How to Find the Best Standing Desks

Working from home was limited to a select few companies before Covid-19 but now, as the pandemic continues into another year, working from home is becoming the “new norm” for many employees. It is time to look at investing in permanent, healthy, ergonomic home office solutions.

One of the new modern considerations in the home office is the sit/stand desk. These desks allow you to alternate between spending part of your time standing and part of your time sitting. There are many options available from full-size electric or manually adjustable desks; to desktop solutions that can convert almost any existing desk to a sit/stand desk.

Let’s have a look at some of the top-selling sit/stand desks.


For this review, we will only look at adjustable desks that can work as a regular sitting desk as well as a standing desk. Research seems to be revealing that we should neither stand all day nor sit all day. Variability is key to a more optimal way of working.

First, we will look at electric desks that can be adjusted with the push of a button. Next, we will view some nice manual options that work with a hand crank. Finally, we review some desktop options that allow you to keep the desk you already have but modify it to work as a standing desk as well.

You will find that most of these come in optional colors to suit your home office Scheme.

Top Electric Adjustable Sit-Stand Desks

SHW Adjustable Standing Desk

This sturdy automatically adjustable desk is fully motorized to help you transition from 28 inches to 46 inches with the press of a button. The digital display also has 4 programable preset options to take your desk height to your favored position in a snap and is also ideal if you are sharing the desk with another person.

The SHW Adjustable Standing Desk features a slim, minimalist design and is available in 3 sizes: 40-inch, 48-inch, and 55-inch. You can also choose from 5 colors: Black, Oak, Light Cherry, Dark Cherry, or Walnut to fit in with your existing decor. The legs are made of high-grade industrial steel.

SHW has a large number of customer ratings for their desk, well over 13,000 in fact. One does need to sort through the ratings wisely as some of the comments are for other desks in the series, not all are for this specific desk.


  • Fully motorized makes height adjustments easy
  • 4 preset buttons for customized heights and multiple users
  • Wobble free even at its max-height
  • Slim modern look with rounded corners


  • Some assembly is required but usually less than 30 min.
  • Motorized movement is slower than some users would prefer

FEZIBO Height Adjustable Desk with Drawers and Monitor Riser

If you like a tiered level desk with some draws to keep your desktop tidy, you will likely enjoy the FEZIBO Height Adjustable Desk.

The desk design features a built-in riser able to support your monitors at a more ideal eye level with extra room for additional décor like candles, photo frames, or maybe a vase. Below the riser, you will find two drawers and a cubie area nicely concealed from anyone on the opposite side of the desk. A nice feature for those who like to keep their desk free of clutter.

Fully motorized so you can make adjustments at the touch of a button. The control panel also features 3 presets to quickly adjust the desk height to your own customized positions. This desk can be adjusted from 32.48 inches up to 51.38-inches. Ideal for those taller individuals that need a higher adjustment than some other adjustable desks offer.

This desk is available in 2 sizes: 48 and 55 inches. You can choose from 4 colors: Bamboo, Light Rustic, Black, or White. The Frame is made from industrial steel and feels very sturdy. Lockable casters allow for easy movement and make cleaning underneath simple.


  • Two-tier desk with storage
  • Includes two hooks to store your headphones and a backpack or purse under the desktop
  • Includes a cord organizing, under desk, basket to keep everything up off the floor
  • 3 preset buttons for customized height options


  • No cord hole in the second tier to streamline monitor cords
  • Some users of the black color desk reported it shows lots of fingerprints

FEZIBO Adjustable Height Electric Standing Desk with Double Drawer

For some reason, many sit-stand desks do not include drawers but the FEZIBO Adjustable desk has two drawers nicely tucked under the desk keeping the top looking clutter-free while offering easy access to the things you use most.

The iron frame and has lockable swivel castors to make moving the desk easy when needed. The drawers fit flush with the front of the desk keeping a nice clean look while not getting in your way when you are standing in front of them.

The height adjustment of this desk is 28-inches up to 45.5-inches. The motor on this model is very quiet. It is available in 2 sizes: 48-inches and 55-inches. You can choose from 4 colors: Fir Brown, Rubberwood, Black, and White. The control features 3 programable presets for your ideal height at the press of a button.


