How to Find the Best Steerable Knee Walkers

Suppose you have recently undergone surgery, broken a bone, or are finding getting around generally difficult these days. In that case, looking for the best steerable knee walkers could make life more comfortable when you’re on the go.

Steerable knee walkers can be much more convenient than many other walking aids at providing stability, enabling independence, and helping with walking if you’re recovering from an injury or recent surgery.

If you want to know how to find the best steerable knee walkers, then we have the best five (in our opinion) available today. This article will focus on the products that are listed just below.

At a Glance: 5 Best Steerable Knee Walkers

What is a Steerable Knee Walker?

Knee Walker

A steerable knee walker allows you to rest one foot, ankle, or leg when needed while providing superior support over many other walking aids. Many people are non-weight bearing after a foot or ankle injury or surgery on these areas, rendering them literally with one leg to stand on. This is somewhat of a predicament, which is where the steerable knee walker comes in.

Also known as a knee scooter, this product came along after people were struggling with crutches, walkers, or using a wheelchair.

For example, it takes significant upper body strength to get around using one leg, hopping on crutches. Many people don’t have this kind of strength or endurance, and without a knee walker, they’d be left in a wheelchair for the duration of their recovery.

The Benefits of a Steerable Wheel Chair 

Without a steerable wheelchair, life would be much more challenging for a lot of people. Those who were more able-bodied could get by on crutches, but these would take any pleasure out of a walk.

For those who didn’t have this strength, they’d lose their independence further and be confined to a wheelchair, which can have a hugely detrimental effect on a person’s mental wellbeing, especially for those in their younger years.

Further benefits include:

Aiding Recovery – By using a knee walker for an injury or post-surgery, your recovery can be fast-tracked as your leg will remain resting while you go about your day-to-day activities. You’ll be mobile without having the bear weight on your problem limb which

Preferable to Crutches – When using crutches, you need to adapt the way you stand and walk. Crutches can mean that your body is contorted, and bad posture is used to move around. This isn’t the case with a steerable knee walker, as you can stay perfectly upright when you walk.

Range of Motion – Trying to get around on one leg isn’t easy, but a knee scooter rolls on all types of terrain so you can walk how and where you usually would. You’re given more stability and offered a greater level of mobility than other walking aids for leg injuries.

Further Distances – With one leg resting and a convenient set of wheels, a knee scooter allows you to travel further as you’ll have good flexibility and shouldn’t be hindered or in pain.

Finding the Best Steerable Knee Walker 

Knee Walker 1

The best steerable knee walker will be different for each person and their individual needs and expectations. Your doctor or physical therapist will likely advise you of things to look for when buying a knee walker, but for a brief overview, the things we would recommend considering are outlined just below.


To have the necessary trust in the knee walker, it has to have been well constructed. Although often a temporary measure, a knee walker should be able to withstand heavy use for the time you have it, and for this, it has to have been put together well. Look for brand reputation, manufacturing location, and the materials used.


The materials used for a knee walker should be strong and sturdy; look for metals like anodized aluminum and stainless steel. The materials should be durable, anti-rust, and provide longevity.

Weight Capacity 

There will be times when you’ll want the knee walker to support your whole body weight, or at least to know that it can do if the need should arise. Look for the product’s weight capacity, and if it isn’t listed, send an inquiry or contact the manufacturer before making a purchase.


Steerable Medical Walker

Some steerable knee walkers have a range of functions that could be incredibly convenient, such as shopping bags attached or adjustable handles. Even if you’re only going to be using the walker for a very short period, it may be worthwhile considering how important its features are before deciding if it is the right product for you or if you’re paying for things you don’t need.

You may also want to consider things you can add to the scooter, such as a padded sheepette knee pad or even a memory foam pad for extra comfort.


Steerable knee walkers aren’t the most expensive mobility scooter on the market by far, but they’re certainly more costly than a simple cane or stick. Consider how worthwhile the knee walker will be for you, how long you’ll use it for, and what difference it’ll make to your life.

Obviously, the budget you have will likely be the overriding factor here, but it may be that you could claim on your insurance in some cases.

Product Criteria 

Here’s a little insight into how I selected the steerable walkers I did for this guide.


Kneerover Walker

For the walker to have been chosen, I had to feel it was safe and that I felt safe using it and would feel comfortable recommending it to a loved one. No big brand has come along and asked us to review their products; they’ve been selected on their own merit and our own findings.


It may be that the steerable knee walker will need to be used for 6-12 months or more. Or, it could be that you’re looking to purchase a knee walker for a residential home or hospital where it will be used for a long time. I wanted to ensure that the walkers I recommended would stand the test of time and be a worthwhile investment for both domestic and commercial readers.

Weight Capacity 

The knee walkers listed have varying weight capacities so that every reader would hopefully find a product to suit. I have put all the relevant details for each walker in their descriptions.


For fairness, I have included steerable knee walkers from across the price points, starting with our top budget pick at just over $100!



