How to Find The Best Swing Arm Desk Lamps

Swing arm desk lamps are back in fashion. They look amazing and are handy to have on your desk for some quick light. While the basic design of a swing arm desk lamp is always somewhat similar, there are huge differences between the desk lamps

If you have a home office, decorating it can be quite a hard task. You are not just decorating the room for style. You also need to take into account the comfort, productivity, and concentration that is needed in this room.

This is why it is important to pick the best swing arm desk lamp and not just make an impulse buy. If you are working at home full time, you will spend over a thousand hours at your desk a year. So you need to make it as comfortable and productive as you can. 

To make sure, I recommend you not just a good swing arm desk but a great one, I have gone through hundreds of these lamps. I took into account how much they cost and if they are made out of quality materials. I also take into my account my own experiences as a home worker and the reviews of others who are using the lamps I recommend. 

I am going to use some criteria to make sure I pick out a desk lamp that is great and is objectively better than the ones I do not recommend. I will start out by explaining these and how important they are to me, and then give a couple of great swing arm desk lamps. These are all going to be great buys for your home office and will be the best of the best. At the very end of the article, I am going to answer a couple of questions that are often asked about swing arm desk lamps and desk lamps in general. 

My Criteria When Picking Swing Arm Desk Lamps

These criteria are my favorites to use. I use them for every product review because they work just perfectly to find amazing products. It helps me to filter hundreds of products and pick 3 to 5 that everyone is going to love. 

Quality of the Materials of the Desk Lamp

First, I check how good the materials of the desk lamp are. This is something I consider to be very important. I want my desk lamp to work perfectly for a lot longer than the legal warranty.

It is also important to me that when I drop the lamp or tip it over on accident, it isn’t broken right away. I do not want to buy a new desk lamp every year. I want to get the most out of my products. 

An important aspect here is the swingarm. These tend to get jammed if they rust or have dirt and dust on the bolt. I want to avoid this, so this is going to be a pretty crucial aspect in determining if the materials are quality or not. 

Aesthetics of the Desk Lamp

Aesthetics is so much more than just looking nice. The lamps must fit in a home office and their presence needs to add something to the room. This can be making your office look more professional, give it a more comfortable look, make it look more luxurious. There needs to be added value in having this lamp over any other desk lamp. 

The Price of the Swing Arm Desk Lamps

One of the things I absolutely hate is finding out that I overpaid for something. I want to pay a good price for a good product. I don’t mind forking out a lot of money if I am completely convinced that the purchase is worth it.

This has a lot to do with the first criterion. If the lamp has quality materials, is built to last, and is going to give me years of enjoyment I have no problems at all paying much more for a desk lamp like that. 

Reviews and Complaints Others have About the Product

Just because I have had a great or a horrible experience with a product, doesn’t mean this is the only opinion that matters. I am going to look at what other reviewers and verified customers have to say about this product. 

This is a great way to find out if there are any systemic issues with the product or the company selling it.

Extra Features of the Desk Lamp

Sometimes it is hard to compare two almost identical swing arm desk lamps. That is where this criterion comes in. Any extra (useful) features are going to give one lamp the edge over the other. 

However, this does not mean I am considering more features to always be better. Features like wireless charging can change the aesthetic of the lamp, and it is yet another thing that can break. 

Globe Electric 56963 Desk Lamp

Pros of the Globe Electric 56963 Desk Lamp

  • Quality of materialsThis is a sturdy lamp that feels quite heavy in your hands. This is a great sign that it is made out of solid materials. The swing arm is definitely designed very well and is easy to adjust. The lightbulb gives off a very nice light, which is great as you are stuck with that brightness since the light is not adjustable. 
  • Reviews of other people – People really seem to love this lamp a lot! The lightning is great, you can easily adjust it and it just feels very sturdy. You aren’t going to find a lot of negativity surrounding this lamp. It only has a few issues. The most important negative point is that there is no light adjustment and no rotation. 
  • Aesthetics – The Globe Electric 56963 Desk Lamp has a nice classic look that is going to add a professional feeling to your home office. A lamp like this is great for productivity as it creates a working atmosphere you want to get things done, or at least it does so for me. 

