How to Find the Best Standing Desk Mat

In 2013, only 13% of employers provided standing desks for their employees, or reimbursed them for purchasing one. Now, that number is closer to 60%.

Given that the average American employee sits at their desk for nearly six hours per day, it’s easy to see why standing desks are becoming a popular workplace alternative. Deemed healthier and even more productivity-inducing than their traditional counterparts, they’re quickly becoming office mainstays.

However, standing on your feet for hours a day can quickly wear you out. That’s why you need a standing desk mat! Ergonomically designed to relieve fatigue and eliminate painful pressure, these mats are a must-have. Today, we’re sharing how to find the best one for your office.

What Is a Standing Desk Mat?

A standing desk mat is meant to be used alongside any standing desk. It’s a small, lightweight mat with special anti-fatigue properties. Most are easy to pick up and move around, making it easy to switch from standing to sitting as the need arises.

The best standing desk mats are flexible, designed to absorb shock and cushion your feet in comfort. They also include beveled edges that makes them more streamlined and close to the floor, which can help reduce trip hazards. Some of the most popular materials used include:

  • Gel
  • Memory foam
  • Foam rubber

Why Should You Buy a Standing Desk Mat For Your Office?

Whether you’re working in a corporate office or clocking in from home, a standing desk mat is a smart investment. This can complete your standing desk setup and help you take a healthier and more active approach to your workday.

To understand why this accessory is so important, it helps to realize what sitting for hours can do to your body. When you remain sedentary all day, you can increase your risk of developing a host of health concerns. Not only can prolonged sitting lead to obesity, but it can also contribute to other conditions, such as:

  • High blood sugar
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Excess body fat near your waistline

Together, these issues make up what’s known as metabolic syndrome. This is a group of health issues that can lead to serious complications down the road, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Hypertension
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Lipid problems
  • Cancer

Using a standing desk isn’t the only way you can help lower your risk of experiencing these conditions. Taking routine breaks, getting up to stretch and walk around, or performing light exercises during your lunch break are great ways to stay active and break up your day.

If you do decide to invest in a standing desk and a mat to go alongside it, then you’re doing even more to benefit your overall health. Working at a standing desk can help keep metabolic syndrome at bay, as well as relieve the physical aches and pains of prolonged sitting (goodbye, backaches!). In addition, you may also find that your mood and productivity levels also spike when you’re up and moving around.

Still wondering if this accessory is worth it? Here are a few reasons why this is a great buy.

Easier on Your Body

Think about it. Office floors are usually generic, basic, and decidedly not comfortable. Most of the time, they’re made of hard ceramic tile, concrete, or hardwood. If there is carpet, it’s usually ultra-thin carpet tiles.

If you have a standing desk or a sit-stand hybrid, then spending even a few hours on your feet can prove exhausting. Before long, you may begin to experience general fatigue as well as targeted pain in your lower joints.

From your hips all the way down to your toes, it’s easy to overwork and inflame your legs and feet as you stand all day. Your knees and ankles are especially prone to stress.

To make it through the workday, a standing mat is essential. These are anti-fatigue by design, and work to reduce the strain placed on your muscles and joints.

Facilitate Micro-Movements

When you’re working at your desk, you aren’t exactly jumping or running all around. However, you’re not sitting entirely still, either. Rather, you’re engaging in what’s known as micro-movements. These are those tiny, almost imperceivable motions such as shifting your weight from one foot to the next, moving your hips to one side, or sliding your fingers across a keyboard.

At first, those actions don’t wear us out. Yet, after eight or nine hours, it’s easy to feel the tension. If you’ve ever left work with a shoulder ache and wonder how it happened, consider how many times you repetitively reached for a file, held your arms over your computer, or cradled a telephone in your hands.

A standing desk mat is made to absorb the shock of those micro-movements. The squishy material has a bit of “give” to it, which allows your muscles to comfortably expand and contract while you move around.

This helps you keep your balance, and also encourages you to move more throughout the day. As you do, you’ll help send blood and oxygen to your heart, which stimulates circulation and protects your lower limbs from becoming numb.

Improve Posture

Did you know that a standing desk mat can help you stand up straighter? It’s all too easy to slouch over time, especially if you’re sitting at a desk. When you do, you put excess strain on your back and neck muscles, which can leave you reaching for the Tylenol at the end of a long day. Bad posture can also lead to digestive issues and tension headaches, and can even affect your mood.

