get in and out of your bathtub safely. This claim isn’t just all talk and no action; the product comes with an array of top features, making it an undeniably best choice in the market.

You can use this transfer seat effectively for seniors in the family and even handicapped people with limited mobility. Additionally, it can also become instrumental in the recovery process of a person with a leg injury.

The Medokare Shower Transfer Bench Seat is lightweight and durable, so it is meant to last a long time. The backrest and the Arms are both reversible to fit into any shower or tub.

As mentioned previously, durability is a winning factor for this Tub Transfer Bench Seta. It has a pretty solid frame to support your loved ones weight. You can also clean the platform seat easily with no hustle of any chipping or wearing down.

This Tub transfer Bench has product dimensions of 9.45 x 9.45 x 5.91 inches, while it weighs around 7.04 pounds.

The seating is pretty comfortable and secure for Medokare Shower Bench. It has a non-skid, non-slip bench which ensures the person sitting doesn’t fall even with water here and there. This feature ensures a safe and secure experience.

Not just that, the bench plastic molded seat has drainage holes to avoid any water building up on the seat. All in all, you can trust the Medokare Shower Transfer Bench Seat for your safety at all times.

Medokare Shower Transfer Bench Seat is also adjustable with a wider seat. You will find a free shower tote bag inside the box. It is a perfect option for anyone who needs a place to keep essentials while bathing/showering.


  • The Bench seat has adjustable legs for varying heights
  • The drainage holes facilitate easy cleanup and avoid water from the building
  • The seat is not very slippery so expect a comfortable experience


  • The backrest of the bench seat is not adjustable

Drive Bariatric Transfer Bench-Best Heavy Duty Tub Transfer Bench

Have a heavyweight elderly at your place? Or is your disabled brother overweight? Well, in situations like these, search for an effective Tub Transfer Bench becomes even more difficult.

While many companies promise such heavyweight performance, only a small number can perform. Talking about Drive Bariatric Transfer Bench, we genuinely believe you can trust them with your heavyweight shower transfers.

On the specifications note, the Drive Bariatric Transfer Bench has an actual product weight of 14 lbs. The product dimensions are 30 x 32.5 x 24 inches. The depth and width of the legs are 24 inches and 32.5 inches, respectively.

Drive is a pretty popular medical supplier and can hold up to a staggering 500 lbs weight. On top of this, it is non-sliding, so you can expect safe and secure seating.

The wide bath seat and backrest are durable plastic, making up for a strong and sturdy design. Like the previous product, Drive Bariatric Transfer Bench also has drainage holes for a quick water drying experience.

This Tub Transfer Bench is reversible as well. You can set it in any way which suits you and your bath or shower conditions. The best part is that you would not require any tools in the case of installation. Furthermore, the adjustable seat can be altered easily with the help of ½ inch increments.


  • A great option for heavy-duty seating in case of large seniors
  • The price is affordable
  • The adjustments and installments do not require any tools
  • The reversible design helps in facing any direction


  • The absence of padding
  • The seat is incapable of sliding

DMI Tub Transfer Bench- Best Seller Tub Transfer Bench

DMI Tub Transfer Bench is the #1 best-selling Tub Transfer Bench. We all know that a best seller can only be so, because of the huge sales made. Huge sales mean the product had features that worked together to make it un-missable. Let’s look at some of them.

For starters, DMI Tub Transfer Bench has a non-slip aluminum body with Dimensions: 39 Inches L x 19.25 Inches W x 37 Inches H. Moreover, you also get an Adjustable seat height: 19 Inches to 23.5 Inches from the floor

The Seat dimensions are 19 Inches W x 14.5 inches D, while the Overall weight of the Transfer Bench is 14.5 lbs. It can hold a weight capacity of 400 lbs comfortably.

The best thing about DMI Tub Transfer Bench is its no-tool design, making the entire assembly process pretty easy. You also get detailed explanations to help you out in case of any queries.

You do not need any permanent mounting software, and the seat can be conveniently configured through the left or right install. Moreover, Drive Bariatric Transfer Bench has a very durable design with a rust-resistant frame.

The Transfer bench comes with a seat with a back, loop, and hook safety belt along with nylon strap locks to help hold the seat in the proper place. It also has a suction cup, non-slip feet, and a removable cutout for perineal access.

Drive Bariatric Transfer Bench can be used easily by positioning one end of the transfer chair in the tub and the other side outside. All you need now is to make the person sit properly, gently slide over the tub’s lip and in the shower.