As you’re looking to buy a product online without trying it first, I felt it important to choose products with lots of positive feedback from verified consumers, so you don’t just have to take my word for it!

5 Best Steerable Knee Walkers 

KneeRover Steerable Knee Walker – Our #1 Top Pick


  • Outdoor All Terrain
  • Fully Adjustable Knee Platform and Handlebars
  • Heavy Duty Double Bar Construction
Find it Here
KneeRover GO Knee Scooter – Our #1 Budget Pick


  • Folds in Seconds
  • Fully Adjustable Handlebars and Knee Platform
  • Non-Marking Rubber Wheels
Find it Here
Drive Medical Steerable Knee Walker 


  • Removable Front Basket
  • Delux Braking System
  • Lightweight
Find it Here
ELENKER Steerable Knee Walker


  • Quick Release Folding Mechanism
  • Compact Design
  • Comfortable and Soft Knee Rest (Adjustable)
Find it Here
KneeRover Steerable Knee Walker in Hot Pink


  • Sturdy Dual Bar Frame
  • Ergonomic Rubber Hand Grips
  • Stunning Hot Pink Color
Find it Here

#1 KneeRover Steerable Knee Walker – Our #1 Top Pick


It can be challenging to find a heavy-duty knee scooter, which is where the KneeRover Steerable Knee Walker really shines. I was impressed with so many features of this walker, most notably the high-quality 12-in, pneumatic tires that withstand a lot of weight (350lb), absorb any shocks or external impacts, and roll smoothly over any terrain.

The dual braking system is also worth a mention, as you don’t need to apply much pressure on your painful areas to be able to handle the walker safely. The handlebars, knee platform (18-2.5-in), and brakes are all adjustable, making this perfect for a couple or for commercial use where multiple people will benefit.

There is unprecedented stability and strength in the heavy-duty double bar construction. Whether you’re rolling over gravel, gaps in the sidewalk, grass, or dirt, this walker truly has you. As a side note, I also found the included wire basket very spacious and strong to hold numerous groceries.


  • Foldable and Lightweight
  • Smooth Rolling Over All Terrain
  • Adjustable Knee Pad and Handlebars
  • Heavy Duty
  • Tie-rod steering
  • Dual, Lockable Braking System


  • Instructions Could be Clearer
  • Basket Can’t be Removed
  • Not Suitable for People Under 5-ft.

#2 KneeRover GO Knee Scooter – Our #1 Budget Pick

KneeRover GO Knee Scooter

The KneeRover GO Knee Scooter is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to let an injury slow them down. Being one of the most lightweight and portable designs, this steerable walker is excellent for those who need to continue with a busy life, whether that be travel, commuting, or generally enjoying the freedom of the outdoors.

The KneeRover Go Knee Scooter folds in seconds and stores in small vehicles and even under office desks. I found this an incredibly compact design that is simple to operate, and at 20.4lb, most people will be able to maneuver this when folded. The wheels are 7.5-in in diameter and made from rubber, so they leave no marks on internal floors – they’re also shock-absorbing.

One of my favorite parts of this walker is the build, as it is wholly tool-free and very straightforward. The knee platform and handlebars are adjustable and suitable for people from 4-ft to 6 ft 2-in; it also has a 300lb weight capacity. I found it to feel extremely stable and a world away from the typical thinking when it comes to mobility aids – it’s actually cool!


  • No Tool Build & Easy Assemble
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Folds in Seconds
  • Very Compact
  • Suitable for a Wide Range of Heights
  • 300lb Weight Capacity
  • Cool Design


  • No Basket or Storage for Groceries etc.,
  • Temporarily Out of Stock at Amazon

#3 Drive Medical Steerable Knee Walker

Drive Medical Steerable Knee Walker 

The Drive Medical Steerable Knee Walker is a well sought-after walker that’s highly rated across the internet, with thousands of good-to-excellent reviews. This walker is remarkably low in weight at just 6 lb, even lighter if you remove the basket, so it requires minimal effort to push and maneuver. However, it can support a person up to 300 lb in weight and has an adjustable handle height between 31-in and 41-in, making it suitable for almost everyone.

To accommodate the knee are two firm yet comfortable pads for even weight distribution of the joint. There is a deluxe braking system operated by one brake on the handlebars. The Drive Medical Steerable Knee Walker is for indoor and outdoor use, although there are restrictions on outdoor activities, mainly drops, curbs, and inclines.

You can fold this walker with the flip of the handle to put into the trunk or store it neatly at home. It is effortless to operate, although some consumers cite their walker didn’t come with original instructions. However, the initial assembly is straightforward.


