The Best Tall Office Chair Options Worth Buying in 2022

Being a taller person in a world that can seem too small for you has its disadvantages. One of those disadvantages is office chairs that seem to be made for short people rather than taller people. You know the ones, the ones where you are all hunched up and over, your knees are flexed out, and your thighs are all exposed on the seat.

Plus, you have to awkwardly twist and contort your body just to get yourself in a position where you can use your desk. Not only does this look awkward from the outside looking in, but it also can impact your productivity and also your health. Tall in the U.S is 6 feet or higher for both men and women, and if you are that size and struggling to find a chair, then this is the guide for you!

The Best Tall Office Chair Options

The Oak Hollow Aloria Office Chair: Best For People Who Just Want A Chair

If you are one of those people who isn’t too nitpicky and just wants an office chair that you can work in without being a trained contortionist, then this is the chair for you. Oak Hollow regularly gives out good furniture pieces, and this office chair is no exception whatsoever!

If you are around 7 feet tall or less, this chair is the perfect one for you. Now, this ‘Aloria’ edition of the office chair is made from comfortable leather and also comes with two cylinders that dictate the seat height. The first cylinder raises the seat height from 19” to 23,” and the depth will go all the way down to 22.25.” If you are a taller and a bigger person, then you will be able to keep yourself comfortable with more than enough seat height and depth.

Additionally, the chair is very ergonomic, helping you fix all of the problems that you have unintentionally created by sitting in crappy office chairs made for much smaller people. The lumbar support, neck rest, armrests, and backrests can all move as you desire them to in order to make yourself much more comfortable. If you want to relieve any tension in your body, you can do it with this chair!


  • Nearly everything is adjustable
  • Lifetime warranty on components
  • 4D armrests


  • It is pricier than other chairs.

The Bowery Management Office Chair: Best For People Who Need Their Backs To Breathe

No one likes sitting in a leather chair on a hot day and then needing to peel themselves off of it by the time the day is over. The Bowery Management Office Chair is able to help your back breathe a bit easier with an elastomer backrest. For those people who are 6’6” and below in height, then you will be able to benefit from the adjustable set depth.

The rubber backrest is the main feature here, where you can lean back into the rubber elastomer backrest and let it contour to the shape of your back as you sit. Then you get the support for your back, and it will keep moving as you move while also keeping everything breathable.

Suppose you have experienced back pain while in smaller chairs; this can be a great chair to use to counter that. The one main problem with the chair (ironically related to height) is that for taller people, the backrest is only 22 inches tall, so you might not get any head support or cushioning. However, if you can live without that, your mid-back will certainly thank you for it.


  • Contemporary design that looks good anywhere
  • Rubber backrest that provides breathability and continuous support
  • Adjustable seat depth


  • It needs some time to break the cushion in
  • Backrest might not provide head support

Starspace Executive Office Chair

If you want to live like the boss does, or perhaps are a boss yourself, then you need a chair that exudes power and responsibility. It should also keep you comfortable as well, so you will need the Starspace Executive Chair. This chair is ideal for people who are 6’4” and below and comes in comfortable leather upholstery. It has a max seat height of 22.8” and a backrest height of 26.4”. The slightly shorted backrest can cause eyebrows to rise, but for the most part, you shouldn’t worry about it.

Another benefit of this chair is the ability to have the armrests flipped up, as you can then recline a bit more and even sit cross-legged if you want to relax. And you will want to relax as the padded seat, and soft leather almost make it feel like you are sitting on a bed rather than a chair. So don’t be afraid to just sit and relax after a long hard day at work.


  • Very comfortable with double padded everything
  • Armrests flip up to make the chair easy to stow away.
  • Very affordable for what it gives you


  • Very tall people will need to deal with a short backrest.
  • Armrests are not adjustable by height
  • The tilting mechanism is limited

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair: The Best For Those Who Like Ergonomics

If you need one thing out of every single office chair that you own, it is some type of ergonomic design. In order to sit ergonomically, you need to have your feet flat on the floor, your knees higher than your hips, and your hips, shoulders, and ears all lined up together as if someone had jabbed a stick down your back.