The integrated holder in this Transfer Bench can keep the shower wand within your reach, and the showering process is easy-peasy!


  • The cutout seat is a big plus point
  • Lightweight and comfortable fit
  • The seat locking system is very convenient
  • Easily assembled bench and can be adjusted to varying heights.


  • May not be able to carry very heavyweights.

Moen Transfer Bench- Best Design Tub Transfer Bench

Moen has made a change in the Tub Transfer Bench Industry by introducing a sleek design bench! It has an entirely different look than any other of the benches on the list. Rest assured, this design is pretty great to look at, and the white color amazingly fits in.

The same design has been constructed from metal and hard plastic, which increases the durability and dependability of the product.

Moen Transfer Bench has a width of 32-4/5 inches and 21-7/8 inches. On the other hand, the height can be adjusted from 31-3/8 inches to 35-7/8 inches. This adjustable distance can be measured from the bottom of the legs to the highest point on the seat.

Moen doesn’t include a slidable seat but has a pretty wide seat to fit even larger people. The transfer bench has a total weight capacity of 400 lbs and has only one wide leg instead of two legs outside the tub.

Additionally, Moen Transfer Bench is ADA compliant, which means that it complies with the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities act for Shower seats.

You also get a strong grip handle that one can pick for even more stable positioning.  Moreover, the adjustable legs can be varied from 16.5 to 21 inches, which is pretty amazing since it caters to many people.

It is also covered under Moen’s lifetime warranty, so no worries there! You will also be impressed by the fact that it has holders for a cup and a showerhead.


  • Nicely styled, and the design looks good.
  • Very strong so can be easily used for bariatric use
  • Has a great handle attached to it
  • You will find a backrest in the seat
  • Hand-held shower heads can be fit into a holder


  • The absence of a sliding seat might pose problems.

HEALTHLINE Heavy Duty Bariatric Tub Transfer Bench- Best Budget

Have you been looking for a Tub transfer bench at an affordable price? Well, that makes the two of us. The struggle is real because benches, on the whole, are generally expensive.

To help you out, we have with us HEALTHLINE Heavy Duty Bariatric Tub Transfer Bench at a compelling price of just $73.

While price is the biggest selling point here, it is not the only one. HEALTHLINE Heavy Duty Bariatric Tub Transfer Bench comes with top features such as a non-slip seat and an adjustable height.

The durable blow-molded medical shower bench and backrest have pretty great construction. It is made out of grey plastic, which makes it durable as well. Moreover, the back is anti-corrosive, while the frame is made of lightweight anodized aluminum.

HEALTHLINE Heavy Duty Bariatric Tub Transfer Bench has dimensions of 27 x 16 x 10 inches and 9.85 pounds. The seat width is 25.5 inches, while the seat depth is around 18 to 19 inches. The standard weight limit of this bench is 250 lbs.

You can use HEALTHLINE Heavy Duty Bariatric Tub Transfer Bench or any bathroom since it has a tool-free assembly of its legs, arms, and backs. Just set the parts together, and you are good to go.

The non-slip seat has drainage holes to reduce slipping and water collection, thus enhancing stability. HEALTHLINE Heavy Duty Bariatric Tub Transfer Bench has adjustable legs like the others in the market. You can have about ½ inches increments.

The outside legs are also angled, with two non-skid, non-slip suction tips add stability and safety for seniors, disabled and older people. On the contrary, the inner legs have large suction cup caps that prevent the bench from slipping or sliding on a smooth tub surface.


  • Pretty durable and sturdy
  • Adjustable legs
  • Drainage hole helps in reducing slipping
  • Suction caps and tips on the legs promote safety


  • There is no drip tray

Elements You Should Consider Before Buying a Tub Transfer Bench

Finding the right tub transfer bench requires a lot of research, especially because you cannot risk any accidents for people who are already experiencing it rough. 

The detailed reviews above might have given you an idea of what you want. Some of you might have even decided which bench suits your needs the best. However, if you are still skeptical about the choices, read on!

Here are the attributes you can look for in a tub transfer bench before you loosen your pockets. Your purchase could be easier if you follow the below-mentioned considerations. 


A tub transfer bench isn’t something you will purchase every other day. Thus, make sure that the bench you are investing in is durable and sturdy. Furthermore, anybody using the bench should feel safe sitting on it. Check the overall structure, and make sure that the material is dependable. 


 Tub transfer benches are supposed to stand inside water, which increases the risk of slipping. Therefore, ensure that the chair you get clamps to the bathtub and stands firm. The benches with suction feet are best and the most secure. 