Cons of the Globe Electric 56963 Desk Lamp

  • Price – This lamp isn’t going to be cheap. If you are on a small budget, or you just need a spare lamp or a desk lamp for your dorm, this is going to be too much. I do think the lamp is great but it is just a couple of dollars overpriced. However, I haven’t been able to test it for decades, so if it would last that long, it turns into a pretty good deal. 
  • Extra features – The lamp does not have anything extra, and can’t be adjusted for brightness. That is a pretty big con in my opinion. This isn’t a big deal in my opinion, since it fulfills its primary job (being a great swing arm desk lamp) very well, and that is what matters to me. 

Tomons Desk Lamp

Pros of the Tomons Desk Lamp

  • Quality of materials – Despite being made out of wood this lamp is very sturdy and feels like it can handle being clumsy with it. The lamp itself is just as good as those of premium lamps. The brightness is perfect in my opinion, but the arm is a bit short so if you have a large desk it might not be fully lit.
  • The wood the lamp is made out of is less strong than an average metal swing arm. However, that does not mean that it is not quality material. You can’t get much better wood for this price. 
  • Price – The price is great for a lamp like this. The Tomons Desk Lamp is absolutely worth every dollar you spend on it. It is a great lamp for any home office and despite the price, the lamp really looks classy. You can use this desk lamp in a home office or in a dorm alike. The lamp fits in quite easily in about any decor.
  • Aesthetics – The wood looks high-quality and gives a calming effect in my opinion. It’s a great idea to have something other than plastic and metal for your office furniture. Despite the price, the lamp looks expensive in my opinion and pairs very well with a leather mat. 

Cons of the Tomons Desk Lamp

  • Reviews of other people – Just so you know, the reviews are great! However, it is not as well-reviewed as the others on this list. It is still much better reviewed than hundreds of other swing arm desk lamps. People aren’t a fan of the short arm of the lamp. It can be quite hinder some if you have a large desk, as it doesn’t light all of it. 
  • Extra features – This is just a regular swing arm desk lamp and nothing else. It doesn’t have to pretend it is anything else at this price, but still, being dimmable would have been very nice. 

Neatfi Task Lamp with Clamp

Pros of the Neatfi Task Lamp with Clamp

  • AestheticsI love the look of this lamp a lot. It will give a unique look to your home office right away. Thanks to the clamp your desk also looks like it has a lot more space. This helps you feel less cramped if you have a small desk. 
  • Quality of materials – This is a quality desk lamp and that is obvious the second you hold it in your hands. The swing arm feels really sturdy and the clamp works perfectly. The desk lamp is very secure to the desk. The light of the lamp itself is very nice and has up to 2200 lumen. This makes sure you won’t have (much) eye strain when working at night. 
  • Extra features – Finally, a dimmable lamp on this list! You can easily dim the Neatfi when needed. I consider the clamp to be an extra feature too. This lamp really has everything you want in a modern desk lamp you want to get things done. I think this is the swing arm desk lamp that is going to boost your productivity the most. 
  • Reviews from others – This lamp is very well-reviewed. I can’t find any real negative reviews about this lamp. So this means that it is very likely that you will get exactly what you ordered and won’t have to deal with an unpleasant surprise. This makes me very confident to recommend this lamp to whoever is reading this and wants a solid addition to his home office. 

Cons of the Neatfi Task Lamp with Clamp

  • Price – This is a pretty expensive lamp. So I would not recommend this lamp if you are never working at your desk or if you are just looking for a casual desk lamp. This really is a lamp you should only get when you have a nice large budget for it and you want to boost your productivity. 