Of course, you could easily try to do this yourself, but since that can be very hard and you likely have months of bad posture to undo, you should instead find a chair that naturally forces you into that position. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is the best thing to use for that. It doesn’t just have three adjustable size options but also an adjustable seat and armrests.

It also comes with mesh material to give you full-body support and to help keep you cool whenever the days get hot. Now, it is very expensive, but if you are tall and looking for a good ergonomic chair to see you through the workday, you should make sure to make this investment for yourself.


  • A very nice and high-end ergonomic chair
  • Made from breathable material
  • Everything adjusts to keep you comfortable


  • Can be expensive
  • It might take some getting used too to sit in an ergonomic position

Best Tall Office Chair Options FAQ

Question: Why Does Chair Height Matter?

Answer: Ironically, it is because of how you stand up. If you are contorting your body to sit in a chair that is too small for you or forcing your body to stretch and fill up a chair that is too tall for you, then you are standing up wrong. Go ahead, try and stand up now from any chair and see how you feel.

Are you able to stand up in one fluid movement? Do you need to steady yourself or grab onto a larger object for support? Are you fighting to get out of your chair? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your chair probably isn’t the best for you. You need a chair that is easy to get up and get out of, preferably in one smooth movement.

The chair height is part of what helps you get out of a chair without too much trouble, and it also helps with how ergonomically you are sitting. You can extend your arms straight out from your elbows, keep your feet flat on the floor, and keep your back straight while you work away.

Question: Do I Need To Look For Any Other Specialized Furniture If I Am Tall?

Answer: The answer to this question is: It depends. Admittedly most things in today’s world are made for people who are shorter than the taller people like you. If you find that you are struggling to eat at a too-short table, recline on a too-short couch, or get clean in a too-short shower, you might need to look at having things expanded for you.

If you can handle being a tall person in a small world, then that’s great. But, like with the chair, if you find that a piece of furniture that is too small is preventing you from using it properly or getting things done with it, then you should look at finding one that is more your size.

Plus, there’s a lot of other ergonomic furniture out there too, and if you can get your hands on it, you will be living a much more comfortable life! Who wouldn’t want that?

Question: Do I Need An Office Chair Or Will A Normal Chair Do?

Answer: Whether you work in an actual office or from home, you will need to make sure that your chair is perfect for your size and is also ergonomic. It doesn’t matter if you have an actual office chair or a normal bargain brand chair, but you should be leaning towards an office chair if you can afford one in your budget.

While they are more expensive, they often come with more features that are built into the chair itself, so you are getting a chair that is ergonomic and breathable and your perfect height. Most normal chairs, as great as they are, are simply normal chairs and don’t have any of those features.

You might be able to find one that is made for or close to your height, but that’s about it. Only the specialized and custom office chairs are going to give you the support that your body needs to not only sit in the chair for a long period of time but also to stand up without any pain or struggle.

What Features Make A Good Tall Office Chair

For starters, it needs to be able to take your height. Most chairs that are made for very tall or very short people are chairs that will say what heights they are made for once you look at them online. Make sure your height falls in that range, or you might find yourself with a chair that doesn’t work for you.

Additionally, you need to find some type of ergonomic chair. Cramming yourself into a chair that is just too small for you isn’t good for your back or your overall health. Additionally, your productivity is also something that can suffer if you are in a chair that just isn’t the correct fir for you. an ergonomic chair will start to correct all of those flaws and will get your body where it needs to be to sit inside of a nice chair correctly.

You should also look for a chair that fits not just your personal style but also the style of the office that you are in. If you are working in a cubicle, maybe try to get something modern and nice, while if you are in a home office or an open floorplan, maybe you can get a chair for your desk that is a bit more whimsical.

Finally, look for a chair that you feel comfortable in because one chair does not fit all. If you have the perfect chair that firs your height, is perfectly ergonomic, is made of the best material, and perfectly fits the style of your office, you might have hit paydirt. but if you sit in it and find that you are not at all comfortable in the chair, then it’s useless to you.

Sure chairs, much like new shoes, take some getting used to and have a break-in period. However, you should at least know if a chair ‘feels right for you. If it doesn’t, then you might need to shop around. You to be comfortable in your chair, and you also need to make sure that you can sit inside of your chair for a long period of time.

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