Shower bench

Adjustable Height

It is vital to check if the tub transfer bench has an adjustable height feature. This will allow the user to sit more comfortably. In contrast, if the bench is too long or short, there is an increased risk of tripping or falling. Furthermore, the adjustable-height feature comes in handy if you are not aware of the sides of your bathtub because you can always adjust it accordingly. 

Height and Width of Tub Wall

All the bathtubs have different models and sizes. So it is essential to buy a tub transfer bench suitable for your bathtub. Closely check the bench model and make sure the height and width are ideal for sitting steadily in the bathtub. If you are going for a bench that clamps to the tub wall, check if the clamp can sit in the width of the tub wall. Furthermore, if you purchase a bench that requires tub wall support, ensure that the height and width of the tub’s walls fit. 


This is very important. If neglected, you might end up cluttering your bathroom. If your bathroom is not very spacious, and you think a tub transfer bench could hamper or restrict movements, go for chairs or bathtub boards that sit entirely in the bathtub. 

Bathtub Floor

Never, ever avoid this. This could literally cost you a terrible accident. Tub transfer benches are supposed to sit on bathtub floors. If the bathtub floor is flat and sturdy, great. However, if the bathtub has even slight curves giving it a round appearance, the bench could slide over to the middle of the bathtub, making it difficult to bathe. Also, curvatures can cause tripping incidents in a worst-case scenario as the bench literally slips and slides. So, check everything closely. 

Water Clogging

Although it is not that big of an issue, one can never be comfortable enough, can they? A tub transfer bench with holes in the seat and back support eliminates any chances of water clogging. Also, ensure that the bench is not very deep or curvy. Such benches are inefficient. 

Weight Capacity

The last thing you would want is a transfer bench to break while in use. This could injure the person severely. Thus, remember to confirm the weight capacity that the bench can steadily hold before buying it. 

Back Support

Do you need back support, or is it manageable without one? The user should get a say here. Coming from a general perspective, having a backrest is always safer and more comfortable. Sure, it restricts your movements a tad bit, but it is always manageable. Backrests can considerably lower the risks of falls. 

Frequently Asked Questions

While the article covered the best options to pick in the market, there may be some queries you all have. Our comprehensive, frequently asked questions will entail all that you want to know or should know before/after buying the best tub transfer bench for you.

Question: What Precautions Should you Keep in Mind While Using Transfer Benches?

Answer: One of the main precautions to be taken while using transfer benches is that the room’s temperature should be warm. In cold air, you will not be able to immerse yourself in the water comfortably.

Moreover, it is best suggested to adjust the legs of the tub transfer bench you use. Once the height and width of the bench match you, you are bound to have a safe and great time.

Question: What is the Difference Between a Shower Bench and a Tub Transfer Bench?

Answer: Shower benches and tub transfer benches are typically the same things, just with different names. Don’t get confused while making purchases for benches, and carefully pick what best suits you.

Question: Are Bath Benches Safe?

Answer: Probably, the biggest question striking our mind would be, are they safe? These benches are best suited for people with a poor balance or those who have difficulty getting inside or out of the tub.

This entire process is made more safe and secure by using the bath bench. If we were you, we wouldn’t be worried about this.

Question: How Does a Transfer Shower Bench Work?

Answer: The working of a transfer bench might look tough, but it is really simple! The user will have to sit on the bench. This side of the bench would straddle the side of the tub. You will have to gradually slide the seat from the outside to the inside of the tub.

As simple as that! And you are ready to take a bath comfortably.

Question: How Much Does a Tub Transfer Bench Actually Cost?

Answer: The prices of regular tub transfer benches vary according to the product’s company and the features offered. On average, you can expect an average price of $ 100 to $400.

Question: What are the Benefits of Using a Tub Transfer Bench?

Answer: The best benefit of a tub transfer bench is to avoid injuries. This could be extremely helpful to people with pre-requisite injuries, handicapped and older communities.


These are our top 5 best Tub Transfer Bench reviews and guide. We came to these results with extensive research, top features, and consumer reviews. While almost all of them work well, our final vote goes to Medokare Shower Transfer Bench Seat.

The reason is pretty simple; this bench seat has all that you need and more. The best part being the adjustable legs and the non-slip bench. Drainage holes prevent any water mess, and the lightweight, durable design is amazing too. Plus, not to forget the shower tote bag that helps you in storing shampoos and soaps.

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