Joly Joy Architect Desk Lamp

Pros of the Joly Joy Architect Desk Lamp

  • Extra features – This is one of my favorite lamps ever feature-wise. It really has everything you need. It has an auto-off timer to help you save some energy, it also has a massive range of light. It can shine from 3000k up to 5500k.
  • Next to that it also has options for different color warmth of light. You can get a daylight color, cool white, and warm white temperature. In short, this desk lamp has everything you need if you are looking for features on your swing arm light. 
  • Reviews of others – This desk lamp is very well-reviewed. That does not come as a surprise in my opinion. It has all the features you need, and it looks very cool. The only issue that I have with it is that I do not think the quality of the materials matches the price. However, there are a ton of people who disagree with me. So, take my opinion with a grain of sild. 
  • Aesthetics – This lamp really looks great on just about any desk. It doesn’t draw much attention to it, but it really adds a lot of class and a modern feeling to a home office. I am a big fan of this lamp looks-wise. 

Cons of the Joly Joy Architect Desk Table Lamp

  • Quality of materials – I don’t consider these materials to be the highest quality that you can get for this price. I have the feeling that if I drop this lamp it is going to broken right away. It does not feel as sturdy as the other lamps here. The materials look nice, but the material does not feel premium at all in my opinion. 
  • Price – The lamp is a bit too expensive for me. While the extra features are great, I do not think they make up for the price. If you take into account the materials that do not feel sturdy and robust, it just feels overpriced to me. This would have been the perfect lamp if it was like 20% cheaper, so lookout for a deal like that. 

Final Verdict: How They Compare

Best Overall – Neatfi Task Lamp with Clamp

You will not regret getting this amazing desk lamp. The Neatfi Task Lamp with Clamp has everything a home office worker needs to have a productive and comfortable day.

I really like the light this desk lamp emits and the fact that you can dim it, which are all great features for a desk lamp that is focused on getting the most out of your working hours. Despite the design, this desk lamp is very robust and sturdy. 

The only thing that could have been better about this lamp is the price. It is a pretty expensive lamp and not really suited for someone on a tiny budget who only works a few hours a week at home. 

Best Lamp on a Budget – Tomons Desk Lamp

This is such a great little lamp for the price. I really like the wooden design of the arm swing. Despite the materials it is made out of it is pretty sturdy. The lamp looks very nice and looks a lot more expensive than it is.

As expected, a lamp at this price does not come with any additional features. However, it is still an amazing lamp for the price and great for a casual home office or a dorm. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What Features are Recommended for a Swing Arm LED Lamp

Answer: The most important feature in my opinion is having a dimmable light. This is going to help you adjust the light to your mood and when you want to go to sleep.

A non-dimmable light is often going to confuse your body if you are working at night before you are going to bed. Another great feature is being able to change the temperature of the light. This is going to help you sleep better and be more productive too.

Question: Why do People Like Using LED Light?

Answer: Because it’s bright and LED light bulbs last a long time.

Question: Do These Types of Lamps Come as a Clamp Lamp Too?

Answer: You can buy clamp lamps that having the swinging feature as well.

Question: Is it Easy to Change the Bulb on a Lamp?

Answer: Many models make it easy to change the light bulb.

Question: Are All Swing Arm Lamps Rotatable? 

Answer: While you can always move the swing arm, often you can’t rotate the light itself. So if you want a lamp that can be rotated 180 degrees or 360 degrees, you will need to look out that the lamp has this feature. The first two lamps on the list in this article can not be rotated. The last two can be. 

Question: Does the Light of a Swing Arm Lamp Help You Be More Productive? 

Answer: Yes! The right light is going to help you work a lot more effectively. With the proper task lighting, you can do a better job. This is due to the fact that you will be less sleepy, won’t be as distracted, and will be able to concentrate on your task a lot better.

Not just that, a desk lamp that is dimmable or can be changed color temperature-wise is useful to help you sleep better after your work. 

Summary and Final Thoughts About Swing Arms Desk Lamps

There is a swing arm desk lamp for every home office. You can find very modern ones but also classy and vintage ones. You can find one out of wood or one out of metal. No matter your style, you can always find a great desk lamp online. 

Talking about great lamps, the four I recommend here are all amazing. Buying one of these is not going to disappoint you, and they are a very safe bet if you want a great desk lamp for your office or dorm. 

Do you think we have missed one of the best swing arm desk lamps? Or do you want to share your experience with a lamp you have bought? Let us know! 

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