A standing desk mat will evenly spread your body weight between your two feet. This discourages you from slouching or putting too much weight on one side of your body. Your whole body will thank you for standing up a little straighter!

Worker and Workplace Protection

A less obvious benefit of standing desk mats is their ability to protect employees from slipping or falling at work. Especially if you work in an environment where the floors are extra-slick, these can enhance traction and stability.

In addition, they can also protect the surface of your floors, which is key if you handle heavy objects at work. Simply standing in place for a long period of time can cause the floor to become damaged or weakened in that specific area, and these mats help prevent that from happening.

Another discreet feature is their sound-deadening properties. If your workplace is filled with loud machinery, then you’ll appreciate their subtle ability to absorb both noise and vibrations, allowing you to work more peacefully.

Versatile Home and Office Use

A great standing desk mat isn’t just useful at work. It’s great for any spot in your home or office where you’ll be on your feet for an extended period of time. Consider placing one in front of your sink, or in your laundry room, too!

How to Find the Best Standing Desk Mat: Features to Look For

Are you ready to add a standing desk mat to your ergonomic office set up? If so, then it’s helpful to know exactly which features to shop for, including which ones are more important than others. Let’s take a look at a few traits to consider.

Mat Size

Think about how important it is to have the right-sized chair mat. You need one that your wheels can glide over and around easily, without falling off the edge. This is equally critical with a standing desk mat.

To determine the size you need, start by measuring the open space directly in front of your desk. Then, measure the space behind and around it. You can find a variety of sizes on the market, though these are the general measurements:

  • Compact standing desk mats: Around 22 inches x 18 inches
  • Standard standing desk mats: Around 30 inches x 28 inches
  • Large standing desk mats: Around 36 inches x 50 inches

Large standing desk mats can sometimes double as chair mats. These will obviously be the biggest and most expensive ones on the market, but they can also be the most versatile.

Mat Material

The material used to construct your mat matters. Although you can find lots of different kinds, think about the level of compressibility you prefer.

While the idea of a super-soft material might sound great, these can sink down too deeply and fail to deliver the support you need. Over time, you’ll begin to feel the floor beneath your feet, similar to an air mattress that’s lost its air and left you lying on hardwood.

On the other hand, a material that doesn’t compress enough might not be adequately cushioned for your feet. To optimize your circulation and prevent muscle strain, look for one that strikes the perfect balance.

Your mat should be supportive enough to relieve your pressure points, but soft enough to give a little when you step onto it. For this reason, gel mats are among the most popular. Not only are they durable and long-lasting, but their gel core works overtime to deliver maximum joint comfort.

Foam mats also offer the same degree of support, but most are not designed to last quite as long. Plus, they rarely feature waterproof covers, which are more common with gel varieties. If you prefer foam, then consider foam-rubber.

These come equipped with a rugged outer shell on top of the foam core, which helps them last longer. Memory foam is equally plush, and is designed to contour around your feet for extra stability and support.

Mat Thickness

Do you dream of sinking your feet into a super-thick standing desk mat? Or, do you prefer one that’s a little firmer and thinner? There’s no right answer, but you will need to consider how thick you’d like yours to be.

This feature will vary among mats, although most will fall in the range of 0.5 inches to 2.5 inches thick. Specialty mats may also feature individual, elevated portions that provide more of a natural terrain feel. Usually, thicker mats will be easiest on your joints and feet.


Do you change workplace locations throughout the day? For instance, you may spend the morning in one office and the afternoon in another. Or, you may spend hours in the copy room every day. If so, then you need a lightweight mat that’s easy to transport.

Most models weigh no more than 10 pounds, so this shouldn’t be an issue for most people. In fact, most of them are light enough to push back with your foot, and some even roll neatly under your desk when not in use.

Special Features

A basic standing desk mat is ideal for most people. However, some may prefer ones that include extra bells and whistles for added comfort and convenience. A few of these features include:

  • Integrated foot rests
  • Contoured sides for easy movement and stretching
  • Built-in exercise balls for muscle relief

As you read each item description, look for special touches like these. While they aren’t always necessary, they can help you get the most out of your investment.