  • Two drawers for storage
  • Hooks underneath and a cord organizer to store your headset, backpack, purse, and cords
  • Lockable swivel casters for easy moving
  • Assembly is easier than other models


  • The drawers are deep but not very long
  • Not too many complaints on this desk to report (Sort of a Pro for the Con)

Top Manual Adjustable Sit-Stand Desks

UNICOO Crank Adjustable Height Standing Desk

The Unico Crank Adjustable Desk allows you to change the desk height with the simple turn of a crank. The crank is foldable if you want to keep it out of the way and can be mounted on either side of the desk or simply removed until you need it. The height can be adjusted from 29.5-inches to 45.2-inches. The strong steel frame is powder coated for a durable finish. The top is made of MDF, a scratch-resistant material that also helps to conceal most fingerprints.

This desk comes in only one size, 23.6”x47.3”. There are 5 color combinations to choose from: All White, All Black, Grey legs/Oak top, White Legs/Maple top, or Black Legs/Teak top.

Note: Some customers have mentioned the pre-drilled holes in the top do not align perfectly with the frame. It is recommended to loosely screw in all screws first then tighten them all at the end and this seems to work. Otherwise, the assembly is fairly simple.


  • Manual Crank uses no electricity and can be adjusted anywhere
  • Solid sit-stand desk for a reasonable price
  • The crank can be used from either side, folds out of the way, or removable when not in use
  • Remains stable even at the max-height


  • A few customer complaints about pre-drilled holes in top not matching the frame
  • Some issues with shipping damage have been reported due to poor boxing

DEVAISE Adjustable Height Standing Desk

The DEVAISE Adjustable Height Standing Desk is very similar to the UNICCOO desk above but falls more into the “best budget desk” category. It is still a sturdy desk and the crank can be mounted on either side of the desk. The adjustment height is from 29-inches up to 45-inches. One advantage to the DEVAISE desk is that the steel support frame is off-center and placed more to the rear of the desk. When in the sitting position this allows more room for your knees.

This desk is available in 2 sizes: 47.2” and 55”. There are also 2 color choices: Black or White.


  • Great standing desk for the price
  • Frame attached towards the back of the desktop allows for more legroom
  • The crank can be mounted on either side and can be pushed in to have it out of the way
  • Assembly is simple and all needed tools are included.


  • The top does not have rounded corners
  • The quality may not meet some expectations

Top Desktop Adjustable Height Stations

FLEXISPOT Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

If you’re not ready to give up your existing desk for a standing desk you might consider simply modifying part of your desktop for a simple riser. This FLEXISPOT Height Adjustable Riser is an Amazon Best Seller and has almost a perfect 5-star rating with nearly 9,000 ratings overall. It was designed with optimal efficiency and customization in mind. You have separate adjustments for raising your desktop and keyboard. You can also remove the keyboard tray altogether if you need more seated desktop space.

The sturdy steel frame has a fixed footprint. Meaning it lifts straight up and nothing on your desk will be disturbed. The riser is non-electric and works on a gas shock so it will easily rise and lower even with your monitors and laptop on it. The operation is smooth, easy, and quiet.

The frame at the lowest setting is 4.7” above your existing desk and will rise to 19.7”. The weight rating is 33lbs on the main top and 4.4 lbs on the keyboard/mouse tier. It is available in 5 different widths: 28”, 30”, 32”, 35”, and 42”. You can also choose from 3 different colors: Bamboo, Black, and Mahogany. FLEXISPOT has listed every dimension of this riser by size on Amazon so you can be sure it will fit with your existing setup.

Check out our full guide on how to find the best standing desks on Amazon.


  • Keep your existing desk and simply modify it with a riser
  • Comes completely assembled you only need to slide in the keyboard tray
  • Gas-assisted lift makes adjustments safe and easy, even with two monitors
  • Rubber footing keeps the riser from moving or scratching your desk


  • Some customers have reported defective shocks, but they are rare
  • Limited writing space compared to a full sit-stand desk

Suggested Buy with Your Standing Desk

Anti Fatigue Mat

Standing desks have become quite popular especially in the last few years. Research being done on the effects of standing versus sitting are ongoing, however, the general consensus is, you should do neither all day. So it is best to alternate your time between the two. New “standers” are going to notice pretty quickly that there can be some discomfort with standing still for a period of time. Not to worry, the solutions are many. A quick search on the internet for “Anti Fatigue Mats” will provide you thousands of options.