  • Great Adjustment Range
  • Simple to Fold and Operate
  • Comfortable Knee Pads
  • Even Joint Weight Distribution; Alleviates Pain


  • Quite Expensive
  • Not All Terrain
  • Struggles With Slight Inclines

#4 ELENKER Steerable Knee Walker 

ELENKER Steerable Knee Walker

The ELENKER Steerable Knee Walker is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and has a weight capacity of 300 lb, suitable for most people. An adjustable locking handbrake and dual rear brakes make this scooter one of the safest around. The handlebars are adjustable, as is the knee pad, making this an all-around best buy for most.

I was particularly fond of the large capacity basket and that it is fully closable to protect the contents during showers or bad weather. I found the knee pad to be the ideal height when sitting down to rest your leg on, and as the pad is firm yet comfortable, it is an appropriate rest pad that could be elevated further with some extra cushions.

The four wheels have an 8-in diameter and are made from PVC – this is an interesting material choice. It has good anti-aging properties and is relatively hardy, yet it isn’t notably wear-resistant. PVC is, however, a lower-priced material, which helps to keep this walker at the affordable end of the spectrum.


  • Adjustable Handlebars and Kneepad
  • Pad is Firm, Yet Comfortable
  • Excellent Brake System
  • Large Capacity, Closeable Basket


  • Questionable Wheel Material

#5 KneeRover Steerable Knee Walker in Hot Pink 

KneeRover Steerable Knee Walker in Hot Pink 

The KneeRover Steerable Knee Walker in Hot Pink is a model from a great series of modern-designed knee walkers by KneeRover. With nine different colors to choose from, the FUSION range is really worth a look if you’re looking for a steerable knee walker that’s a little more trendy.

Aside from stylish colors, this range represents the brand’s Patent Pending 4 wheel steering technology, in addition to the already excellent safety features found in all KneeRover walkers. This is an all-American brand that provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and one of the best warranties in the industry; a lifetime guarantee on welds, cross braces, and frames.

Not only does this walker look great, it feels it too, and, with height suitability between 4-ft and 6-ft 6-in, it can accommodate more people than most. It also has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. I found this walker to have superior stability when steering and that the 3-in thick knee pad offered extreme comfort. I also liked the generous size of the wire basket and how strong this was.


  • Stylish, Modern Design
  • Trendy Colors
  • Suitable for Most Heights
  • Superior Stability
  • Thick Knee Pad
  • Generous Sized, Strong Wire Basket
  • Excellent Warranty


  • Made in China Despite Multiple Claims of ‘All-American’
  • One of the Most Expensive KneeRover Walkers

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Does it Make More Financial Sense to Rent a Steerable Knee Walker?

Answer: A steerable knee walker is an item you likely won’t have for long, so it does make sense to look into hiring this item. However, prices for hiring can be $40 per week or more, and if you have the walker for just six weeks (standard surgery recovery time), that’s a minimum outlay of $240 – more than most of the walkers in this guide.
The benefit of owning your own knee walker, over hiring one, is that you can resell it once you’re done and likely still be financially better off than if you’d rented one.

Question: Should I Buy a Second-Hand Steerable Knee Walker?

Answer: Pre-used products lose value quickly, and you would pay much less money for a knee walker that was second-hand. However, you’d have no idea of the item’s true condition, how much it had been used, or if things were starting to show signs of wear and tear affecting the walker’s stability.
With a new item, you’re covered generally for the first 30-days and often have a longer warranty offering further financial protection. You also have peace of mind that this item has not been robustly used, suffered any damages, or anything else that could be detrimental to its safety and stability.

Question: Can You Buy Accessories for Knee Walkers?

Answer: If you feel that your steerable knee walker is lacking some features, then here are a few that I have come across that could make a big difference:
• For walkers without baskets, you could try a universal knee scooter basket.
• If you’re planning to go out at night, then a safety light would provide more visibility.
• A cup holder could help to provide more hydration on a hot day.
• To prevent twisting or stretching, a cell phone holder could be handy!

The Best Steerable Knee Walker – My Verdict 

I genuinely favor one thing about each knee walker, so it was difficult to place KneeRover Steerable Knee Walker as the #1 top pick. However, it was deserving due to how smooth it feels when rolling and its heavy-duty construction. Those under 5-ft would be better accommodated with the ELENKER Steerable Knee Walker, and I did prefer the braking system of this walker.

The Drive Medical Steerable Knee Walker has a great height adjustment range, comfortable knee pads offering even joint weight distribution, and is straightforward to fold and use. But, it is an expensive walker and not suitable for all-terrain.

Although temporarily out of stock, the KneeRover GO Knee Scooter is an excellent product for those who refuse to let an injury slow them down. It’s a cool design, extremely compact when folded, and very lightweight. I did feel it was missing a basket, but the purchase of a universal fit basket would solve this.

A walker you’d surely be proud to be seen with is the KneeRover Steerable Knee Walker in Hot Pink. Part of the brand’s Fusion range, this walker features superior stability, excellent comfort, and a generously sized wire basket. It comes in a selection of trendy colors and has an outstanding warranty, but it is one of the more expensive walkers on the market.

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