5 Top Options For Standing Desk Mats

You don’t have to head to a home office store when it’s time to buy a new standing desk mat. You can find plenty of options online with just a few clicks! Today, we’re sharing five of our top favorites.

All are well-reviewed on Amazon and are available at an economical price point. As you browse, keep in mind that these are just a few of the many options out there. We chose these options based on availability, affordability, and positive customer feedback. Feel free to make your own list of must-have features and use that to create your own buying guide!

ComfiLife Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

Any time an item has nearly 20,000 glowing reviews, you can count on it to deliver. The ComfiLife Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat lives up to the hype. This #1 best-seller is available in three different sizes, each 3/4-inch thick. These include:

  • 20 inches x 32 inches
  • 20 inches x 39 inches
  • 24 inches x 70 inches

The ergonomic, professionally engineered mat is made out of high-density memory foam and is designed to keep your feet comfortable for hours. Durable and stain-resistant, it’s also easy to wipe clean. Other special features we love include:

  • Non-slip bottom for extra safety
  • No-curl beveled edges
  • Wide variety of colors

Choose a basic black mat for an everyday work environment, or play it up with a fun red or green variety! With ComfiLife’s Lifetime Money Back or Replacement Guarantee, you can’t go wrong. Prices are $42, $48, and $90, ascending by size.

FEZIBO Standing Desk Mat

The FEZIBO Standing Desk Mat features several unique elements that set it apart from the rest. First, you’ll notice that the edges appear to curl up. This is intentional, and gives the mat an 8.5-degree tilting angle. In addition to keeping pressure off your pain points, this angle also improves your balance.

Measuring 20 inches x 13.9 inches x 2.2 inches, it’s a great size for any office and transports easily when not in use. Made of high-density latex, it’s ergonomically engineered to keep your feet and legs active. The rocking motion keeps your mind and body engaged, and even makes it ideal for sneaking in a quick workout during your break time. Try doing a plank by resting your elbows on both sides!

We especially love this mat’s integrated anti-fatigue bar, which runs down the middle and offers a therapeutic massage whenever you need it. There are also anti-fatigue massage points built into both sides of the mat, so you’re never too far from relief and relaxation. Other key features include:

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Non-slip rubber bottom
  • No-assembly design

Available in Altostratus Gray or Obsidian Black, this mat is available for just $65.

Sky Solutions Genius Mat

Amazon’s Choice in the Floor Comfort Mats category, it’s easy to see how the Sky Solutions Genius Mat got its name. Measuring 26 inches x 24.25 inches x 3.25 inches, this is the only mat on the market that offers an acupressure massage roller ball right in the middle!

Any time you need to alleviate joint or muscle pain, you can roll your foot over the ball for instant relief. The rest of the surface is nicely cushioned to keep you comfortable even through long stretches of standing. Like the FEZIBO model, this one also includes built-in massage points, as well as support ramps in the front and back to keep you steady on your feet.

Other talking points include:

  • Non-slip bottom
  • Raised, no-slip edge barriers
  • Lifetime guarantee

Available in a classic black shade that will go with any decor, this versatile mat is a great deal at just $60.

Ergodriven Topo Comfort Mat

The Ergodriven Topo Comfort Mat regularly claims first place on top-10 lists ranking the best standing desk mats. For instance, it’s been the chief contender on the NY Times product review site, The Wirecutter, since 2016. Measuring 29 inches x 26.5 inches, it’s portable and easy to stow away.

With a specially designed ergonomic topography, this mat has a thoughtful terrain design that encourages natural micro- and macro-movements. Plus, it’s lightweight and easy to reposition with just one foot thanks to heel and toe indentations. While standing on it, you’ll notice several features meant to offer support and balance for users, such as:

  • Raised rails on the front, back, and sides
  • Reinforced foot corners
  • Center teardrop for foot massage
  • Calf raise shelf

These contours allow you to move subconsciously on the mat, and keep you cushioned as you do so. If you need to reposition it, then you can use the built-in toe hook to move it in seconds. This mat is available in four shades including black, blue, gray, and purple. You can add one to your office for just $99.

Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

The most cost-effective model on our list, the Royal Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat is a great deal. This mat is available in a few different sizes, including:

  • 20 inches x 32 inches
  • 20 inches x 39 inches
  • 24 inches x 36 inches
  • 24 inches x 72 inches

Each mat is 3/4-inch thick. Especially if you’re just starting out with a standing desk, this mat is a great addition to your setup. According to the manufacturer, it can reduce up to 40% of the pressure that you’d feel on your legs and feet while standing at your desk!

The high-density foam core relieves joint stress, while the rubber exterior wipes clean with ease. It’s also extra-durable and stain-resistant! Other great features include:

  • Non-slip bottom
  • Flat, non-fold design
  • Convenient multi-surface use

Prices are $30, $39, $50 and $80, ascending by size. You can choose from black, burgundy, or mocha brown in each size!


Question: Should I Choose a Flat or Non-Flat Standing Desk Mat?

Answer: We’ve included both flat and non-flat standing desk mats on our list of favorites. Both offer their own advantages! Flat mats are easy to move and store, and they provide uniform cushioning, which can feel great underfoot.

On the other hand, non-flat varieties are designed to accommodate various angles and foot positions. This makes it easier to shift around and change your stance as you work. If you’re someone who gets in the zone and doesn’t require a ton of extraneous movement to concentrate, this this feature will be less important to you.

However, some people find that they’re more productive when they can fidget or stretch a little. If that sounds like you, then consider a mat that has rounded edges, rocking sides, or foot rests that let you engage those muscles at any time.

Question: Do I Need a Standing Desk Mat For My Standing Desk?

Answer: Sure, you can use your standing desk without a mat. However, we wouldn’t recommend it. For most people, prolonged standing is just as harmful as sitting for extended periods of time. When your feet lie flat on a hard floor for hours, it can lead to a range of health issues, including:

• Poor circulation
• Inflammation
• Joint paint
• Cardiovascular issues

By adding a standing desk mat, you can help reduce or even eliminate some of these risks. The extra cushioning will relieve joint pressure, encourage movement, relieve strain on your heart muscles, and even give you an uptick in energy!

Question: How Should I Clean My Standing Desk Mat?

Answer: Your standing desk mat will undoubtedly see its fair share of wear and tear. After all, you’re putting your feet on it every time! Thankfully, most are made of rubber or foam that wipes down easily with just a clean cloth and a little warm water.

When it’s time for a deeper clean, you can use dish detergent or a mild degreaser. These products will help loosen and remove any stuck-on residue, as well as any spills or stains. To protect the rubber, make sure your water isn’t too hot. An ideal temperature is between 120 degrees Fahrenheit and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Question: What Accessories Should I Buy With My Standing Desk Mat?

Answer: Once you have your desk and your mat in place, there are a few other items that you can buy to make your standing desk as comfortable as possible.

First, consider your footwear. While most mats are designed to hold up just fine against sneakers, loafers, and even work boots, this isn’t the case with high heels. The sharp points on your heels could puncture even the most durable rubber mat, so skip those or take them off when it’s time to get to work. Instead, opt for comfortable shoes that offer support for your ankle, heel and arch.

Now, think about accessories that can help relieve foot stress while you work. If your mat doesn’t include a built-in massage ball or bar, then throw a foot roller in your cart before checking out. Inexpensive but highly effective, these rollers do wonders to relieve pent-up stress in your toes and feet. You may also want a low-profile step stool, which can help you shift your weight if one side is feeling a little tight.

Question: How Long Do Standing Desk Mats Usually Last?

Answer: There’s no hard rule that determines how long a standing desk mat will last. On average, most have a lifespan of between one and three years. Of course, there are certain elements that will dictate how long you can safely use yours before it’s time to buy another. These include:
• The number of hours per day that you use your mat
• The amount of pressure you put on your mat
• The material of your mat
Most mats are rugged and durable enough to outlast your expectations. By taking care of yours and cleaning it as required, you can help extend its life.

Find the Best Standing Desk Mat Today

The modern office looks a lot different today than it did just a few years ago. Now, more employees than ever before are swapping their sedentary desks for standing models, and employers are making it easy to switch.

If you’re thinking about incorporating a standing desk into your workday, then you need a mat to go along with it. Now that we’ve covered how to find the best standing desk mat, you can choose the best one for your space and needs!

As you shop, remember that we’re here to make working at home easier than ever before. Our informative buying guides can help you choose the best home office products, every time. Be sure to check out more of our blog for the helpful tips you need!

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