One of Amazon’s Best Sellers is the ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat. This mat is like a sturdy memory foam pillow for your feet. You will be glad you have one believe me.

Another practical/gimmicky mat is the Genius Mat by Sky Mats. You can use this one with your shoes, in your socks, or barefoot. There are various angles to the mat allowing you to get a little stretch for your feet and lower legs. Additionally, there is a rollerball and acupuncture bumps on the pad to give your feet a mini massage.

Lastly, I want to mention the FEZIBO Standing Desk Anti Fatigue Mat Wooden Wobble Balance Board. This is a nifty, multifunctional gadget to reduce fatigue and keep your lower back and hips less stressed because it is always moving as you move. It can be used with or without shoes and the holes on the sides are for use with exercise bands or to hang on that hook I mentioned earlier that comes with some of the full-size adjustable desks. A great way to store it.


Question: How long should I stand and how long should I sit?

Answer: There is no definitive answer to this question at this time, but the general recommendation is 60% of your time should be standing and 40% sitting. A good rule of thumb is to change every 20 min. If you start your hour by standing, then every hour you will stand for 40 minutes and sit for 20. This is a good ratio.

Question: I have a non-electric desk and I don’t like cranking it up and down 13 -16 times a day. What is a good alternative for me?

Answer: Sitting, Standing, and Cranking provide at least some minimal good exercise but I understand your frustration. The quick answer is, get a stool. Leave your desk in the standing position and when you need a break just sit on the stool. A common bar stool will work. Be sure you get one that has rungs at a comfortable level to rest your feet on.

Question: Will I lose weight using a standing desk?

Answer: Standing at a desk will not be that much help for anyone looking to lose weight. However, if you use a treadmill to walk at your desk while you work you could burn some extra calories. There are some treadmills designed specifically for desk work. Google “Standing desk treadmill” to see the options and research.

Question: Are standing desks just trendy or are they here to stay?

Answer: They are here to stay. Research is ongoing seeking ways to stay healthier in the workplace and standing desks and ergonomics is just one level of that. Science will nail the details eventually, but in the meantime, the testimonies are already glowing on how pain has been reduced and focus has been gained by alternating the day with sitting and standing.


Changing your position throughout the day is key to better posture and focus. Professional ergonomic therapists have said for years you need to change your focus and position several times an hour to prevent repetitive injuries and keep the body loose and relaxed. Sit-stand desks are ideal for these shifts.

The one thing kinesiologist seem to agree on is that we need to keep moving throughout the day. Standing still for a long time is not ideal and sitting for a long time is not ideal either. Having a dynamic workspace is key to employee well-being and productivity.

Having read many reviews on sit-stand desks, one common fallback exists. If it’s not easy, people will not do it. For this reason, electric motor desks are more popular than manual or desktop risers. If you are on the fence go for the motorized desks. People most commonly report, that after they started using a sit-stand desk, they don’t plan to go back. I have one too and I would agree, I don’t plan to go back to “sitting only” ever again. 

Final Buying Recommendation

For me, the decision comes down to two things convenience and storage. Of course, it should look great too but most of these desks will fit into a modern home office nicely. I recommend the FEZIBO Adjustable Height Electric Standing Desk with Double Drawer. It is fully motorized with 3 presets. This is the magic number. Why? Because, one preset can be used for the sitting position, One preset can be used for standing, and the third can be used if you use a walking treadmill or other exercise equipment that requires a little extra height. I like the simple adjustments.

The drawers are a must for me. I like to keep the desk clean and clear of clutter. Drawers make that easy. I prefer the drawers under the desk to allow me more space but the other FEZIBO desk with drawers under the riser is a nice option too.

Additionally, it is on casters. When you want to clean under the desk or re-arrange your office there is no heavy lifting. Simply unlock the casters and roll it where you want it. Fezibo has done a great job designing functional and aesthetically appealing desks.

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